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Eat Real Festival

Eat Real Festival  July 16-17th, Helms Bakery District, Culver City
What is Eat Real Festival? Eat Real combines a state fair, a street-food festival, and a block party to create a celebration of good food. At the Eat Real Festival, participants learn where food comes from, who grows and makes it, and how they make it. Eat Real Festival attendance is 100% free of charge, all food at the festival costs $5 and less, and all food incorporates regionally sourced, fabulous, and sustainably produced ingredients.
We know that today’s eaters are concerned about how to spend their food dollar yet are also increasingly interested in learning about how food choices can contribute to a healthier environment and stronger communities. By using fresh and local ingredients (and their amazing flavors), Eat Real aims to show how easy it can be to support a regional food system by bringing farmers, food producers and eaters together. We are very excited to be supporting more than 300 local and regional busi…

Discover your own backyard- Summer window display

Im very proud to present to you  The Road Less Traveled Store's  Summer 2011 window display! 
Theme: Discover your own backyard
Inspiration: Delilah's company Backyard In A Jar-handcrafted preserves from the yards and farms of Southern California. And the infamous Jam Van.
Time line:  Month of brainstorming and a few days of prepping before installation day of 5-6 hrs.
Materials: cardboard boxes from Starbucks, Bioshield paint, So-Cal Map, yarn, staples, tape, scissors, large mason jars, upcycled Claudia Pearson calendar, old construction paper and lots of creativity.

Visit us online for info on workshops and directions:

We will be closed this 4th of July weekend! See you next Wednesday during our regular hours 10am-6pm.