Saturday, June 27, 2009

CAUTION: Hot girl running!

I have been up since 4am and I'm having this sudden urge to go running and its a balmy 92' at 2:30 in the afternoon. I think I might be crazy...or maybe its the Lulu-Lemon brand & blog that has inspired me to go outside and be one with the 92' weather. There is only going to be one Saturday June 27th 2009 so I best make the most of it. Pulling out the sports bra, shorts, tank top, asics, sunglass and getting myself to the nearest hill...and lets not forget a bottle of water and some music!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greeting's from Orange County

Just finished up class for the day and enjoying the 85' weather one of the only things worth being here for besides the beach, don't look at me crazy. I takes so damn long to get anywhere around here and things are starting to look the same everywhere I go. SO many malls and mini-wanna-be hot spots and districts. I'm sick of having a Starbucks, Target, Kohl's, Home Depot and you name it every 5 miles or less. Southern California I need more places to go hiking, swimming, walking, to run free and not worry about being right on top of the other person, or worse hit by them! When I get the chance I'm pretty sure I'm going to move out of Orange County...its not just the Temperature that's going up in this desert oasis ...we are due to have a 20% increase of residents in the next 10-15 yrs. We already have over a million people living in Orange County!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Colors of Summer Skirt/Dress

Over the years I have been known to use a skirt as a dress and a scarf as a shirt and most of the time people don't seem to notice the difference. It is always so hard for me to find clothing to fit my body because Iam a pear shape, everything is too big in the chest and waist. Whats is really cool about using on piece of clothing to form another is A. you don't have to spend any money, and B. it already fits your body. So here is my most recent take on the skirt turned Dress, a floor length skirt circa 1979ish? It was once owned by my Grandma Margaret whom handed it down to me : ) The last time I wore it was on a date with my boyfriend 4 years ago. I got alot of compliments and have been wanting to wear it again. A skirt like this is hard to wear with out people noticing so that's why it is so great to be able to change up the style as I please.What are your opinions on this? Do you think it looks good, or too funky not form fitting enough? Please let me know :

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work out now, relax at the beach later.

The last four weeks have been filled with many hours of working out Via; running, walking, kickboxing, dancing and anything else I can think of. I'm sick of people(including myself) thinking they cant lose weight. I have been doing the self challenge and it works, but only if you are willing to put in the hard work! I have lost 2 inches in my waist (now a 34") and 2 inches in my thighs ( now 26") I'M soo Happyyyy! I went running 3 miles today already and you know what? I'm going to keep doing this and its all worth it. Every time I go running I envision how I want to look and that's what keeps me motivated. So this is how I look now after working out for 4 HARD weeks

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

JAzzanova forever

I want to share with you all a little something that has kept me from going to the dark side, the deep side, the no dice side. My savior my god my lovely little getaway is JazzaNova. This is a place not a song not a thing you put in a cd player. This is a feeling a way of being a way of life a way to travel through sound to a better brighter place where it is always sunny and smells of waves and ocean waters.

Jazzanova you have brought me many a great times many songs to sing along to an many ways to express myself and where I want to be. I will always choose you over any type of music as my all time favorite. It wasn't till a few years ago that I really found my love of Latin American Music, where was I who was I what was I listening to then?

The Summer sun is shining on me now I must go on must move out to a place beyond these four walls. Please take a few minutes out of every day to listen to this magical music.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whats a girl to wear to a wedding, on a budget?

This weekend is going to be alot of fun! Not only am I going to my friend Veronica's wedding, I have been given the title of "the master of ceremonies"! This made me so happy and excited I love being involved with parties whether it is hosting or playing the music. Since I have to get every ones attention I'm glad I got a bright coral dress to stand out in the crowd. I saw this GAP dress on Mothers day and bought it knowing it would come in handy. Next I found the Coral clutch at Target a week ago and it goes perfectly. Lastly I needed some shoes and I really hate shopping for them because my feet are almost a size apart. I decided on these gold Ann Taylor Loft wedges only $29.00. Finishing pieces are my gold bangles and earrings and Wallah I'm set for a June Wedding!

Golden Wedges from ATL &29.00

Coral Pom POm dress &29.00

View from the top

Coral woven clutch $18.00

See you Saturday at the Wedding!!!!!
Veronica & Steve

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Inspires

Was it something you said
or just the way the clouds moved across the sky
made me feel Summer was here and for a while.

I feel the warmth and the sticky feeling
the humid air
it is a sensation that you feel when the seasons change
from spring to the next big thing.

The weddings, parties, bbq's and dresses
new golden sandals to wear to events
on a hunt for the the best style for you to express.

Oh clouds you make shapes in the sky
of bikes and boats floating on by

The gloominess melts away in the afternoon time
before you know it the sun is setting
the hot day turns into a cool night.

Where you are isn't always where you want to be
make the most of it
maybe it will turn out better than you think.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Schools Out Summer Is In

I have come to realize that school isn't for everyone, its for those willing to do the hard work and not ever give up when others have. This past Spring Semester was a challenge, having taken 5 classes that were all over the map. In the end it doesn't matter what anyone thinks I will have a degree that will help me be a better person. Being an Interior Design student hasn't been easy I went from design and art classes to studying about Latin America Geology which really opened my eyes. I'm starting to miss being in class, there is a void that used to be me getting up wishing I hadn't had that extra beer the night before. In a few weeks I will be starting one maybe two classes to keep the ball rolling. You're never too old to stop learning or too young to start!
Leonor, you are one of my most inspiring teacher's and really held my attention and helped me realize things about myself that I wasnt sure of. I learned so much invaluable information about Latin American Cultures and I loved how much you encouraged students to have an opinion and really challenged us. I thought of my class project on the Moche when I went to the Casa Inca restaurant, they had Moche Pottery on display. Instead of just looking at these artworks I can express to people that I Know what it is where its from and what dates they are. I think my boyfriends godmother was impressed that me the "token white girl" knew what kind of pottery she had on display at her restaurant. So once again Thank You Leonor for the big and small things you taught us this semester, they will stay forever.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

*The Mercantile Flea Market* where great finds meet* Fullerton California

This past Saturday my family and I set up a booth at the "Mercantile Flea Market" in Fullerton California. I was only able to attend for few hours but it was a fun & funky market with lots of handmade jewelry, scarves, artwork, plants and home decor. My family had a booth of antiques and vintage kitchenware from my late Grandmother, she was a collector of sorts. I ended up taking 2 cherry blossom porcelain lamps that one day will be in use. There were many friendly people stopping by to check out what we had and purchasing. I would recommend this market for young artists and designers. There is more info on how to get a booth if you scroll down.

If you see this mural you know your right around the corner from the flea market.

Why Shop Ordinary
When You Can Shop

Carpe Diem Experience

The Mercantile Flea Market
where great finds meet.

Come and join us the first Saturday
of every month for
a new way of shopping in
Downtown Fullerton


Located in the SoCo district
in the parking lot of

115 S. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton Ca. 92832