Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gypsy Swinger

Its Sunday and almost everything is right with the world. Well at least when you close your eyes and listen to Gypsy Swing Jazz. Can I just live in the movie Chocolat? And like you ancient Mayan chocolates that evoke certain feelings? Must be nice! I shall indulge in a chocolate chip cookie, beer and a sausage instead. Should do the trick :)


For the record

I have a confession to make ya'll

I didn't go to the movies, not once in 2011! What in the hell is wrong with me? I feel soo out of the loop as far as the Oscars go. Who is nominated and for what? What the...oh who cares...I pay more attention to the clothes. Duh!

 Last year I was rooting for Black Swan the whole award season because I think Natalie Portman is a fab actress and because she is hot. Right?

Im pro netflix and anti-movie theater, unless of course there is a NO CELL PHONE policy Im so there! 

And because of this I now watch way too much sci-fi and softcore foreign films. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tenga usted un buen fin de semana

First off, let me say that I'm not fluent in Spanish, yet! 

"Tenga usted un buen fin de semana" means "have a good weekend"! Or at least I hope so, I looked it up on Google :) So speaking of the weekend and good,  I have some goodies to get your weekend started off right! 

Who doesn't like to drink? Or have a nightcap, or just and excuse to party? I know you do :) 

I have two really cool products to share with you. Your gonna loves them if you like adult beverages! 

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(above) First we got ourselves a lovely Pabst beer scented candle. As well as other flavors like cola, root beer etc. But there is something so HIPSTER about the iconic Pabst beer. How did it become a hipster staple anyway? I want to know. So anyhoo we just got these in at the shop and today they were a big hit! When people walked in they could smell it right away, and they liked it :) AWESOME! So if you know someone who is celebrating a birthday or is trying to quit soda this would be a PERFECT gift to give. 

image via 

(above) Are these not just the cutest flasky waskies evaaaar? I helped Delilah design them just for the shop and they came out so cute! My inspiration behind the slogan is the "eat local" movement so why not start a "drink local" movement? I know for a fact that if you bring one of these to a concert or party everyone is going to ask where you got your cool ass flask! Just wait. Its gonna happen. So boost your social networking while "drinking local"! 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Map Of The World

A Map of The World
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One of the ancient maps of the world
is heart-shaped, carefully drawn
and once washed with bright colors,
though the colors have faded
as you might expect feelings to fade
from a fragile old heart, the brown map
of a life. But feeling is indelible,
and longing infinite, a starburst compass
pointing in all the directions
two lovers might go, a fresh breeze
swelling their sails, the future uncharted,
still far from the edge
where the sea pours into the stars.
-Ted Kooser

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Black White & Claremont

 One of my favorite cities in Southern California is Claremont. Its small college town charm is what draws me in every time. A place that seems almost like a time warp. Always the same, always familiar, and very little ever changes. I have gone alone, and brought company at other times. Nooks and crannies with something to uncover and re-discover. Even when I was on the verge of getting a cold I had a lovely afternoon in the mountain air. Let me show you my day in Claremont, you will want to go yourself. And you should. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Keep your love growing

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Mix equal parts time, love and water to achieve super fresh & tasty DIY mushrooms! 

We have been carrying DIY Mushrooms kits at Road Less Traveled for a few months and they sell out so quick. Everyone loves them because of their easy to follow instructions, low maintenance, fresh taste and their eat local mentality! 

Read more about the mushroom kits and their inspiring story, and in the meantime come and purchase your kit from us at Road Less Traveled! Your love will surely appreciate it. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I know what girls want...for Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day is in one week, are you ready? What do you have planned?

My man read a poll that asked couples if they preferred to go out to dinner vs staying in and cooking at home. Can you guess which was preferred? Looks like today's modern couple is busy and rarely spends together time at home so that's right ding ding ding...staying in for the night is the winner! Couples thought it was more romantic to cook a meal together rather than sit at a restaurant crowded with other couples and bitter servers.

BUT...this doesn't mean that your love still wont be expecting a present :) So along with that home cooked meal why not pick up an awesome gift from Road Less Traveled, an Eco-Urban lifestyle store in Santa Ana. (I work here so you know its awesome) I have a few items that I have featured below that would make for an awesome gift! Hope you love it and have a splendid V-day!

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Get your nerdy English major girlfriend a hot book bag! Guaranteed to make her blush.
Available at road less traveled. 

pink vintage fabric yo yo rosette flower necklace with sliver chain

Skip the flowers and go for a vintage fabric necklace, so pretty it looks like a bouquet! 
A delightful blend of fruit, nuts, caramel, chocolate and sea salt sure to sweeten your valentines day!
Available at Road Less Traveled

Flash Card Notebook  - white / red
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How many years have you been together? You did what with the tax return? Is there a budget for the wedding? These notebooks are perfect for jotting that info! 

Custom Quote Necklaces.  PERSONALIZED custom quote/ gift. Song lyric necklaces. Family Names. great VALENTINES DAY gift
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Wear your heart on a chain, not on your sleeve! And while your at it make it say something cool! 

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Look good, smell great! I own a few of these mists and candles and they are wonderful! 

Rosewood - lip embellishment in tin
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Not your usual sticky lip gloss, just enough oil to make your lips soft and supple. 

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Simple and gets the point across! Right?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Like what you see?

credit: Sean

Like what you see? This is just one section of the new Road Less Traveled & Belly Sprout location in Santa Ana, CA! We are now open and would love for you to come visit us! 

Find us on facebook and Like us for updates on workshops and dont forget to visit us this Saturday for the artwalk in Downtown Santa Ana! See you there!