Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Capturing Your Unique Story Through Her Photography

Still looking for a wedding photographer? Look no further!

Name: Janet Wheeland
Occupation: O.C. Based Wedding and Portrait Photographer 
Company: Wheeland Photography

How did you get started?
I stepped into Photography a little backwards than most. I studied Graphic Design at Cal State Fullerton and started a job as an image editor for a high end photography studio, LaNeve Photography. The two photographers at the studio bought me my first "real" camera right before I left to study in Italy for a summer. I learned a lot working at the studio and started taking Photography classes at CSUF. The classes and the studio drove my passion into a career. I then sough out Wedding Photographers that I could second shoot for and learned all I could. I also began shooting at the OC ShootOuts, and any workshop I could find, growing my network of Photographers and meeting a lot of great people. 

How do you describe your artistic style as a photographer and has it changed? 
I love bright, vibrant images and love to capture laughter. I like to have a balanced mix of Portraiture and Photojournalism. I shoot wide and tight to express the fullness of each couple's story. I will give direction but always want the shots to be natural and full of their unique personalities and real moments.

Weddings are great to photograph because there is always something happening so you don't always have to give a lot of direction. That's when I get to be a "ninja photographer" and just capture the moments as they happen.

What training or schooling did you go through to become a photographer?
Learning the technical side of Photography was one of my biggest hurdles to get around. I learned the basics at CSUF, researched on my own, and learned from having great mentors and life experience. I am very grateful to Matthew Saville and Scott Robert Lim for all their instruction and inspiration.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years as a photographer? 
I am very excited to see my Photography business grow and over just even the past year I have almost tripled the amount of Weddings I have photographed. In 5 years I'd like to focus on shooting more exclusively Weddings and take on a third photographer to my team so I can be sure to give my clients the best coverage. 

Any advice for those interested in pursuing photography as a career? 
Camera equipment can be expensive so it's good to know where to invest. The thing that really makes your images look crisp and professional is having a good lens, so bite the bullet and invest in a quality lens. My 50mm 1.2/f is my rock. I named my lens "Rafael" - both a fighter and an artist. 

Second, practice, practice, practice! Take your friends and family out and do Photo shoots. Constantly be shooting and it will help you learn and find your own style. Three key ingredients that I use to capture unique and creative photos are: interesting angles, unique focal points, good lighting.

Janet Wheeland is very highly recommended and trusted as a wedding and portrait photographer.  
You can find her at the following:
Her blog 

Thank you Janet for taking time out of your busiest season of the year to do an interview with Deco Aurora. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Le Genou De Claire

Exactly what I hope for in this film.

Just when I thought life was getting boring, things have suddenly turned into something worth thinking about. I have new dreams and I have also found a film to live vicariously through this Summer.
LA Genou De Claire

I have yet to watch, but the trailer has done enough justice as far as luring me into its French seaside setting.
Turns out this is film is part of the series "the six moral tales".

This means I will be busy watching these fantasy filled French films all summer long.
Oh yes, I cannot wait.
Will someone watch them with me so we can compare notes on what seems like a scandalous set of films?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Glimpse of the eclipse & Jacarandas

I feel lucky to have caught a glimpse of the solar eclipse, even if it was through a camera lens. 
I was at the whole Foods in Tustin when I heard one of the associates say "Don't look it will burn your eyes!" That's when I proceeded to the parking lot and leaned against my car while looking at the eclipse through my camera lens aka LCD screen haha.

 The light of the sky seemed different since it was partially covered by the moon. Kind of an eerie look. 

Later that day I drove on home and passed this beautiful Jacaranda tree in Orange. I couldn't resist getting out and taking a few pics. 

This is pretty much what my afternoon looked like for a few moments. Jacarandas and a Solar Eclipse! Check out my turquoise knot vest, got it super cheap at a store at the beach...and my leather sandals were a hand me down, love em even if the toe is broken :( How do I fix that? 

You can find streets lined with Jacarandas in Fullerton,  CA on Jacaranda Place and Brookdale Place.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Button Making 101

Back in April al of us ladies had a meeting at road less traveled and had a special button making tutorial as well! Tracy Gayer, Associate Director of GCAC stopped by to show us a few tips and tricks on button making. We snapped a few photos to show you how we made our super cool buttons for the shop/patchwork/craftcation. Its alot easier than it looks, especially if you have the right tools for the job. Thank you Tracy for showing us how to make buttons!

Stop by the store to pick up a button and show some love! 

* I will be adding a video soon of this DIY tutorial stay tuned for updates*

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sea you at the shore

Its been too long since I made a here goes nothing :) Since buying a similar jean jacket I just want to wear it with everything now! That is what inspired this set...then it just went Nautical...
sea you at the shore

Ted Baker mini dress
£109 -

Madewell cotton jacket
$118 -

J Crew bikini swimwear
$52 -

J Crew bandeau bikini
$48 -

Sabina wedge heels
$35 -

Felix Rey beach tote
$145 -

Bonbi Forest cluster earrings
£16 -

J.Crew plastic sunglasses
$88 -