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This year Halloween seemed to be a never ending abyss of alcohol, candy and costumes. If it wasn't Halloween related it wasn't worth your time. I made the most of my Yoloween by dressing up 4 times! Yes not once, not twice, four times! As you can see below there were many fun costumes! I will spare you the sight of the more "NSFW" pics by showing you these fun ones! YAY!

Confessions Of A Procrastinating Emotional Painter

Somewhere between last week and today I began painting again. I had a proposal placed upon me at work a few weeks ago to paint a Rib-cage onto two mannequins for a window display. This seemed an easy task when I was first told. But it wasn't till last week that the pressure began to cave in on me. I had to start working on those mannequins! And soon. So I did what I do best, work under pressure(little sleep). 
 I rose to the task. I felt like a student again. Anxiously awaiting the finishing line of my most recent project at hand. Unlike so many times I had felt a different kind of pressure. It was not a pressure of anxiety or stress. More like a release of pressure that had been building up inside of me. The procrastinator in me was releasing the stress that had been waiting to just come out. With each stroke of the brush I felt like a layer was peeling off. 
After 4 hours of painting in the heat I was left with two stunning mannequins. I would name them the Mannequin Graveyard on…