Sunday, July 1, 2012

Patchwork Point Of View

About a month ago I volunteered at my 5th Patchwork for Delilah's Backyard In a Jar and it was the most insanely busy show yet! With Road Less Traveled re-locating back in Feb we brought along Patchwork to the new Downtown Santa Ana location. The show brought a couple thousand people that memorial day weekend! I was running around from the jam van to the shop and along the way tried to take some pics to show you my perspective. So take a look below, and thanks to my friends who came by that day to support local crafters, artists, designers, musicians and restaurants. Sorry if I was busy and couldn't talk for long.

Loved this DJ set up. Are those not the most crazy speakers! 
The music coming out of them was just as insanely good. Dub, hip hop etc.

The crowds were already forming at 11am. 

Everyone would walk by Yogaworks and stop and stare at the crazy moves their instructors were doing. 
BTW we have a free Yogaworks workshop each Sunday in the month of July at Road Less Traveled 

Chef Raya Belna's pop-up cupcake shop inside Road Less Traveled was a big hit. 

There was a non stop line in front of the ice pop cart! 

After most of the vendors were gone for the day this is what the promenade looked like. Oh and I have to mention this photo has not been instagramed! Im just that good :)

Hope you enjoyed my POV of Patchwork

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