Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jcrew Aficionado event review

Just a few weeks ago I went to my first Jcrew Aficionado event at the Brea mall. I was really excited about this because it was the perfect opportunity to meet people and save money all at once. Sadly it wasn't all I had expected, nothing like the D.C. events which had lots more attendants and a lunch afterwards.
However I was able to have a personal shopper to help me out in the fitting room her name starts with an M. and she has really long hair. She just happened to be wearing the same blazer that I was eyeing, the velvet eden blazer.

Maybe I will have to plan the next J.C.A. event so that I can tell more of my friends who had no idea what I was talking about. Its like a secret club kinda col, just wish it was more like the D.C. version.
So here we are in our matching Blazers! I'm contemplating wether or not to keep it, kinda expensive and I'm no rich girl.


dinagideon said...

Hey, darling! That color is TDF on you... :)

I am so bummed that the event wasn't all you had wanted...our DC events are so crazy that we have to have auxillary outings just to get to know one another. I wish you were here, but I also know that your weather there beats ours hands down, so I can imagine you would never want to leave.

(But if you do find your way out this way, let's get together and have a rip-roaring good time in honor of your trip east...)

Talk soon...

jcmama said...

I'm sorry the Shop & Share event was a bit disappointing to you. I wanted to stay longer and chat with fellow JCAs but since I had two little ones I had to get going.
As I was planning the event, I did not mention the event to the store manager or any of the PS/SA as a "JCA shopping event." I just mentioned that I will be posting it on a blog to get some people together.
I think if I had mentioned it as a "JCA event" it may have been canceled by the corporate as it happened to KOP event last week...

Anyways, it would be great if you can plan a S&S event at the Brea store next time. :-)

The jacket looks fabulous on you! I tried it and it didn't fit me quite well.

Mslay said...

Dina, I would love to hang out with you and the DC crew sounds like a nice group of women. Its really hard to make friends in Socal since everyone is kinda on their own time schedules and I work till 1am alot now. And yes the weather is nice here but my family and I feel like we are in FLoridaaaaghhh!

Mslay said...

JCMAMA, Thanks soo much for planning the JCA event a few weeks ago, I understand why you had to leave early.

Earlier that week I stopped by Jcrew and asked about the event and the manager wasnt very excited about it. I woudl think they would love to have people like us promoting the company they work for.

I will see what I can do to plan another event and get some ideas from you too.
Take care.