Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its never too early for...Trina Turk Spring 2010

I love looking at Trina Turks website as well as Facebook for Fashion and interior design inspiration. I personally don't own any Trina Turk clothing but want to invest in one of her timeless pieces. Looking at her clothing makes me feel a bit nostalgic, as if I'm looking through old family photos thinking to myself...they look so glamorous!
I guess you could say I live vicariously through Trina Turks look books every season. I just took a moment to look at her Spring 2010 line and found a few pieces that I would LOVE to own! Here is a look at what I chose to wear on my Bahamas vacation, if only I could afford it all :)
*All items will be available March 2010

Impressive Sweater $228
Zoom Shorts $158
I want to be able to wear tiny shorts and balance it out by wearing a billowy top like the Impressive sweater. This whole outfit seems so carefree like the a spring weekend.

Ibis Dress $330
The Ibis dress is sexy, seductive and looks like it is made from a vintage scarf! I know you love that floral print!

Pacific Tote Price N/A
The pacific tote is so so cool and is the same print as the Ibis dress. The organic shapes and bright colors make this simply shaped tote that much cooler!

Summerset $198
The Summerset dress looks so fun, preppy and lightweight.
So there you have it my 4 picks from the Trina Turk Spring 2010 Look Book!
Go pick your top looks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ViVa La ViDa~Robert Palacios

Fullerton College Presents:
~Viva La Vida~
Day of the Dead inspired exhibition,
by multi-media artist Robert Palacios
Fullerton College Art Gallery
312 E. Chapman Ave.
1000 Building, Gallery 1004
Fulleron, CA 92832
October 15th-November 17th
~free admission~
Opening Night
Thursday October 15th

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rain drops keep falling in my mind

This past weekend So Cal residents were swept away by the first cold-front of the Fall season, this is headline news in Orange County. I swear if there wasn't weather some people would have nothing to talk about, and this would be a problem. With the change of weather came a change in clothing, I saw sweaters, jackets, boots and some(alot of)brainless people in shorts and tube top dresses! The weather man predicted rain this weekend but it never came my way, however I did daydream of a new umbrella.
Here are two that stood out to me:
I love the zigzags, reminds me of Missoni for less money!

I could definitely see myself carrying this Popish poppy umbrella over my head.

Both Umbrellas were found here: