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Inside the shop

Fabrics my sister and I used for our sewing class at road less traveled. We made pillow!Me holding my fav new unisex cologne in Coyote, smells great on my skin.Kumquat infused liquor featured in our "canning" window display.And can it really be May already? We have all our workshops lined up for you!  You can find out more about road less traveled on our website,  and if you have any questions you can email me

Fullerton Farmers Market

If you live near Fullerton CA you have got to go to their Farmers Market! It is the best! It is the best as in it is held in the afternoon/evening and has a beer garden :) Now you know what I'm talking about!  I went on the night of my birthday with my loved ones and had so much fun eating enchiladas, having a beer, walking around and having a latte before going out dancing later that night. 
Take a look at what its like at the Fullerton Farmers Market!   Succulents!  Daikon!  Radishes!  The sunlight.  People watching.   Bright flowers.
 Affordable too.
 Cute trinkets.   Happy patrons.  Lovely lanterns.
 Bright cacti. Beer Garden entrance.
Each week I attend there are more and more eager folks ready to ring in the weekend. This farmers market is held on a Thursday in Fullerton CA! Check out their facebook page. Im in their front page photo! Oh yeahhh

Venice Venture

As I continue my venture from Culver City to Venice Beach I realized that LA can seem so far but so close. In my previous post I had a comment from Dina, writer of My Superfluities who resides in Virginia. Her comment mentioned that she had recognized the icon Knotts Berry Farm Skyline! A comment such as hers made me re think my views on "how long it takes to get to LA". The fact that someone who lives across the country commented on the fact that they recognized something that is part of my backyard was an eye opener. 
So friends lets start the second leg of our mini LA adventure continuing in Venice Beach! 

The crew was groggy and the sky was too, it was time to fill up on some cafe espresso and lattes from Espresso Cielo (also located in Palm Springs)! All of us being from Coffee Shop backgrounds agreed that this one was a winner, if not better than Inteligensia! 

Rad skaters! 
I was drawn to the Free People window display . Artsy, organic, feminine. 

Super hot model guy…

Culver City Here We Come

Come along for a photographic adventure that takes place in Culver City!  The week of my birthday I took 5 days off work in hopes of having my tax return ready to go on a vacation, but money came. But I still had an awesome birthday week and made sure to take advantage of those days off :) 
The first thing on my itinerary was a day trip to Los Angeles, I know it sounds stupid but I live in OC and hate the traffic so I rarely go outside the orange curtain :) But on this glorious Tuesday noon we made it there in no time flat!   First things first, a stop at the gas station for fuel for both us and the car! Does Katrina not  look excited? 

With the girls in the back and me and Nate in the front we left on our way out of OC, passing by the iconic Knotts Berry Farm skyline! If you're afraid of heights, then don't look! 

 So the main reason for going to Culver city that day was to look at art galleries, and well, take silly pictures. There were the best photo op areas like …


This is the cutest weather forecaster evaa!  Just enter your city/state and a cute pic comes up along with your weather forecast for the day.  It's addicting! image via

5 for Summer: Victoria's Secret

If I could, I would purchase the following items from Victorias Secret for this coming summer! Printed Caftan Dress

Open Back Cover up

Sexy Sundress

Relaxed Boyfriend Short

Beach Pant in linen