Friday, July 27, 2012

Late July

Its late July, Summers peak has come and gone. Its time for the dog days of summer. The heat the sun, the cold beers, nights at the fair. Time to pull out those summer bucket lists and plan your last month and a half of summer 2012. So what will it be?

I have already done alot with my summer this year. For once in a few years im not taking classes right now, that alone is making me feel like summer is way longer. And I actually hate to admit it but I miss taking classes.

I have spent many a night dancing, I like being social. I think one of my callings in life was to be a Latin dancer, besides professional blogger :)

 The last few days I have spent preparing for workshops Im hosting at road less traveled (which I work at) and working at my other job which I dont mention on here, but if you notice me say hi! Im not shy :) Im working on getting a new job by this fall. Perfecting my resume and looking for that damn math class to finally graduate (school is trying to make me become a life student I swear).

The latest craze between my friends and I is tennis, we started a league. We love meeting up at the court and have a ton of fun while working out. I even found a good as new racket and bag at good will for 5 bucks!

Next month I  really want/need to take a two day trip to get away. Im thinking Palm Springs, my second home. Love the heat and vintage style of that city! Im sure there are many other things to ad to my list of to-do. But for now I gtg to work, yawn.

So what will you be doing the rest of summer?

What good things am I going to do today?

"Every time you wake up and ask yourself, What good things am I going to do today?, remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it."   -Indian Proverb

When I saw the sun setting the other night I raced to the highest hill to capture this photo. There was a small group of us (photographers, admirers, believers) just taking it all in. I have never thought of the sunset as taking part of my life along with it. Maybe I'm just sensitive because its that time of the month...or its summer and I feel so nostalgic but this quote is getting me all emotional. 

So today Im going to do good things so when the sunsets tonight I know I did my part. Excuse me while I go have an ugly cry :(

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Polynesian themed

I'm a long time fan and customer of Road Kill in Downtown Fullerton. The owner Julie has always made me feel so welcome, and knows me by name! Something that is rare in the world of fashion! At Road Kill there is always a unique selection of clothing, accessories, candles...did I mention candles? I'm pretty sure they were carrying Voluspa before most others boutiques. Anway, I got a great opportunity to collaborate on the window display at Roadkill Ranch in June. I happened to be at the right place at the right time! I helped Barb create a Polynesian themed window with lots of yellow, coral, and touches of turquoise.

 If you look closely there are hanging cocktail umbrellas and Tikis! So happy with how it all turned out. Thanks Julie and everyone from the store for letting me work with you on this window display!

-Window Display Photos Below-

I just met you...and this is crazy...

The title of this blog post pretty much sums up the weekend I experienced back in June. Imagine getting a text message from a cousin who lives on the opposite side of the country you have met only once before when you were both 4 yrs old? And now lets say the text also says I'm in town, and I want to meet you! Yes this is what happened to me! And I'm so grateful that it did. Its not everyday that your world is aligned for these types of events to fall right into place. 

I met my cousin and her friend in San Diego and we had an awesome time dancing, and hanging out getting to know one another! I even spent the night and got to sight see the next day. I feel kinda lame saying this but I have never really hung out in downtown San Diego and I live in OC. Can I just say that that town is capital CRAZY at night! 

Below are some more pics from the day! 

Thanks to my cousin and her friend for being such great hosts and letting me have fun with you that weekend! Was great to see you both! Lets not let another 20 years go by!

Desperate House Sitters

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I feel as if a part of me was missing when I took a blogger hiatus. Lots of things have been going on in the world of Deco Aurora that I want to share with you! First off the fact that I started my own side business "Desperate House Sitters" I love animals and have 3 years of experience so I thought I should start a business from it! There is a flyer below, so check it out if you live in the OC area. 

Call me crazy but I wanted to have a photo shoot looking like a "desperate house sitter" in my nice black dress holding my fancy black cat. Truth is, I would never dress like this for house sitting! But it does look funny. There were more outtakes than actual photos worth using :) sometimes life happens that way. So if you or anyone you know needs some help caring for animals whether its for a day or a week head to my facebook page!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Foreign Visuals

     While window shopping at South Coast plaza I was immediately drawn to the window display at Foreign Exchange. I absolutely love what they did with the cups! Strange thing is, a week earlier I had just done a window display at Road Less Traveled using plastic cups and paint...great minds think alike!

Take a look at some of the shots that I got in store. Enjoy

Long Beach In the Summertime

     One summer day my sister and I were getting along quite nicely which happens once in a month, So I decided it would be best to take advantage of the situation and  dragged her with me for some quality "sister time" in Long Beach. Did we have a blast? Read on to find out. 

     My sister is not one for an itinerary, she likes to live in the moment and leave when she pleases. I tried to accommodate her special needs for our outing by limiting myself to only a select few venues, otherwise she might have left me there! 1st on our list was the uber cool hipsterama book store OPEN BOOKS! Wanna know something funny? OPEN BOOKS was CLOSED when we got there! Ok not that funny, but to me it was kinda ironic as you can see in the pic above. But luckily they were open when we walked back and we loved it there!

 So now that I have your attention lets venture into our little adventure with a walking tour of our day. 

Don't we look so happy to be together ;)

I believe some of you would die if this happened! 

Really awesome bars over the window. Wonder if its for style and less for the stealing?

Is it just a coincidence that they match the foliage? I'd like to think not. 

You need a key to follow that yellow brick road.

Enjoying our Mimosas & duct tape wallets at Open Sesame! Ask for Alex when you go btw. 

Visiting my friend Jorge at LB Exotics! They recently got broken into, soo sad :( They have the cutest animals and reptiles, so go visit them soon! 

Enter the world of CRAFTED
We managed to make a pit stop at Crafted before we left the world of Long beach/L.A. counties to make our way back towards the orange curtain. Here are some of our fav vendors/crafters! 

Our friends Its me Mary and Kelso Doesn't Dance

Peace out Long Beach, its been real! 
Hope you enjoyed the day trip to Long Beach! 

Have you ever been here before?
 Do you recommend any cool shops or restaurants/cafes to vist?
 I wanna know!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inside look: Anthro South Coast

Those reeds must have cost a fortune to buy, but knowing anthro they made them.  

     Come on now, you know you go all goo goo gaga over the displays at Anthro, right? The newest O.C. store recently opened in South Coast Plaza and I decided to take a stroll (drive) on over. While the store layout was a bit strange, and the "newness" of it was a bit odd I do have to say they had some awesome displays. I took out my camera and pretended to be a press photographer at their party that night :) Enjoy the shots that I took below. 

WHat do you think this is? A bone marrow? No its a geode! 

The lighting in this picture along with those plush blankets and pillows...heaven.

Oh you know, just some lovely merchandising to make you want it ALL! 

Wish I would have bought one of those white sundresses, so cute. 

I failed at taking a photo of this ladies cardigan. It was so wonderful it had a vintage seaside city painting. 
Have you been to Anthro South Coast? What did you think?