Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liberty of London For Nike

So I'm browsing Nordstrom Rack in Brea for Spring clothing inspirations and I come across these little things...I'm no Liberty Of London Aficionado but I thought of all my blog friend's who freaked over the L.O.L. for Target collection. These are Liberty Of London for Nike and I think they came out last Spring, now on deep discount at the Rack. Has anyone heard of or seen these this collection before?

Kind cute? Kinda funky? Kinda Clunky?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is your favorite accessory?

When putting an outfit together do you have a signature accessory you always wear? If so what is it, or do you wear many all at once?

Are you fond of bracelets?

How about bold necklaces?

Do you like to wear earrings to draw attention to your eyes?

Do you love having cocktails with your cocktail costume rings?

I personally feel naked when I'm not wearing earrings, they are my favorite accessory. They grad attention, bring out your eyes and get this...they are a conversation starter. Please share what accessory's you count on to make you look prettier and feel more confident.

All jewelry photos from Trina Turk

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Espadrilles Etc.

Get the best styles at espadrilles etc.

ESPADRILLES ETC wants your shopping experience to be easy, happy and secure. Our home is Spain where our ESPADRILLES are made. The Spanish are known for their hospitality. When you visit our site you are our guest. We want you to find what you want and come back often. If you have any questions about our products or if there is something you can’t find, please contact us by e-mail You can also contact us by phone at 34 965 95 1757.

When our friends outside of Spain knew we were coming for a visit, they would always ask us to bring them ESPADRILLES, and bring them in lots of colors. We love our friends but excess baggage was beginning to be a bit of a bore so we put our classic espadrilles CARMEN and PILAR on the internet in February 2000. We have listened to everyone’s requests are constantly adding and add new styles and colors.

Start shopping !!

Start shopping !!

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED used our CARMEN espadrille for their GODDESSES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN swimsuit 2001 edition and all of a sudden boys wanted espadrilles too. PEPE joined CARMEN and as this past winter was cold and rainy, PEPITO and CARMENCITA will soon join us too.

Coming to Spain this summer? Please visit our store La Alpargatería de Aigües. Alpargata is espadrille in Spanish. You will find all our espadrilles, bags, products from L’Occtaine, candles from Cerabella, linens from La Cuca, clothes from Ibiza and other capriccios.

Start shopping !!

Start shopping !!

Aigües is the town of Aigües de Busot near Alicante. Its name comes from the thermal springs where the Carthaginians, Romans and Moors bathed. We are in the hills just 10 minutes from the beach at El Campello. This is the fishing village where Hemingway met Santiago Sanchez – his inspiration for The Old Man and The Sea. Rumour says that he also tasted a rice dish so delicious that he bet Monsieur Pièrre Monamy, “maître de cuisine” at Maxim’sin Paris, that he couldn’t make it better!

Espadrilles - - GENOVEVA - Style and detail

Espadrilles - - VIVANNE - Style and detail

Espadrilles - - TULIA - Style and detail

Espadrilles - - ALFONSO - Style and detail

Espadrilles - - LA SELVA - Style and detail

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Gwen Stefani Goes To Palm Springs

This week end would have been a wonderful one to visit Palm Springs. Looks Gwen Stefani and her family did just that, lucky for them. Gwen looked extra glamorous this weekend in a variety of lounge wear and bikinis.

-All photos are from

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gazpacho Girl

My little sister took advantage of the hot weather and some vegetables and made a gazpacho soup for a pool party. I caught a few shots of her prepping and the finish product. I don't know the recipe, sorry. If you look online there are so many different ways to prepare this cold soup.
She used tomato, cu cucumber, garlic, hot sauce, salt and many other items I'm sure.
Didnt seem to take to long to prep the gazpacho, maybe 15 minutes.
Before I knew it, it was all done and the kitchen smelled like a cafe. Wish I could have tried some and gone to the pool too.

Have you ever made gazpacho?

Talking With Trina Turk

Talking with Trina Turk (Plus, Meet Her this Week)

Trina Turk
Photography courtesy of Trina Turk

Best known for her bright and bold Southern California style, designer Trina Turk has watched as her company has grown over the last 15 years from a business run out of her home to household name that includes women’s apparel, swimwear, home accessories, handbags and – most recently – a jewelry line. In town this week for appearances atMacy’s Union Square and the 84th Annual Junior League Fashion Show Gala, Turk dishes about her love of vintage jewelry, San Francisco style, spring must-haves and what she wishes she had known when she started out.

Tell us about your new jewelry line.

I’ve been collecting vintage jewelry for 25 years, 30 years. We started to use the vintage collection as inspiration for more unique swimwear hardware. And it actually became one of the signatures of our swimwear line, which has been in existence for four years now….And at one point we were like, why aren’t we doing jewelry? That’s literally where it came from.

Most of it is pretty bold jewelry. It’s not delicate little chains. It’s like our prints. It’s bold and graphic. Some of the necklaces can be a statement piece that can really pull an outfit together.

What are your favorite vintage jewelry styles?

In the 80’s, I was really into Mexican silver. More recently I’ve been into Scandinavian modernist jewelry….I also have a soft spot for sort of gaudy 70’s pendants. I just love the boldness of some of those pieces.

What do you think about San Francisco style?

I always forget how cold it is in San Francisco, even though I am up there multiple times per year it is always a little chillier than you think it’s going to be. A San Franciscan needs to have a little more cold weather wear in their wardrobe than somebody in Southern California. I think that San Francisco is also less of a car culture. I think that you have to be more sensible about what kind of shoes you are wearing. I see San Francisco as being more bundled up and layered than Los Angeles.

Color is a focal point of your designs. What style advice can you offer to women who may not be as accustomed to wearing lots of color?

The easy way to start is to buy a printed bag and wear it with a black dress. If it’s going to freak you out to wear a brightly printed dress, then start with an accessory, a scarf.

What must-have items are on your list for spring?

For this spring, I think a shorter short is something that’s really important, I’m talking above mid-thigh. A lot of people are wearing them with tights even now that it’s cooler. It looks good with a blazer. You can wear it with flats for a more casual thing or wear it with heels.

Pleated pants that taper down and end above your ankle bone. Everyone’s got their skinny jeans now, and it’s kind of an evolution of the pant. The slouchy fuller through the hip and tapered through the ankle are a fresh thing.

What excites you the most about the fashion world today?

I think that the most exciting thing is that there are great looks available at all price points. For a consumer, I think it’s ideal. You have this huge choice of how you want to dress and what you want to look like and how much you want to pay for it.

What do you know now about the fashion industry that you wish you had known when you started your company?

The thing that I’ve really realized in the last year is that I am glad I started when I started. It would be much more difficult to start out now. I started with minimal funding in a spare bedroom of my house. It’s a rare store that is going to risk as lot of their budget on something that is brand new, so consequently, I think it would be very, very difficult to be starting a business now.

I’ve learned to sort of go with my instinct and stick with who we are as a brand and not try and pretend that we’re something other than who we are. We sell women’s contemporary sportswear at a certain price point….If the trend is all black, we can’t really do that trend. We have to stick to who we are.

Any favorite Bay Area places you’d like to recommend?

I was actually born in San Francisco, and I grew up in San Jose. The one place I went to any many times as a child was Point Lobos National Park near Carmel. At the time, I don’t actually think I appreciated it, and, when I’ve gone there more recently, it’s amazing and gorgeous.

I kind of like the cliché stuff. I like to walk to Golden Gate Bridge, even though I’ve done it a million times, and all those really steep streets are kind of fun. That’s what San Francisco is to me: the bridge, the streets, the architecture. I think the architecture is really interesting in San Francisco.

One of the stores I like to visit when we’re there is Monument. There’s actually a vintage clothing sale this weekend, and I’m definitely going to go check that out.

Want to spot Trina in person? You’re in luck. She’ll be appearing at the 84th Annual Junior League Fashion Show Gala events on Friday. Tickets are available here. On Saturday, Turk makes an appearance at Macy’s Union Square to show off her spring 2010 collection, handbags and jewelry line. Shoppers who spend $150 or more receive a free gift. The event takes place at 4 p.m. on level three. To attend, RSVP to 800-786-2665.

By Lorraine Sanders

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laura Burch Cat Artwork

If you really know me then you know that I love cats whether they are my own cats, someone else's cats or arts and crafts of cats. In my opinion the coolest cat artwork comes from Laura Burch, check it out and you'll see. She makes cats become mystical creatures that stare at you with lovingly big eyes.
I just might be the only person who would actually wear these Laurel Burch cat earrings. I love them they remind me of the ones my grandmother gave me for Christmas.

This past Christmas my Grandmother gave me a coin purse similar to this one. Mine is purple and on display next to my other ethnic cat tchotchkes.

-Blue Cats with Butterflies-

This painting is so mystical, I mean the blue cats are putting me in a trance. I'm not a huge fan of butterflies but I can make due because this painting is beautiful.

To purchase or find out more about Laurel Burch please visit the Laurel Burch website.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

House Beautiful

Marie Claire

Dear Kids

Fashoilnable Finds

Who knew that crude oil could be a luxury item?
Crude Cologne by Cory Ingram

Remake of Jack Vettriano's painting " The Singing Butler" by Banksy

Crude Oil Charm Bracelet by Design Glut

Get them before they're oil gone...hahaha

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The International Coffee House, Brea CA

Please stop by the International Coffee House in Brea. My sister and I went there the other day and got a Chai tea latte and a vanilla latte, very good. This coffee house is in a quiet location and they also sell sandwiches and ice cream mmm sounds good. For your entertainment there is a pool table, big screen tv and free WiFi. Check it out this hidden treasure, located by the Brea Mall.
International Coffee House
Mon-Sat : 5:30am-10:30pm
Sun: 7am-9:30pm

1015East Imperial Highway #C!
Brea, CA, 92821