Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our favorite L.A. places: Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow

CREATIVE COUPLE: Jonathan Skow and Trina Turk. Courtesy of Trina Turk. 

Power Couple
Our favorite L.A. places: Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow.
By Emili Vesilind
Published on November 10, 2009

Designer Trina Turk is famous for her bold mid-century prints and empirically wearable designs. But in certain L.A. circles, she’s also known as one-half of a fashion power couple -- with her husband, photographer Jonathan Skow.

The pair, who met in apparel design school at the University of Washington in 1981 (Skow ended up switching majors to marketing before graduating), conceptualize and produce all the imagery that comes out of the company — with Skow art directing, styling and photographing every ad campaign and look book (no small task, considering Turk designs ten collections a year).

“He’s pretty involved in every aspect of the business, but he doesn’t really have a desk at the office,” Turk says. “His title is ‘director of inspiration,’” she adds with a laugh. “He even has business cards.” The couple – who were hitched by the justice of the peace in Las Vegas in 1985 – inhabit one of the most gorgeous modernist homes in L.A.: an airy architectural wonder in the Los Feliz hills designed by J. R. Davidson.

Their love of streamlined design from the era recently manifested into Trina Turk Residential – a home-design store concept that launched in Palm Springs and (only a few weeks ago) in Bal Harbour, Fla.

Another of the couple’s perrenial amours is their eclectic Eastside neighborhood – where Thai spas and organic eateries are tucked in between nail salons and quirky gift shops.

We chatted with Turk about where she and Skow — as a couple — love to hang, shop and grab a bite. The haunts and havens are, unsurprisingly, superbly stylish.

Home and Gifts:

OK Store and Gallery
We became acquainted with Larry [Schaffer], the owner of the store, through modernist activities – he lives in a Schindler house. His shop has such an interesting mixture of things. It’s very curated, and feels like someone’s personality, which I love. I bought a ‘60s modernist Danish ring when I was there – he used to collect the stuff and is starting to sell it.
8303 W. Third St., Los Angeles. 323-653-3501,

Reform Gallery
Owner Gerard O’Brien … carries mid-century crafts and artisan-type objects, pottery, woodworking, furniture and textiles. He’ll have a throw that was hand-woven by Maria Kipp or a hand-carved, one-of-a-kind chair. We bought a couple of tapestries for the showroom by Romeo Reyna – these huge weavings, really beautiful stuff. It’s California Arts and Crafts, but not bad Arts and Crafts – sort of higher end. He also has sort of groovy, hippie-but-chic decorative objects.
601 N La Brea Ave., Los Angeles. 323-938-1515, 

Over the years, we’ve bought a lot of furniture from those guys. I just think they have a really clear and refined aesthetic that’s very appealing.
1618 Silver Lake Blvd., 323-660-1500,


Local Restaurant 
Their whole mission is [to buy] and serve locally sourced, and we both read all those books by Michael Pollan, which got us thinking about, Where did this food come from? Should we really be eating raspberries in December?
2943 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. 323-662-4740. Local in Silver Lake. Photo courtesy of

We usually go here for breakfast. It’s super-low key, you can sit outside, you can roll in on Saturday morning without too much effort. And the food’s really fresh and tastes great. And it’s good people watching as far as what are people in Silver Lake are wearing.

3524 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. 323-664-0404.

The Trails CafĂ© 
If you drive up into Griffith Park about a half-mile, using that entrance that’s just off Los Feliz Blvd. after the Western Ave. bend, there’s a little thing that used to be a refreshment stand. They have these little miniature fruit pies that are so good ... I’ve only ever eaten the pie, but I think they have sandwiches, too. You feel like you’re sort of not in L.A. — like you’re at a campground. It’s really cute and odd. You feel like you’re in the woods.
2333 Fern Dell Dr., Los Angeles. 323-871-2102, 


Pilates Plus Silver Lake
I was doing Pilate's forever, but I wasn’t really going anywhere. This is this chain this guy started; it’s really much more difficult than regular Pilate's, but it’s based on traditional Pilate's. It’s more aggressive. It’s designed to change the shape of your body, and I think it’s really working. It’s not an easy little work out. It’s addictive, actually.
2630 Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake, 323-660-0300, 

The Raven 
We get Thai massages at the Raven on Rowena in Silver Lake. It’s very low-key and not fancy. I used to go to Burke Williams, until I discovered the Raven; then I realized that Burke Williams is useless. Some people I know have been and thought it was too intense. For someone expecting a bird’s-chirping massage experience, it’s not that. It’s simple, it’s reasonable and you feel fantastic.
2910 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, 323-644-0240, The Raven Thai spa. Courtesy of The Raven.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long lost twin

Has anyone ever told you "You look just like..." and you wonder to yourself...hmm do they really look like me?

I think I have a twin! I'm on the right and the girl on the left...I have never met but have fooled friends into thinking it was me. Do you see the similarities? Or am I looking too deep into the whole everyone has a twin saying.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trina Turk- Sexy Clothes & Modernist Architecture Boutiqes

Trina Turk opened her 10th boutique recently at the Bal Harbour shops in Florida. She describes her new shops interior that was inspired by Miamis sexy and modernist architecture.

Bal Harbour Shops Boutique

9700 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour, Florida 33154

phone: 305 861 8044

Mon-Sat: 10am to 9pmSun: 12pm to 6pm

"Trina Turk opens in Bal Harbour Shops"

Fimed and edited by Bruce Merwin

Photo slideshow of Bal Harbour Shops.

Rachel Bilson-Fellow Jcrew Aficianado

Stars are just like us, they shop at Jcrew!
Actress Rachel Bilson was spotted at Jcrew at the grove in Los Angeles.
Have you eveer seen a celeb while shooping at Jcrew or any other retailer?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At my best

I saw this Marilyn Monroe quote on and thought I shopuld share it with you. This quote is definitley something I needed to read since I have been second guessing myself lately. What is a quote that helps you out when you feel down?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


It all started with a Suzani printed scarf that I bought I'm completely obsessed! The Suzani print is an antique decorative textile that originated in Central Asia.
~In Persian Suzan means needle.
~In Iran Suzankari means needlework.

~Can I please have these boots?
I know they are a bit loud, but I love them.~

~The black background of this pillow makes the turquoise stand out~

~These pillows look familiar...I think my mom bought one.~

~Ohh this ottoman could find a place in my dream home.~

~The Bokja chair is expensive, but beautiful.~

~Saw this dress at Old Navy, has anyone tried it?~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time for Trina Turk Summer 2010

Thanks Trina for letting us in on your Summer 2010 lookbook! I love all the new styles and prints they are perfect for Cali beach days.

Looks like there are two color pallates the cools and the warms!

Do you own any Trina Turk items?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I met Rachael Ray

Last weekend I forgot to tell you who I met...Rachael the video and you will see what I mean!

This is Kristen and she works at Henrys Farmers Market's and she knows all about cheese and is told daily that she looks and sounds like chef "RACHAEL RAY"! Well doesn't she sound alot like her? If you dont believe me then watch this video of the "real" Rachael Ray to see for yourself!

Now are you convinced?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oprah and Ellen team up for a great show!

I caught a glimpse of the Oprah show today, which featured Ellen DeGeneres and wanted to share some thoughts on it. Ellen and her wife were both on the show today for their first interview as a married couple. I was laughing during most of the show because Ellen is so silly but was tearing up during a video showing their(Ellen and Portias) intimate wedding day. Ahh I'm such a sucker for love, beautiful music and a couple that you know will be together forever.
Here is the video: you will fall in love :)

Also I love that Ellen is on the cover of O magazine! Its about time someone else was on there with her.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Little Dress Shop Claremont, Ca

Claremont is one of my favorite places to go when I want to get away from the Orange County bubble that surrounds me. This little college town is very cultured and is home to many cool shops that sell an aray of specialty items. If you're hungry or in need of a latte there are many restaurants and cafes too.
On my latest Claremont outing I discovered a store that I couldn't wait to share with you all.
The Little Dress Shop
The color and window displays are what caught my eye at first and when I went in I fell in love. I got to meet the owner of the shop, she was a very personable lady and allowed me to take lots of photos so you can see what caught my eye.

The accessories are fun, vibrant and have a vintage look.

If you like Betsey Johnson, Dio De Los Muertos, Vintage Glamour, dressing up and wearing flowers in your hair this place is for you!

The Little Dress Shop
214 W 2nd St
Claremont, CA 91711

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lets take another Bossa Nova Brazilian Mind Trip

Were on a wave floating on by and here we are we just got there. Its not even time for the fun to begin but its already the best time that there has ever been. True love will find you wherever you go its around you in the air.

Lets go off on a jet to a Brazilian bikini filled beach and get to know each other a little deeper. A little longer than a summer day and we will be inseparable for a lifetime I say we you and me can have a wonderful affair.

Remember me when you wake even though this true love was only a dream...when its mid afternoon you can always go back there.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roadkill Boutique Fullerton, Ca

Roakdkill is my favorite boutique in Downtown Fullerton. I have been a customer here for a few years and every time I go in I find something that I love. Julie the owner of Roadkill used to be a buyer for Nordstrom so she has a great eye for whats "in now" and what "will be hot" next season.
Yesterday when I stopped by Julie let me take a few ( I went camera crazy) photos so you could all take a virtual tour and be inspired to shop til you drop!

Roadkill has lots of...

Rings, Scarves, Jeans, Bags, Ornaments, Shoes, Tops...

Bath & body products, Candles, Artwork, Greeting Cards, Necklaces and more...

Here are a few photos featuring photos of my Coveted Roadkill Accessories!

Stop by Roadkill Boutique & their newest store Roadkill Ranch~specializing in 40's and 50's inspired clothing and accessories for men and women!

Roadkill Boutique
119 East Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA, 92832
Mon - Sat:
11:00 am -7:00 pm
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm