Monday, August 31, 2009

All by myself in Claremont, CA

It was a Sunday, it was over 100' in the house and just as hot outside and I could not bare it any longer. After numerous attempts to get my mother and sister to join me on a random drive there were no takers. I went alone and that's just fine, I like being alone, is something wrong with me? God I hope not, its just too hard for me to call a handful of people and get the same awnser: no sorry I'm busy. Hey I do the same thing, life is busy who has time to do things on other peoples that too selfish to say? I barely hang out with my boyfriend and I hate talking on the phone. I'm taking some deep-thinking classes and working late ass hours, all I can do is spend time with the one I love, myself.
When I spend time with myself I treat myself very well. I have a nice lunch a coffee maybe a present in the form of window shopping, and if I'm a really good girl I get a new pair of earrings.
On the latest all by myself trip I drove down a few miles...18 miles to Claremont, CA. Does anyone know what Iam talking about? This place is beautiful, full of trees, college hotties, green design shops, great homes, cafes, coffee and Mountains! I spent a few hours walking bout this town as if it was the first time I had seen it. There is something on every corner that gets my attention.
After walking around a few hours my appetite was calling me like a gossiping girl. I realized that I really hadn't had much to eat that day, besides that 500 calorie mini muffin...ugh why. So I walked around aimlessly because I cannot make up my mind when Iam hungry, its kinda weird. After going back and forth on where to eat lunch I listened to my instincts just like my philosophy teacher said and I ended up at Le Pain Quotidien.
So why did I choose to eat here? You must be wondering what my instincts were thinking...well I was pulled into this place because I love quiche, and it was one of the first things on the menu. I ordered the quiche Lorianne with a arugula salad and green iced tea...why am I going into so much detail? Well I want you to order exactly what I did. This was the perfect light enough lunch for a Summer afternoon. That's why.
Now that you heard me go off on the quiche and saw the picture to go along I know that you are sold on it too. Sorry if you are vegan or lactose you are missing out.
The La Pain Quotidein surprised me with a wonderful meal, knowledgeable server , and a cute cafe featuring a full bakery & a communal table.
I had never heard of the La Pain Quotidein before and Iam so glad I stopped by. It must really be good because apparently alot of celebs frequent this place including Katie Holmes who has is loaded.
So glad to have come and gone. Cheers to many more all by myself trips, dates and time with friends in Claremont, CA.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Toplofty with Trina Turk, Palm Springs

One may think that trekking to the outskirts of the desert is only for those who love dirt bikes and camping, guess again! I was so excited to go to the desert, you can walk aimlessly up and down the main road of Palm Springs. It is even better when you act as if you have all the time and money in the world, as well as a personal ac blowing on your back.
To make matters even better there is a Trina Turk located on the main road in Palm Springs and I had a chance to use my fake money and buy the whole entire collection. No not really, but if I could I just might do so.
Trina Turks store is all style and substance, unlike the women who were working that day. I will not go into too much detail about the customer service, for there was none. Haha it was as if I needed a reservation or some special VIP pass to be inside, that's how haughty these sales women acted towards us.

When life gives you a fitting room, you try everything on, and that is what we did for about 45 mins or so. I tried on this here dress which was very nice but the colors were not my favorite combo. Brown and Yellow is a bit too soulfully rich for me. I prefer purple and greens.
My sister brought out her inner Bruno for all to see if they wanted to see it or not it was happening. She really liked this jumper, and it was actually pretty cute on her. Maybe she can find herself a girlfriend out here to be her sugar Mama.
This is the risque fitting room that has a crack for those who want to take a peep show.
Once again Sugar mama would come in handy for this bathing suit.

When it comes to my sister expect the unexpected...

This is a style I love wearing even though it makes me look way bigger than Iam.

I saw this book in the Trina Turk home store, but my mom bought it online. Cant wait to see it, I most Cuban things. I did have a Cuban birthday party ya know.

Thanks for the Summer fun Trina!

Great Job on the Interior Design Kelly, it really evokes the spirit of the clothing and the customer base.

Until we meet again

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Limited Yoga Collection, for yoga and non-yoga types

Is it possible to love yoga inspired clothing and at the same time not be a yoga enthusiast in any way?Well I say yes, it is ok to look like you just got out of yoga class and somehow have not a single tear of sweat rolling down your forehead.

The only reason I wear yoga clothing is because it is usually soft, stretchy and makes you feel good, kind of like after you work out minus the sweat and heart rate. After a long day of work or class all I want to do is slip into my velour track pants a loose top and mellow out.

Looks like one of my favorite retailers as well as old employer The Limited has caught on to the look with their new Yoga Collection. The look says "I look like I worked out but I didn't" or "I look really comfortable and I am... are you jealous?" They even made this easy on you by making their new collection affordable for most women who might have a Target esque budget.

The lowest price on the menu it the Yoga Ribbed Tank $14.50 or 2/$20. That is really reasonable don't you think?

The highest piece they offer in the collection is the Yoga Lightweight coat $69.50.coat This is a sporty slouchy splendid coat that is going to for sure be a hot item.

You can purchase these items and more at The Limited.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tonight is I will be attending the Jcrew Aficianado event at the Brea mall, will I see you there? I'm really excited about this because I can maybe meet some people in real life that are fellow bloggers, and secondly I get 20% off YES!

North Orange County Jcrew Aficionado event info:

Who: J.Crew Aficionados
Where: J.Crew at the Brea Mall2011 Brea Mall Brea, CA 92821(714) 255-0307

When: Thursday, August 20 the fun starts at 6PM until 9PM

Bonus: 20% off entire purchase of $125+ for JCAs!!!

I have a few things in mind to buy this evening... hopefully they are on sale if not gone already!

I have been eyeing this Sherpa lined hoody for since I first saw her. She screams comfy and cool all at once to me. Need this hoody asap to keep warm in my freezing cold classes as well as walks in the park at sunset.

My sister is a really thin, big fan of the matchstick cords which I have graciously bought on my credit card for her a few times. I will once again be picking up a pair for her tonight, and she will pay me somehow...
So once again I hope to see some familiar faces tonight and I will be there, not square!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Paradise found-Corona Del Mar, CA! Subtle luxury, Sprinkles & Bristol Farms

It was the perfect day to do nothing, it was hot, sticky and a Tuesday. Instead of laying low my mom and I decided to take advantage of the day and drive down to the beach.

Can you see it, the ocean is sticking her head out and saying JUMP IN!

Upon arrival to the Corona Del Mar Plaza The store Subtle Luxury caught my eye. I think the woman was mad that I was taking photos of the store, little did she know I was going to be blogging about it.

The Subtle Luxury shop is one of those places that makes ou wish it was bedtime, or a cool evening of peace. They seem to specialize in comfortable clothing with soft fabrics. The green and blue dress caught my eye.

Lets walk across the way and peek into the best grocery store Ive seen ever, Bristol Farms!
Lush green lettuce!

Hand painted Murals!
An ocean view!

Salad dressing in a water bottle?

Fiesta ware colored kitchen essentials!

Delightful syrups!

Tropical parrot salt and pepper shakers.

Fresh apples in brigth colors.

Mary Poppins husband has his own popcorn!

Juicy Sodas!

Unique bags.

Time to leave the wonderful Corona Del Mar Plaza. ( No that is not me...just some girls walking by.)

My oceanliner in the sky is waiting for me...Come visit!