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We're Having a Heat Wave...

A tropical heat wave...
The temperature is rising, thank you Spring for finally deciding to say hello. As always you are fashionably late to the party. But you will certainly be making a big entrance this week when you bring the So-Cal temps up to 90 degrees on Thursday. I can picture it now, everyone is going to be talking about....the weather of course and how hot it is and nice. Or they will be complaining about how hot and not nice it is. I of course will be doing the latter of the two because I loves the hot weathers and I have a new dress to wear. Cant wait.

Are you doing anything fun this week when it gets hot?

Whats your fav way to spend a sunny day?

Splendor In The Grass

Lets roll in the grass minus the itchiness. Do you remember doing that as a kid?
I was browsing magazines the other day when I saw a photo of a grass bikini and I cannot find it anywhere! I might be one of those few who would actually wear that to the beach. Sad thing is I cannot find it anywhere online to share with you. So instead I found lots of other great turf inspired accessories and clothing. Now lets splendor in the grass.

1.Wheat grass shots 2.Tray6 Fashion Umbrella 3.Keds 4.Michael Kors 5. Momo -Photo done by me 6.Adorn Jewelry 7.Mod Cloth 8. Margaret Ellman
Make sure to watch thie video for Pink Martini's Splendor in The Grass. Brought a tear to my eyes, very sweet.

Patchwork Festival 2011

She's Crafty

One of the greatest things about blogging is discovering one of a kind creative designers. When I came across The Tote Trove I was immediately in love with the Kitchy totes and necklaces. They remind me of my childhood and whats best? All designs are handmade & designed by Tracy herself. Get to know this more about Tracy and what inspires her designs. 
Tell us about yourself, & what colors make you happy.
In my free time, I love crafting (of course!), writing, blogging, shopping, going to the movies, reading, and spending time with my boyfriend and family. I went to The College of New Jersey and have a BA in English (as a result of all that reading, I guess). All colors make me happy! But my favorite is blue, particularly turquoise and sky blue. Yellow and red come in second and third; I guess I'm a primary colors kind of girl. image via (

What was your muse behind making your own jewelry and totes? I've always been drawn to accessories that ar…

Spring in Portofino Italy

image via (
Rich colors and culture make Portofino, Italy an inspiration for Spring style. Easy going, bright, sweet and sunny. Have you ever been? I have a feeling I would love it here. 
1. Portofino Cafe and Bar 2. Italian Gelato 3. Miso Floral Dress 4. Straw Hat 5. Portofino Streets
See you there.

Me and 3,000 Tulips

Remeber my post on The Color Of Sunny?
After it stopped raining yesterday I went to Fullerton and stopped by to smell the 3,000 plus Tulips. What a sight to see. 
To see the flowers for yourself go to
668 N. Woods Ave. Fullerton CA

Spring 2011 Window Display @The Road Less Traveled

Spring has Sprung @ The Road Less Traveled Store! The Spring window display is here, and in full bloom.  After hours of brainstorming, flower making, painting, drilling, and positioning props the display is complete. The look and feel is an Spring day outdoors: picnicking,  and enjoying the flowers.  Here is a frontal and side view, btw these photo's don't do it justice. During the day there is alot of glare on the windows. There is so much that goes into making a great  window display, and yes it came out a bit differently than I had visioned.I had a great learning experience and got to paint and drill the fence together as well as as choose the paint color for the chair. Also you may notice that a few items in the store got re-arranged.By simply moving things around you get a fresh new look. 
Delilah and I were so excited when we finished the display. Lots of people driving by were looking at it and customers were complimenting it. Exciting stuff.

Tory & Maggy Take On Good Food's Happy Hour

Two girls One Happy Hour We arrived right on time to The Crosby for a special Happy Hour Hosted by Evan Kleiman of Good Food and Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly. To our surprise there was a line, a wait list and a very very packed Crosby. But this was to be expected since Ms Evan Kleiman was hosting her 1st Happy Hour outside of Los Angeles. We made sure to bring our game faces and thirsty appetites to try out some new drinks and appetizers. 
PROS: A night out with Tory, $4 Well drinks, Met Evan Kleiman, Pork Tostadas, Winning the Raffle.
CONS: Long waits, Pizza was meh, ate standing next to the restroom, no music, not enough staff. 
Take a tour of the night below. Right before we left for the event. 
Flower Press Cocktails: Tasty
Delilah Snell & Evan Kleiman
Pork Tostadas Good Pizza Bad
A sea of people.
Tony & Leigh
The people.
Photo Opportunity. 
Fellow foodies.
The end of a good night!
California, home of strange Spring weather. One minute it's pouring and lighting strikes. Then its clear and sunny. If California weather was diagnosed with a mental health issue it would be Bi-polar disorder.  image via (
Make your mind up weather! 

Luckily I got one of these... image via (

And a pair of these... image via (
I'm slowly become less scared of the rain since my car accident a few months ago. Anyone else having fun in the rain today?

8 Hours Of Flowers

Life has been rolling along like the wind and one week goes as fast as the next one begins. I started my Spring Semester a few weeks ago as well as my Internship @ The Road Less Traveled Store in Santa Ana, Ca. Keeping myself creatively busy and feeling like my life is on the right track. Isn't life funny in that way? Its a constant battle of the good the bad and the ugly. What I mean by this is that our lives have cycles. Very fitting that it is Spring and I feel like so many new and exciting things have blossomed for me personally and professionally. And in the theme of Spring I have become obsessed with my 1st big project as intern, the Spring window display. If you know me than you have heard me blabbing on and on about making paper flowers and how proud I'am of them. Take a look. 
It took me over eight hours to complete these babies. The picture in Martha Stewart Magazine made it look easy, guess again. There is more to it than cutting. I had to go through magazines and co…

The Color of Sunny via OC REGISTER

Fullerton home has flower power By Michael Mello THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER
FULLERTON – It's that time of the year again. Wayne Daniels' front yard has again become a carpet of tulips, daffodils, and freesias, a montage that years ago earned him the title of Fullerton's Tulip Man. Retired high school biology teacher Wayne Daniels, 74, planted over 3,300 tulip bulbs in the front yard of his Fullerton home. He has been planting the tulips for more than 20 years and now many of his neighbors are following his lead and planting tulips in their yards.

He has about 3,300 tulip bulbs in the ground, with more than 200 daffodils and freesias for variety.
This year the Woods Avenue landmark display also runs around the corner down Lois Lane. Some of Daniels' neighbors there took some of his extra tulip bulbs and have planted them in their own yards.
The blooms started earlier this year – in mid-January – because of the heavy fall rains, and are at their peak now.
"Hopefully, they…

Thai Love You

For some reason I have become obsessed with Spicy Thai and I see no end to it. I have managed to get my hands on as many Thai infused products lately and I want more more more. Have you ever had a taste of something that all of a sudden you couldn't get enough of? 

image via ( I bought these spicy thai chips on a whim hoping they would be just as good as they sounded. And yes they were great and I went to buy another bag and they are all sold out. Spicy, gingery perfect. 

image via ( Picked up this spicy Thai chicken salad the other day for a dinner between classes. This was such an indulgent salad with not too many calories compared to others. I bought another one this week.Yummy peanuty, spicy and just the right serving size. 
image via ( Mmmm Thai Chicken Pizza is so wonderful. I usually get it from Schlotzky's Deli. Unexpected toppings for a pizza but together they make an aromatic mouth watering combo.

image via (rec…

Good Food & OC Weekly Host Happy Hour In Santa Ana

image via ( Attention all OC and LA foodies this Thursday March 10th The Crosby will be hosting a special Happy Hour with KCRW's Evan Klieman of Good food & OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano of Ask A Mexican & Stick a Fork In It. This is the first time that Good food with Evan Kleiman has featured an Orange County restaurant/bar so this is going to be a big deal for us OC people.There is a Facebook rsvp page for this event check it out, however it is not mandatory to RSVP nor is there a cover fee (awesome).  Ohh yeah and there will be giveaways too. Beer from Tap's Fish house & Bruery Gourmet Choclate from C. Salt Gourmet Hot Sauce from Taco Asylum, And Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen Baked goods from Blackmarket Bakery Habanero Jelly by Backyard in A Jar and many more.
The Special menu includes
FOOD: Pork belly tostadas – 2 for $6 Cheese flat bread – $5 Pepperoni flat bread – $7 Sweets – $3
DRINK: The Wildflower Press – $5 Absolut Wild Tea & Elderflower vodka Bloo…

Green Design Junkie

If you're an eco-friendly green-design junkie than you have heard of The Road Less Traveled Store in Santa Ana. This one of a kind shop offers an array of products and DIY classes and workshops. This Spring I will be their intern and will be working alongside creatively minded Delilah Snell and August Olofson. My first project is to create the Spring window display inspired by DIY paper flowers from Martha Stewart magazine. Lot's of magazine cutouts, folding, gluing and looking for branches at the park. Once the display is complete I will post photos for you to see the final product. 
Every product in our store specializes in 1 of 4 major categories:  recycled content, sustainable resource, non-toxic and fair trade.

recycled content: post-consumer, surplus, discarded & re-purposed materials. sustainable resource: made of materials that require little of the planet or are easily renewable. non-toxic: chemical, pesticide, herbicide-free. Certified organic origins. sustainable r…

Battle of The Blondes

images via (, It's a battle of the blondes for the April 2011 issues of Elle & UK Vogue. At first glance I thought both covers were of Gwen Stefani, but taking a closer look it is in fact Kate Winslet on the right. 
images via (,
Cant wait for these issues to come to news stands. We get to go inside Gwen's world via her best friend and see Kate's new body, look and life. Sounds interesting. I really like Kate's new short do. And I wonder who Gwen's best friend is?