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Fullerton College Faculty Lounge Renovation

Welcome to the newly renovated Fullerton College Faculty Lounge, finally a reason worth staying later at school than your salary requires. 
I took sad old outdated W.P.A.  inspired space and gave it a relaxed upscale modernized Spanish Revival vibe that was much needed. The space was inspired by the feathers of a peacock, the colors emerald green, cobalt blue, gold, and brown are prominently used in the space. The space is used for a variety of reasons other than a lounge. At times there may be receptions for up to 30 people and  a wi-fi location for 6 people. 
There are defined spaces for the varied uses as you can see in the floor plan which includes 3 separate entrances a kitchenette and is fully A.D.A. compliant. As a whole the lounge looks as if it could be straight from a downtown clubhouse from the 1930's. A major "WoW" factor is the lighting which features custom made lanterns depicting peacocks as well as large drum pendant lights in the center of the room where t…

Candle Making

Join The Road Less Traveled this weekend for another great DIY workshop.

Candle Making & Cocktails Saturday 10/29 3-6pm $55
Want some time to bond with your friends or pick up a new craft?  Learn to make your own candles to use at home or as a gift.  You will make a number of candles with your own signature scent. 
Materials are included, along with mimosas & snacks!  Packaging will also be available to make your gift look oh so lovely!
RSVP here

Check out a few photos from last weeks workshops. 
 Last weekend we had a great time hosting both the Shrine workshop taught by Chela of Amor Viejo 

And the Gourmet Truffles workshop taught by Courtney of C. Salt Gourmet.


See this. I feel as if this is where I have been storing all of my wonderful blog ideas until further notice. AKA when I have a chance to sit down and thoughtfully write my blogs. I consider blogging an art form and really good bloggers take the time before hitting the publish button. I want to be one of those bloggers. So once I get my school work in order I will be back on track. TTFN

Southwestern-ish I suppose

As they say another day another dress. Sometimes dresses can be the easiest way to "dress up", no pun intended. This is one of my fav LBD's! I love the length of it and the empire waist. Can be worn with different accessories to change the look. I was going for a southwestern-ish look I guess. 
Necklace: Possibly the Limited Dress: Old Navy Ring: The mall Boots: thrift store from like a long time ago. Love em.
And look I even did my hair that day...

Hot n Cold Fashion

You know when the weather seems like it's going to be one thing in the morning...and turns out completely different by afternoon? Well that's what happened when I started to over heat at work. I was dying of the heat, but luckily we sell really cool line of clothing called Texture. It's made from Hemp and Organic cotton in the USA baby! I gladly bought my tank and LOVE it. It makes my bust look alot bigger than it actually is. So you can't go wrong there :) 
Earrings: Roadkill  Top: Texture  Pants: Levis Sandals: Birkenstock
Stop by the shop and get yourself some Texture clothing. 

Spanish Class

For the past few weeks I have been working on a fun, but stressful project in my design studio class and thought I would share with you some of my ideas.  The Works Progress Administration
My client is Fullerton College and their sad space aka the faculty lounge that has been long forgotten over the years. Fullerton College has been around since 1913...and the faculty lounge was originally designed in the late 1920s-mid 1930's during the Spanish revival period  in Southern California. Today Fullerton College is planning on making the campus more modern and to code while stilling paying homage to it's roots.  The faculty lounge...see what I mean? 
Not everything about this space is completely horrible just 99.9% haha. It has potential, for example, hidden behind the hideous acoustic tiles is a fabulous vaulted ceiling with exposed beams! And outside the doors is a patio, perfect for a warm day.  It's a diamond in the rough, and it's my job to chisel the hell out of it and ma…

OC Weekly Halloween Contest

Some of you may remember that I was Black Swan for Halloween last year. Back when very few people knew about the movie and when later in 2011 Natalie Portman would win best actress for her role. 
I loved being this character for Halloween, mostly because the makeup was a challenge, I wanted it just right. I entered myself in a Halloween Costume on Facebook so if you could please help me out and vote that would be AWESOME! It's really easy to vote btw. 
1. Go to the OC Weekly Halloween contest album.  2. Press the like button 3. Tell everyone you know
Thank you everyone.
Oh and if you don't mind telling me....what are you dressing up us for Halloween?  I, not so surprisingly will be another Natalie Portman character. 

Fall Sunset

Don't you just love the Sun during Fall?

Fall makes me think of_________.

When I asked my friends & fans of The Road Less Traveled to fill in the blank  "Fall makes me think of_________."  I got the following responses...
image via  Jassel-scarfs

image via Deco Aurora Shan-Snuggling

image via Adri-Pumpkin Pie

image via Tammy-Pumpkin soup

image via  Annmarie-Pumpkins

image via Jessica-Hot apple cider


First look at the new Snow White movie costumes

This semester I decided to take on a double major,, my second major being textile design. My curriculum is split into two parts interior design and fashion design. I'm currently taking a class called apparel analysis and it's making my mind go cra-cray over fashion! I knew before that I was interested in clothing but now it's being taken to a whole new level. Since my fav holiday is coming up (Halloween) and I'm not having my annual party I feel a void is missing. So to fill that void I have just been fawning over costume designs and decorating for the season to keep me from becoming S.A.D. 
While browsing my gossip sites I came across a slide show of some shot's from the yet to be titled Snow White movie featuring Lilly Collins (who is that?) and Julia Roberts. I love fantasy/period films because of the elaborate costuming and set designs. I think it must be way hard to create a world that doesn't exist like say harry Potter? 
Enough jibber jabber onto the photo…

Fashionable rainy day

Twas the first rainy day of the Fall season and everyone was in a "I love this kinda weather" mood. I had been up the night before creating my Raffia pendant lights for the front window. Somehow I managed to pull a cute outfit together that day but I could not for the life of me find my polka dot rain boots :( 
Pendant necklace: The Limited Tank: Target Cardigan: Old Navy Belt: Gap Leggings: JC Penny Boots: Target on clearance $8 what thaaa
See rainy days can be fashionable days!