Thursday, December 8, 2011

Keeping It Real

Sometimes make believe will just have to do so I just get lost in a daydream when I cant really be where I want to be. I wonder if this is healthy to have strange fantasies and lust for places you have never been or celebrity crushes.... This is certainly not an all day occurance and I know I'm not the only one who gets lost in  a daydream. I suppose it is the unknown that draws us in and makes our imagination run wild. 
Some things things are better untouched. 

But there is always deep down that feeling of what if, why not...unsettling questions and late anxiety filled nights. Is this what growing up feels like? I big what if? All week I have seen so many things saying" why not", "change", "Whats stopping you"...Looks like I have some self studying to do these next few weeks, better yet the next few years. Oh yeah and Oprahs new show "Life Class" or whatever...sounds like a great idea, but we aint all Billionairess;s. Trick needs to donate her money along with all of the other wealthy ass peeps to the less fortunate and help them. I know Im going to watch her new show where she goes all around the country talking to rich over paid celebs rather than hard working underpaid lower middle class folks like she had before. Sad I know, but America loves drama, celebs, and fast food. 

So yeah back to the fantasies to get me through the day, week and the rest of my life (2012 is coming). 

This bed is amazing, I saw it in person in Palm Springs. I want to desperately go back soon. Every time I go there I instantly feel relaxed and like myself. 

Since I will probably never step foot in Brazil I will look at it from afar. SO  jealous of the chick at the end of this video. One day.

For some reason I have a major crush on Vincent Gallo ever since I watched Brown Bunny and that movie SUCKED no pun intended. So Im hoping Buffalo 66 is better. Honestly Im not interested in the acting I just want Vincent Gallo being a creepy hot guy. So what...?

Have you anything you desperately want or fantasize about? 


Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i love buffalo 66, is one of my favourite films!

cryskay said...

what a gorgeous yard! xx

Deco Aurora said...

Hi Blonde Hair, I got a chance to watch the film and I was mesmorized by it. I felt like a school girl all in love with vincent Gallo! Hah ;)

Deco Aurora said...

CRyskay- Isnt it just so awesome? I went to a Moroccan themed boutique hotel in Palm Springs and it was so magical.