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Can you guess what I will be this Halloween?

I thought it would be fun to post a few head shots of my costume, and you get to guess what it is! Good luck everyone!

I even did a set to show you what my accessories will be!

What will you be doing this Halloween night? I'm having a PARTY! I set up alot of the decor in the backyard already including a fog machine, strobe lights, orange and purple lights in the trees and table decor! I love celebrating all occasions and decorating/hosting theme parties. My party this Saturday is the "Fools & Ghouls Halloween Party" I'm going for a vintage Hollywood party look if you couldn't tell. The countdown starts now 2 days till party time!

Its never too early for...Trina Turk Spring 2010

I love looking at Trina Turks website as well as Facebook for Fashion and interior design inspiration. I personally don't own any Trina Turk clothing but want to invest in one of her timeless pieces. Looking at her clothing makes me feel a bit nostalgic, as if I'm looking through old family photos thinking to myself...they look so glamorous! I guess you could say I live vicariously through Trina Turks look books every season. I just took a moment to look at her Spring 2010 line and found a few pieces that I would LOVE to own! Here is a look at what I chose to wear on my Bahamas vacation, if only I could afford it all :) *All items will be available March 2010 Impressive Sweater $228 Zoom Shorts $158 I want to be able to wear tiny shorts and balance it out by wearing a billowy top like the Impressive sweater. This whole outfit seems so carefree like the a spring weekend.

Ibis Dress $330 The Ibis dress is sexy, seductive and looks like it is made from a vintage scarf! I know you …

Im excited to be going to...

My Bf and I have been living separate lives it seems, he is working full time on his Masters while I try to do my school/work thing. We have talked about how we think we deserve a trip to getaway and relax since we have both been busy and not able to see each other very often. After throwing ideas out on the table of where to go (Hawaii, Cuba, Brazil, Peru and many other places) my man and I have decided to go on vacation next Spring. The verdict is in and we have decided on going to...


I cannot stop thinking of the Bahamas, my mind is full of tropical distractions. At work I heard light and airy tropical music and I was swept away back into the lazy Summer feeling.

I have to start thinking which Island I want to stay on since there are over 700 in the Bahamas maybe I could stay on Johnny Depps Island

Has anyone ever been vacationing in the Bahamas and have some tips on where to stay or places I should see?

This trip is going to be amazing!

Showing off, my artwork that is!

As an Interior Design student I always wanted good quality markers but could not invest in them because it would mean I wouldn't be able to buy all my supplies. So last Fall I took interior illustration for Interior Design Majors and finally invested some big bucks($100.00) into the PrismaColor marker set! After spending a few long nights finishing up my final project I thought I would never ever want to use those damn markers ever again! They were messy, wet and not anything close to the media I was used to working with. So months went by and my expensive markers collected dust as I took boring classes that did not involve artistic creativity. For some reason I had this urge one day in the early spring to draw, probably just bored. Since that day I have a little collection of one of a kind marker artworks that I love making! I have made Cuban posters, Interior design projects, cards and fashion sketches. And what was once a media I did not appreciate, now has a special place in m…

Dedicated to the Boys.

In case you haven't noticed I love my cats, alot. Everyday I come home and I'm sure to be the only one who calls their name and picks them up like a baby and talks to them. Does this make me look crazy? Whatever, I love how these cats have brought alot of peace, as well as chaos into the home.

My two black cats Momo and Dezmo were brought to us through divine intervention when our beloved Bombay was hit by a car last October.
He had big Golden eyes and loved posing for pictures!

Here Iam holding him a few days before he was killed. I cried for days, probably a whole month over this cats passing. I had Bombay since he was a kitten when my boyfriend gave him to me. This was one of the saddest days of losing a pet I have ever had. I remember waking up to screaming and crying, my dad holding my cat who was lying lifeless in his arms. I remember going to the grocery store that day to buy flowers to put next to my buried cat and started crying because of all the black cat Halloween d…

ViVa La ViDa~Robert Palacios

Fullerton College Presents: ~Viva La Vida~ Day of the Dead inspired exhibition, by multi-media artist Robert Palacios Fullerton College Art Gallery 312 E. Chapman Ave. 1000 Building, Gallery 1004 Fulleron, CA 92832 October 15th-November 17th ~free admission~ Opening Night Thursday October 15th 5:00-7:00pm

Me Love This Cardi-Coat!

The first time I laid eyes on this sweater, cardi coat whatever the hell you wanna call it...I wanted it. Its from one of my favorite retailers Old Navy. I tried this sweater on during in August I believe, and it was probably 100' outside. I dreamt of wearing it to a football game, even though I don't go to them ever. Another place I would be seen wearing this is at a coffee shop doing my studies or while I'm walking the streets of Fullerton after dinner. I have sadly not had a chance to wear this cardi coat to any of my mentioned destinations, however I wanted to show you my appreciation for it. I think this is a MUST HAVE @ only $20.00! Does anyone else own this cardi-coat or one similar?

The Solitude of Self

I want to share with you a very important essay, The Solitude of Self written by Women's Rights Activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I read her essay for the first time this past week and it has stayed on my mind ever since. Please take the time to read arguably the most eloquent essay on human rights ever written.

Address To The U.S. Congressional Committee Of The Judiciary Hearing: January 18, 1892

The point I wish plainly to bring before you on this occasion is the individuality of each human soul; our Protestant idea, the right of individual conscience and judgment-our republican idea, individual citizenship. In discussing the rights of woman, we are to consider, first, what belongs to her as an individual, in a world of her own, the arbiter of her own destiny, an imaginary Robinson Crusoe with her woman Friday on a solitary island. Her rights under such circumstances are to use all her faculties for her own safety and happiness.

Secondly, if we consider her as a citizen, as a member…

You Kknow You're In The O.C. When...

Well well, this is getting a bit ridiculous!

You know you're in the OC when the car in front of you has a sticker showing their family &... Husband Wife Son Daughter Dog Cat Dog Cat Fish Gerbil? Frog

Rain drops keep falling in my mind

This past weekend So Cal residents were swept away by the first cold-front of the Fall season, this is headline news in Orange County. I swear if there wasn't weather some people would have nothing to talk about, and this would be a problem. With the change of weather came a change in clothing, I saw sweaters, jackets, boots and some(alot of)brainless people in shorts and tube top dresses! The weather man predicted rain this weekend but it never came my way, however I did daydream of a new umbrella. Here are two that stood out to me: I love the zigzags, reminds me of Missoni for less money!

I could definitely see myself carrying this Popish poppy umbrella over my head.

Both Umbrellas were found here:

A place to call home in my head and heart, creative writing

I need a place to call home in my head my heart my should. I travel on a plane that never lands pondering where to go next with my life. Whats the next destination where to how long will it take who will I take? I need some time to think some time to breathe I want some people to drop some things other wise I might throw them off this plane once and or all. I like to be alone sometimes however I need the warmth the comfort and the knowing look. I want a love for all life love in all ways from the earth from the trees I want no strings attached to some things. I don't think that anything lasts forever it must die one day. Why do I keep thinking about death lately an say such morbid things? I don't know I guess its all around you everybody knows nobody wants to talk about it. Its kinda like anything and everything and everyone has something that makes them uncomfortable, right?

Forever and ever I want to live on an Island just you and me and none of these stupid rules of where w…

Gia Secret Garden

My Sister whom goes by her alias Gia from time to time was wearing a slew of colorful outfits this week so I wanted to share one. She is modeling in our backyard garden which is the perfect background for her citron tank and multi-colored scarf from her trip to Spain last Spring. Gia is one of those elf people that can look good in anything and she knows it and likes to show it. What do you think of her styling?

Fall Day In Fullerton

Today was my day off and I spent most of it with my cats and the outdoors. I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady as some may think. I just have very photogenic cats that pose for the flash. How could I not take their picture? Oh today was also pay day so had to take almost all of my earnings and pay for those things you know bills...least favorite part of payday. I took some of my gold and went out for a solo drive through Fullerton, something I do quite often. I actually like being alone its relaxing and opens my mind. I took lots of photos and complied them together to show you what Fall looks like in So Cal. Its actually starting to change in a subtle way, the leaves, wind, color of the sky however people still dress like Summer. What does Fall look like where you live? Is the weather cold and damp or hot and dry?