Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cinder blocks and other oddities

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Im thinking I might have to do this in the backyard, better yet at road less traveled! Wouldn't it be an awesome display? I used this design in the restaurant I designed. 

Right now Im obsessed with cinder blocks especially 1960s Palm Springs motifs. Have been secretly saving photos to share with you soon. Alright, back to work now people...

Today Im going to be finishing the window display for the shop...and it has something  to do with this....
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Cant wait to share :) 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Road Less Traveled New shop location!

Here is a map from our old store location to our new location!!!!!
We have been working so hard to make our new space AWESOME and we cannot wait to share it with you! 
A glimpse of what we have been up to! You will have to see the rest in person Wednesday, February 1st when we open up the shop!!!! 

Here is a link to Road Less Traveled's Facebook Page 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black Beauty

I had a lovely afternoon, but today wasn't it. These are some photos from a few weeks ago with my black cats in the garden. Sometimes I cant wait to come home and see them, animals have a way of making me feel calm. I brought home Momo and Dezmo a few years ago from the animal shelter and great companions and love getting their photo taken. Black cats are the best! 

Friday, January 20, 2012


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This weekend or at least till tomorrow I have decided to disappear. Life is going to get busy once Monday comes. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shop Deco Aurora

Just a reminder that this floral top and more are on sale at 
Shop Deco AuroraI have lots of Spring clothing for sale, check it out. Affordable prices and fun styles! 

Friday, January 13, 2012


PUNJAMMIES by International Princess Project

At work I meet many different people that are so nice and love sharing great companies and non-profits  that they have discovered. My favorite by far is the International Princess Project which helps women in India to overcome forced prostitution and to re-build their lives by giving them self sustaining jobs and ensuring resources towards healing and health. 
Rajani and her daughters
International Princess Project has started Punjammies a handmade Pajama line produced by these women in India . 
Once I found out about what these women do and how purchasing these pajamas is helping them directly I immediately bought two pairs of pajamas and a tank.
I own both pairs shown above! The white pair is so lightweight and the pair on the right is so vibrant! 

Black Eco TankPink Eco Tank
I own the tank shown above in light blue and wear it alot! Considering getting the black one too :)

Green Fair-Trade Organic Cotton TeeBlue Fair-Trade Organic Cotton Tee
See more styles of Punjammies

 So cute and cool looking and best of all these pajamas and tops are for a great cause! 

 Please Support PUNJAMMIES 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My DIY To Do List

The following things are on my DIY radar! Im making a chandelier for the shop I work at and it's gonna be AMAZING. Im also collecting a few paper tubes for a window display and thinking about making my own block print.... see below. 

Work with my dad on making a Mason Jar Chandelier...this is just one of the 6 mason jars lit up! 
image via Deco Aurora

Create Spring Window Display For Road Less Traveled using...
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Make my own block print...
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Alright, lets see how many I can done before school starts again...

PS: Check out CRAFTCATION the Indie Business & DIY Conference happening in March in Venture CA. 
craftcation conference upcoming dates - ventura, ca 2012

The Craftcation Conference is super organized and has a great line up of speakers and workshops from Social Media Networking, Book keeping, Selling your work in stores, garment construction boot camp, textile design, How to start a food craft business, how to photograph for a website, getting published, and more. 
The Craftcation Conference is a 3 day event March 22-25th , 2012. 

Just a few of the speakers & Instructors for Craftcation include: 

So PLEASE check out the website and see what CRAFTCATION has to offer you and your DIY craftiness! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brangelina with baby?

The tabloids are chattering about yet another Brangelina baby drama story, this time involving another woman! They say that Brad has had an affair and impregnated another woman (Jennifer Aniston) and Angelina is leaving his ass. 
Brad Pitt Pregnancy Shocker!

Upon further investigation (looking at my fav celeb blogs) I noticed that the Palm Springs  Film Festival was this weekend and both Angelina and Brad were in attendance, and so was their baby bump! I'm thinking that they are expecting yet another baby based on these photos and the dress of choice. The cane that Brad is sporting is not because of an accident but a ploy to distract from Angelina's ill shaped dress! So is Angelina carrying Brad's other lovers baby? Wait this makes no sense, huh. 

71514pcn palm19 Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Glam It Up In Palm Springs (Photos)

angelina jolie brad pitt palm springs film festival 06

angelina jolie brad pitt palm springs film festival 02

So what do you think? Are they having another BAY-BAY?
The dress is a bit too loose for a fat day, don't ya think? 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Road Less Traveled Displays Spring 2011

A few photos showcasing the displays designed for Road Less Traveled in Spring 2011. 

ROYGBIV Magazine Flower Display 

Delilah & I excited about our Spring Display

Spring In Bloom

Lovely Lady In The Garden

Picnic Basket Full of Goodies

Magazine Flowers

Caitlin and I modeling the aprons we made

Mason Jar tea towels and aprons galore

Our model wearing a wonderful white outfit

Recycled glass & concrete counter tops.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Date with the night owl

Yesterday I had a short work day so I decided to take advantage of the 80 degree weather in Orange County. I headed on over to Down Town Fullerton to spend some me,myself and I time to de-stress from the holidays. I didnt have my camera so I used my phone to take some photos of the lovely evening I had. 

Some dont understand the simple act of making time for yourself. If you can, go for it. It's not strange to go for a walk alone on a beautiful night. 
 The Main Entrance of California State University Fullerton. 60s architecture and all. 

 A view of the warm sun that set that night. 

 Chilling in front of the First Christian Church. 

 Fullertons newest coffee shop The Night Owl. 

 Of course I had to try it out. Cool decor and tasty chai. 

 A glimpse of the moon from atop the Villa Del Sol building. So Romeo & Juliet.

 The Villa Sol was once the California Hotel. 

 Beautiful view.

Tree's are lit year round. 

 The reflection of the sky on the windows was gorgeous. 

I wish I could capture this sunset in a bottle and look at it again.