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Sawdust Festival Virgin

One fine afternoon I headed out to the Sawdust festival with my mom. I was on vacation that week from one job and prepping for a workshop at another so I needed something fun to get my mind de-stressed. I joined my mom and we had a blast, why have I never gone to Sawdust before? It's really hard to explain how the whole event works or even looks...I know this because I have been told about it and it never made sense to me until I went.

Below are photos I took of my day at Sawdust, there are a few artists whose name I didn't get so sorry in advance. Enjoy, and don't forget the Holiday show is coming up soon and it sounds magical :)

Have you been to Sawdust festival before? 
Let me know if you have, or any other great art festivals you recommend.

We're Booked

Working for RoadKill has been a dream come true! The latest window we did for the store revolved around books...we brainstormed and came up with tons of ideas and narrowed it down to two main themes for each window style. On the boutique side we have "Write your own story" and on the ranch side "Mod Library". Take a look at all of the little details and clever ways we incorporated the books into our displays! Great job everybody!

I'm so proud of how this window came together from start to finish so quickly and looks just so lovely!