Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cactus Chic

Today in SoCal I felt a surge fo Summer come straight at me. There was a slightly dryer feel in the air today. The wind was blowing a sweet warm breeze and I just couldnt help the urge to drink water and Iced tea. I mean it could have just been the fact that I was drinking last night for ST. Patricks day or that I wore all black today for work. Either way I really liked the feeling that was coming from the warm weather.

I believe that weather can change a persons mood drastically. There is a term called S.A.D. Seasonal Adjustment Disorder: a person who is deeply affected by the weather season to season. Whenever there is a change in weather where I live in Socal everyone notices immediatly and it either makes them happy when its hot, or sad/angry when it is cold or raining.

Living in Oc you see many Cacti in the front yards of homes or in parking lots. I was inspired by the colors of the Cactus garden in my yard and made an outfit based around it.

Cactus Chic

This is what I would be seen wearing if I were in Santa Fe or just hanging out in Santa Barbara at the missions.
*have you ever been inspired by something you saw in nature? Sometimes that is where you can find the best color combinations that came together naturally.


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

LOVE this outfit!!! I am inpspired by the beach and warm weather a lot...most recently with my Maxi Dress obsession. I am looking forward to wearing them all Spring and Summer long. :)

Mslay said...

I cannot wait to wear dress's!