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Fresh Produce gets Flirty

In Spring 2009 say hello to the Fresher and Flirtier new Fresh Produce Line "Mary Ellen".

I really dig the colors they used for this promo, catches my eye. Lets hope the rest of the new "ME" line is just as cute and fun looking.

Really cute and colorful recycled tote perfect for: just about anything really.
"Smile Bag"-$3.99 Fresh Produce
* info was found on the Fresh Produce website.

MATAANO-Spring Collection

All about MATAANO:

   Born to Somali parents and raised in both their native country and Washington DC, identical twins Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim are anything but ordinary. Having fled Somalia at the age of nine to escape the country’s civil war, both Idyl and Ayaan completed their college education at University of Michigan and Boston University, respectively, before making the bold move to Manhattan where they aimed to stand out from the rest in the world of fashion and design. Experiencing the industry from the ground up through careful study and practice, they slowly crafted their talent, weaving their cultural influence throughout each meticulously
   In 2008, the Mohallim sisters took their first step together, launching a new brand, Mataano (meaning “twins” in Somali) and furnishing a platform to express their vision and bring forth their creations to the marketplace. Mataano’s premier Spring 2009 collection launched in New York City on November 1, 2008 featuring a boutique pre…

Seamless is the best

The limited has a little collection of seamless camis that Ive been fond of for a long time. They're light and always strech back into place after years of wearing them. Sometimes I workout in them too. See all the colors below, and now they have matching seamless underwear!!!

Priced from $6.99-$24.99Can be purchased on The Limited website or in stores.

Summer Greetings From...

Exotic Beach Towel's are within reach

Missoni , an Italian fashion house has been a a purveyer of exoticly styled timeless garments since 1963. Their designs are original, artsy and soft to the touch. I think they are the original BoHo Chic look that is still buzzing. So below I have a few examples of the Missoni Home collections beach towels. Dont you love a cool looking beach towel that is soft and makes you want to lay out and tan?

Fantastic Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Some examples of hairstyles that will go good with hot weather, hot colors and hot dates! Sarah Michelle Gellar-Braided updo
Heidi Klum-Side parted Renaissance style clipped hair.

Cameron Diaz-Side parted loose pony tail
Drew Barrymore-3 banded head band w/ loose bun.
Natalie Portman-Crystal headband w/ curly volumized hair

NAtalie Portman-Side parted pony tail twist

Same as above - side view

Natalie portman pixie cut
MORE FANTASTIC HAIRSTYLES Fantastic Spring/Summer Hairstyles  II Fantastic Fall/Winter Hairstles

The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club

This book is wonderful I read it and took my sweet time so I could savor all of it. There is everything you could want and more in this short novel. It brings you through a woman's struggle to find her identity while starting over in another country.
It has inspired me to learn more about Argentina and South America. Who knows maybe one day I will go there too.

Foreign Films to watch this Weekend

Its going to be about a week of bad weather here in So-Cal so you know what that means? Time to rent movies! Here are some of my favorite Foreign Films that are not at all main stream. Get yourself some hot Chai and Cupcakes and get lost in a world of the movies.
"Volver"-starring Penelope Cruz

"Vicki Christina Barcelona"-Starring Javier Barden, Scarlet Johanssan and Peneople Cruz

"Bade Education"-Gael Garcia Bernal

"Chocolat"-Starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binouche

The Blue Paisley Dress

Paisley is a great vintage print that makes you look hip but not in a " I'm trying too hard to look hip" way. Here is an example of Blue Paisley Dress/Tunics pricing really high to really low. Hope you see that you can have a fun designer inspired dress and pay way less.

"Long Sleeve Paisley Dress" -3.1 Phillip Lim $675.00

"Veruschka Dress"-Jcrew $335.00

"Print Split-Neck Dress"-Anna Taylor Loft $79.00

"Womens Pailsey Tunic"- Old Navy $24.00

Tropi-Cool Tattoo

This is Kyleen on the right sporting her Seahorse shaped underwater scene Tattoo. Can you see the little fish and sea Mammal? And the other guy just happened to have a cool underwater tattoo as well.

What do ya think? Cool huh

Surreal, Sexy, Sensual and Seductive Perfume Ads

Here is a collection of some of my favorite Perfume Ads out there. Hope you enjoy and get swept away in the dreaminess of it all.

"L" -Gwen Stefani: High class and glamourous woman set in 40's fashion and modern Architecture.

"Malibu Musk"-Coty: Trendy early 90's fahion, pop art neon colors and the Beach.

"Provocative Woman"-Elizabeth Arden: Men cannot resist her; a woman unknowing of her powers against men.

"Light blue"-Dolce & Gabanna-Actign on Instinct while on vacation in Italy.

"Flower" -Kenzo (part 1): The scent will take you to new heights.

"Flower"- by Kenzo (part 2): Scent can be seen.

"Lolita Lempicka"-Lolita Lempicka: What's inside it is in you.

"Chanel No.5"-CHanel: An epic love story in a bottle.

Bright, fun and lovely.

I have some more so called "artwork" that I would like to share with you today.

Title:"Mslay" -Was created in Tustin, CA about 2 years ago, and was originally a metal covering for a street meter. Its basically abstract shapes representing all the random and new things going on in my life at the time.
Title: "Love Tents" -Was created in 2003, inspired by a Target Tent Ad from the Sunday paper. It is a magical setting next to the ocean. If you look close you can see the ships in the ocean in the back.

Craving a Mojito