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Long Beach In the Summertime

     One summer day my sister and I were getting along quite nicely which happens once in a month, So I decided it would be best to take advantage of the situation and  dragged her with me for some quality "sister time" in Long Beach. Did we have a blast? Read on to find out. 

     My sister is not one for an itinerary, she likes to live in the moment and leave when she pleases. I tried to accommodate her special needs for our outing by limiting myself to only a select few venues, otherwise she might have left me there! 1st on our list was the uber cool hipsterama book store OPEN BOOKS! Wanna know something funny? OPEN BOOKS was CLOSED when we got there! Ok not that funny, but to me it was kinda ironic as you can see in the pic above. But luckily they were open when we walked back and we loved it there!

 So now that I have your attention lets venture into our little adventure with a walking tour of our day. 

Don't we look so happy to be together ;)

I believe some of you would die if this happened! 

Really awesome bars over the window. Wonder if its for style and less for the stealing?

Is it just a coincidence that they match the foliage? I'd like to think not. 

You need a key to follow that yellow brick road.

Enjoying our Mimosas & duct tape wallets at Open Sesame! Ask for Alex when you go btw. 

Visiting my friend Jorge at LB Exotics! They recently got broken into, soo sad :( They have the cutest animals and reptiles, so go visit them soon! 

Enter the world of CRAFTED
We managed to make a pit stop at Crafted before we left the world of Long beach/L.A. counties to make our way back towards the orange curtain. Here are some of our fav vendors/crafters! 

Our friends Its me Mary and Kelso Doesn't Dance

Peace out Long Beach, its been real! 
Hope you enjoyed the day trip to Long Beach! 

Have you ever been here before?
 Do you recommend any cool shops or restaurants/cafes to vist?
 I wanna know!


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