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Homemaker Wannabe

Over this past holiday season I have seen myself becoming more and more of a homemaker wannabe...I've been craving cooking, and I honestly don't cook. I sewed buttons onto a dress at work to you. And I baked a cake for my Dad's birthday on Christmas day, call the police because someone has abducted the old me. What could be this sudden inspiration? Why have I begun to want to slave over a kitchen stove and have a immaculate house?  Must be love. 

    I have a list of dishes I want to attempt to make...I jokingly told my mom that I'm going to be a pastry chef  after baking that cake. Someone please feed my ego and tell me I can do anything I want to do, or be anyone I want be. Because right now I want to be a great cook. I know that the only way to a mans heart is through his get started. 
Here are two recipes that I hope are the way to a mans heart.

Im sure I will have an update with more recipes, but for now I must go and figure out how to pu…

Celeb Thinspiration: Its time

The temperature has dropped here in So-Cal and so has my drive to workout. I usually do so outdoors in the neighborhood and nearby park. But lately with the cold I just want to hibernate and be cozy by drinking high calorie coffees and comfort foods...but this is not going to get me into shape. So I thought what would inspire me to get up and start moving? 
    Looking at celebs in their cute workout gear looking fab after their workouts has inspired me to pull out those yoga pants and stop play American Horror Story on Netflix and put the Latin Dance workout instead. God, sometimes I wish I was a gym member or in kickboxing again, that's when I was in the best shape ever. But we can't always get what we want, at least not right that second. So I shall start logging, jogging and we'll see where I stand in one month. CHECK YA LATER! 

Socal Style @ Roadkill Ranch

One aspect of my job that I really like is that change is good, and fashion is an ever evolving world. Every few days at Roadkill Ranch we get to change out the "Babes" aka mannequins into fun funky new outfits. Sometimes we give a story behind our muse to help dress her as if she is an actual person shopping in the store. I know that sounds strange, but it really helps to zone in and focus. 
Stylist: Maggy Slater Buyer: Julie Rasmussen Location:Roadkill Ranch

Sawdust The Second Time Around

Since popping my Sawdust Festival cherry back in August, I have been frantically waiting for the winter show. This is one of the coolest craft fairs and the fact that it's at the beach, Laguna to be exact, makes it that much cooler. So my mother and I made another round at walking through the winter craft land. Upon arrival it was a bit chilly, windy and of course warm towards the end of the treck, per usual. So layers are what I would recommend. I walked away from the fest with a mermaid ornament and a  special order hoodie from Brynne of Backward Prints and I would I would be lying if I said I haven't worn it everyday since I picked it up! 


Doing my best to channel my  "inner" 1971 college campus activist vibe.  Did I make the grade? Moccasins check, leather satchel check, record notebook check, leather bracelets check wool Pendleton inspired sweater check! So I just noticed something funny about the pic below. 5 xtra credit points to the first to notice! 
PS: There is only one of these cool sweaters left at Roadkill Ranch

A hint of style, a dash of media & a whole lot of small business

It's not every day you get to be on the the prime time news & celebrate small business Saturday with tons of local supporters!
What a treat I must say it is to work for a small business that gets better with each day that I clock in for my shift :) Thanks to Leah Song of Fullerton Chamber of Commerce & American Express for putting together this awesome event that included $25 American Express gift card giveaways for every $25 spent in participating stores that day. Also a big thanks to CBS news for coming in and filming at Roadkill Ranch and interviewing our lovely customers!!! You can catch our news story here! And for more local Fullerton news and happenings check out Fullerton Foundry!

We Built This City Window Display

This winter we made a mini city window display at Road Less Traveled! It's pretty cool what you can make from something that would have gone into the trash. We used cardboard boxes, markers, paint, cotton balls, fishing wire, box cutters & Christmas lights. We all had a blast putting this display together thanks to the reggae Christmas playlist on Pandora, highly recommended :) Stop by the shop to see in person! 

The Dearly Side-Parted

Im completley and utterley obsessed with Jessica Alba('s)  wardrobe, accessories  style, skin, hair, haircolor & hairstyle. Do I sound crazy? I sure hope I don't. I mean, come on I know Im not the only one wishing I looked like her :) 
So What did I do about this?  You will have to check back and see!!! 

Tones of grey, tan and bronze @ Road Less Traveled

I recently stopped in at Road Less Traveled to work on the window displays. While I was there I took a few shots inside the shop to show you whats going on and whats in stock. There seemed to be a trend of grey's, tans, bronze and black. Below are some shots...and stay tuned because the super-cute window display we made will make its debut in a few shorts moments! 

Fuoco Pizzeria: Until we run out of dough

Fuoco Pizzeria is the newest Italiano on the block in Downtown Fullerton, and a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of tasking them! Mhmmm very light and tasty I must say, Thanks to Corky of Fullerton Foundry for showing me the place and taking me out for a bite, twas fun! While at Fuoco, I got a private behind the scenes tour of the crazy hot 1,000 degree oven that bakes the pizza's in just about a minute! Crazy huh?! Take a closer look below, and go visit them soon they're open till they run out of dough!!!