Monday, December 5, 2011

Apparel Analysis Client Assessment

Client Analysis 

Part 1: Client Assessment 

     My client is my sister; Leigh a 23 year old female form Southern California. Leigh’s body is an hourglass shape that can also come off as a pear shape depending on her weight. Her body measurements are 33” chest, 26” waist and a 35” hip with a cross shoulder measurement of 17”. Her head is 8” and her height is a total of 64” also known as 5’3”. In order for her body to be perfectly proportioned she must be at least 16” per proportion. From feet to knee she is 18” knee t hip 12” knee to chest 17” and chest to head 17”. So her shortest part of her body is her knee to hip area coming in 4 inches shorter than they should be. 

     Leigh’s hair is a medium brown color and is long and thin and parted to the side. She prefers to wear it under a beanie, in a ponytail and if she has time she will straighten it. Her skin color is has an olive undertone thanks to our fathers Italian background. During the summer months her skin can become very tan. Leigh’s favorite colors to wear are green, purple, brown, turquoise, black and cool colors. 

     Leigh spends a good amount of time working the closing manager shift at Levi’s and enjoys her job. She is studying Spanish at Santa Ana College and prefers to take classes online at her convenience. In her free time she can be seen at the local watering hole having a fun time with friends. Leigh has a mostly mellow personality and is easy to get along with. She is a hard worker and can be creative when she get’s the inspiration to paint and draw. 

     On any given day you can usually find Leigh wearing one of her “lost boy” outfits as my mother and I refer to them. A v-neck t, skinny jeans, Clarks, shearling jacket and a beanie with glasses are her wardrobe staple’s as of late. She has a vast collection of high-top shoes and I would think those are her favorite accessories besides the beanies. When I asked Leigh what styles she she is most comfortable wearing she said “corduroy, cotton, leather, ruffles, stripes, monochromatic and utilitarian. She is comfortable wearing v neck’s, can wear high heels when the occasion is right. 

Part 2: Personal Shopping 

     For Leigh’s business casual outfit we chose a flared black leg pant to even out her hips. Since Leigh has a long neck and toned arms and small bust. She wanted a detailed top that would enhance her assets so we chose a sleeveless satin ruffle Nethru collared top. We chose this silver “Elvis” jacket to give the outfit some life! This outfit can be worn to the office and can be worn out on the town afterwards. Leigh really liked the pants and the way her bottom looked in them by the way. 

     For Leigh’s business interview outfit we had to try on a few different styles of pant suits. We wanted her to be taken seriously and also to have a sense of style. Since Leigh is small/shorter we looked through the petite section and found a perfect suit for her. The pants are a wider leg than what she is used to wearing and we would have preferred to go down a size but it was not available. The wider leg is nice for serious business wear because it isn’t revealing, yet it still gives you shape. Her jacket works nicely on her because it fits her shoulder length waist and covers enough of her behind. For her top we chose a white jabot style top to draw the eye upward towards her face. I think this suit looks perfect on her and makes her look very professional. I can’t believe this is my sister. 

     Leigh is currently in a relationship and I’m pretty sure that her first date outfit did not consist of her wearing a dress. I can’t remember the last time I saw her wear one actually. But when we were at the store looking for outfits for her she chose this dress all by herself. Alone the dress looks really great on her, but we wanted to add a sweater since it is cold outside now. We added a cozy long black sweater. This dress works for her because the scoop neck makes her neck look longer, it hits above the knee and the belt placed where it is gives the illusion of a higher waist and longer leg. I wish she had a better shoe to wear because she had boot’s on and they made her legs look stumpy. And as you can see she is wearing the beanie I mentioned earlier. 

     For Leigh’s formal dress I really wanted to show off her best features, those being: a long neck, toned arms, legs and behind. I picked up this dress because the fluttering sleeves, high waist and open back details. As soon as she put this dress on I knew she thought she looked HOT! To me she looked very “Angelina Jolie” as in she was sleek and sexy and revealing in a good way. If she was to wear a high heel the look would be complete and ready for cocktail hour. I think she is going to go back and purchase this dress next paycheck.



Anonymous said...

I hope Leigh doesn't follow your fashion advice based on the shape you defined for her. Leigh is not an hourglass as she has no waist indentation and also has no hips in comparison to her shoulders.

She is clearly an athletic rectangle figure, straight up and down. She should aim at creating the illusion of a waist to give a focal point to her body when dression.

leighslater said...

Working @ Levi's I was introduced to curve I'd jeans... I am a bold curve, meaning although I'm a size 0 most jeans gap at the waist because it is significantly smaller than the hips and butt. Therefore my body is considered hourglass/pear which is the category Maggy put me in based on the measurements of my body. Yes I am athletic, but I have very short legs and a long torso so the hourglass isn't as easily seen. Next time I won't wear any clothes so it's easier to see my "waist indentation" mmmkay.