Sunday, January 31, 2010

A good year, and movie

Trust me this movie was entertaining, charming, sentimental and romantic. If you like the following description than go rent this flick you wont be disappointed :)

Trina Turk Ad

Look at that Trina Turk suit. I would love to have it, when is it on sale?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Viva Terra Treasures

Viva Terra is an environmentally conscience company that sells an assortment of goods from furniture, dining, bed, bath, women's clothing and garden accessories. The word Viva Terra means living earth. Items sold through Viva Terra are well crafted, sustainable, earth friendly and look just as nice if not more unique than say...Jcrew.

I selected few items that would go wonderfully with my lifestyle and wardrobe...maybe I can purchase them with the $1,000 giveaway? Yeah you have until April 22ND to enter.

Yes! Straw Tote
Everything you've admired in our wildly popular scrap fabric Yes! Bag now comes in a lightweight woven straw tote. Yes, it features a deep gusset, and yes, it zips closed as well, with a handy interior cell phone pocket. So much audacious charm, so much style, and no hefty price tag to weigh you down with indecision.
15"H x 12"W, 13" STRAPS

Was $59, now $24 - save 60%

Floral Pajamas and Robe
Turquoise and burnt orange floral patterns float over a bright white field in our matching robe and pajamas. Great for travel, flattering to any body type, and luxuriously soft, this lightweight lounge wear set is also 100% green. When we first met the designer, she wasn't using organic cotton, so we had to pass. But when she switched to organic especially for us, we jumped at the chance to feature her stunning creations.Note: Organic cotton is a natural fabric without dyes or bleach so the color may vary slightly. PAJAMAS ARE SOLD OUT.
Were $118, now $82 - save 30%

Leaf-Print Organic Cotton Caftan
Woven from organic cotton, our extra-lightweight, soft, and roomy caftan looks great on everyone. At the beach after a swim or around the house, it quickly settles in as one of those rare perfectly adaptable pieces you'll find yourself slipping into eight days a week.
Was $79, now $29 - save 60%

She's Gotta Have It Bag
Does every woman need at least one bag that's too outrageous to keep locked in her closet? Here's the one you've gotta have. Whatever you want by your side as you move about, cell phone or make-up kit or Colette paperback, our bag helps to keep things organized and secure with a zipper closure. Its tiers of multi-colored silk scraps from saris flutter and flap in a festival of color, sure to get you scads of attention, all good. Each bag unique, no two are alike.
Price $69

Splashy Cool Linen Shawl
Airy, crisp, and weightless, this tropical-flower shawl is long enough to wear as a wrap, also wide enough to tuck around your waist at the beach and wear as a sarong. In short, a splashy summer statement and a perfect reason to celebrate this season's pleasures in and out of the sun. Only low-impact Eco dyes are used.
Price $69

Spring BreakDown

Oh my gosh this movie looks so hilarious I love it! Rachel Dratch, Parker Posey and Any Poehler star in SPRING BREAKDOWN! This film was recommended to me by my Netflix account based on my bizarre movie preferences.
I watched the trailer and think its going to be a really stupid but funny movie about 3 women who have some unfinished business from their college years. Have any of you seen this movie before? Its available as play now on Netflix.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bath & Bodyworks Favorites

Everyone has a favorite scent from Bath & Body Works, right? What is yours? Mine is Exotic Coconut despite the fact that it is only sold online. I think this scent should be brought back to the retail stores year round, not just during sales.
Signature Collection CLASSICS™
Classic Gift basket
Exotic Coconut

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Patterned Pillows

Sometimes I love walking through Cost Plus World Market for home decor inspiration. My color and design style is all over this place so it's always so fun to just browse. I love walking by the pillow wall and taking in all the colors and patterns. I actually want to buy some throw pillows for my bedroom and found a few that I really like looking at. Here they are...take a look.
Golden Floral Embroidered Toss Pillow

Floral Toss Pillows

Medallion Toss Pillows

Suzani All Over Print Toss Pillows

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming In Cuban

My English class has a group assignment and we have to pick from a list of Novels. I think I'm the only person in my group who talks let alone wants to read this book. I brought it up and immediately it was shut down by the nerdy guys. Their reason for not wanting to read it is because it is a cultural book and that isn't their interests. The majority of the group was more leaning towards an Afghanistan based war novel(OH GOD PLEASE NO!).
I cannot stand group projects, come on Im in college, work have a life and now I have to find a book to read with a group of guys that don't talk? Give me a break! Has anyone read this book and liked it, loved it want some more of it?

Sensual Rain

The rain has come and it will be soon long gone and back to the usual balmy Southern California weather. Lets take in the rain, be inspired and love it for what it has to offer.All of the recent falling of water from the sky has made the backyard look otherworldly like the set of Avatar. I had to go out and snap some photos to share.

Isn't it just beautiful? Mother nature has made her own color palate for us to enjoy. There is Citron, Plum, mossy green, Terracotta orange, charcoal and sage do you see it? Luckily I have some new rain boots which I have been meaning to buy since last winter. They have come in so handy with all the storms I wore them 4 days in a row. My backyard isn't flooded but it looks like it.I had a blast walking in those small puddles and my cat joined in on the fun as well. He hated the water! Once his feet were in it he ran across the yard and hopped on the fence. Poor cat, I had to go rescue him from the rain.

While I was outside I really enjoyed exploring the plants and how fresh and and alive everything looked. There was a veil of rain droplets covering everything. Was quite beautiful as you can see.

I'm not sure what this plant is called so in my book its the "coral reef" because it looks a lot like one. After the rain it looks so replenished and full of life! A bright orange variety of warm hues staring into the sky.
I guess I can be entertained easily as long as there is rain a camera and a cat involved. What do you do when it rains? Do you stay inside and hibernate like a bear or do you go outside and become one with the water?
Another thing I like to do when its raining is listen to Bossa Nova and or any other soothing music and read magazines and drink a beverage.
~Here are a few rain and water inspired songs to relax to~

Lamento by Antonio Carlos Jobim
Sexy, exotic & passionate~

Hairy Trees by Goldfrapp

~Sensuous, erotic and tranquil~

London In The Rain by Variety Lab
~Fresh, carefree & hip
Enjoy The Rain

The Cat Made Me Do It

I cant help but want to take pictures of my cats doing strange, funny and cute things. I think they know that I like it and thats why thy keep doing it.
Mo and the Claws. They just look harmful. Dont worry unless you are a bird you're fine.
Henry the Corgi Cat (he is short & stout) has a photogenic tail, looks like a bottle brush.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Worlds Most Stylish Man 2010

And the winner for
most stylish man in the world 2010 is
Johnny Depp
Hot guy, great style and wonderful actor!

Video By Kallypsoo on

A Living room for a Bright color lover

In case anyone was wondering Iam an Interior Design student at FC. and this here is one of my many projects that I have done so far with the program. It is a perspective drawing of a living room that was designed for none other than myself.

I used all of my favorite bright colors in this drawing as you can see.
Canary Yellow curtains, Orange plant pot, Woven green design rug and Plum and Brown Zebra club chairs.

Orange and Hot Pink striped Fireplace, lime green area rug and Lucite with Yellow glass top coffee table.

Another close up.

Here is a shot of my drawing next to my hand so you get the idea how large it is. 20"x30"

Please tell me your thoughts on this, it is really appreciated. Is it too bright or Cartoony? Or is it just the right amount of everything.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Bikini Contest in January

Call me crazy call me what you will I'm still having a Bikini contest in the middle of January! Yes you heard me right, and I want you to help judge the show.

In my next life I would like to own the Trina Turk Crazy Botanical bathing suit to the left. I'm not rich, just a student that has big dreams so I have found an alternative on the cheap, the Old Navy Paisley suit to the right. Now is it worth it to spend way less for a knock off instead of just saving up my small paycheck and cashing in for my Trina Dream suit? How About we go through the two lovely options and figure it out together?

Trina Turk

The woman who owns a Trina Turk bathing Suit is most likely:

A. Lounging in her Palm Springs Pool

B. Sun bathing in Miami

C. A celeb at a beach house party in Malibu

D. Paying for it with a credit card

Crazy Botanical Bandeau~ $93.00

84% Nylon / 16% Spandex Crazy Botanical Side Surf Hipster~ $85.00

84% Nylon / 16% Spandex

Old Navy

The woman who owns an Old Navy Bathing suit is most likely:

A. a college student

B. looking for something cute and cheap

C. in need of mix and match sizes

D. going to see someone at the beach in the same suit as he

Women's Bandeau Halter Top In Navy Paisley~ $16.50
82% nylon, 18% spandex, with polyester lining.
Machine wash. Women's Hipster Bottom In Navy Blue Paisley~ $16.50

80% nylon, 20% spandex, with polyester lining.
Machine wash.

Alright now that we have gone over prices and all of the other details which bathing suit could you see yourself wearing at the resort?

Trina Turk


Old Navy


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gwen Stefani Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon
It was in Junior High that I really had a desire to look a certain way, that way being whatever I wanted at the moment. I know that this way of dressing and being wouldn't have come along if I hadn't been an avid listener of No Doubt.
I remember getting teased at school for wearing blue lipstick and crazy eyeshadow from a set my moms friend from Australia gave me. That's when I knew I could set myself apart from everyone else who was donning a brand on their sleeve and the same long hair parted down the middle. So now as a 20 something so-called adult I still look to Gwen Stefani for fashion inspiration. If she can do it so can I! This woman can do so many things to make herself look different and yet she still has her signature staples to fall back on.

She looked wonderfully put together during her two pregnancies which I'm guessing is hard to do? Maybe I'm just weird but I wonder how I will dress one day when and if I have kids. Thanks Gwen for giving me inspiration. This black and white maxi dress is something I would totally wear now I just love the print.
Mixing a blue floral maxi dress with an electric blue leather jacket? So Cool!

During the summer I would want to borrow Gwen's accessories.
And her body :)

FYI Im not really a crazy # 1 Gwen Stefani fan but my friends and I made a video of her song " Wind It Up" for a contest! Take a look and let me know what you think of my interpritation of Gwen.

Original "Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani

My Version of "Wind It Up" by Jeff, Andy, Leigh and Myself.