Friday, November 30, 2012

Dia De Los Art Walk

Mother Mary and Cats eyes oh my.
    I really love this tank I found at Urban Outfitters. Normally I don't shop there because they are over priced and "hipstered" out. But this tank was calling my name. It was the perfect thing to wear for Dia De Los Muertos in Downtown Santa Ana. So I wore it and guess what? I got a ton of compliments! Also the cat eye ring added an extra creepo vibe to my already strange look I was rocking that night. 

Creepiest window display in Santa Ana.

Give people chalk and art will happen.

This is right before the light show that blew our minds more than the horrible tequila they were serving.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

NCL Fashion Show

Pink balloons that represented a bidding area. 

    One very cool part of being a Roadkill girl is the fact that you get to go to fashion shows! Recently I attended the N.C.L. aka National Charity League of Whittier, fashion show which featured clothing from Roadkill Ranch. Not only that, we got to set up a mini boutique inside the Anaheim Hilton by Disneyland. What an adventure that boss drives a Hummer so parking was a bit of an issue. But we made it work and we did so in style! Here are some fun shots inside the event. 

Preparing for a fun fashionable day!

Me showing off some Roadkill swag!

Our mini boutique!

Tons of earrings to choose from!

Arm party anyone?

I just loved her outfit, adorable!

Beginning of another adventure

    It was the final day of the Fullerton Farmers Market, but really it was just the beginning of another adventure. As you can see, my date was a bit of a ham. When I asked for a group of guys to take our picture, to my surprise this is what was going on behind me, LOL! It's pretty amazing to be dating someone this funny and constantly laughing and smiling because we are both such dorks. 

And I mind you, this was all happening right on the stairway to the entrance of a church. 

I guess the ole saying "One door closes and another one opens" is ringing true in my case!  :) 

Just a thought

All cards available at Roadkill Ranch & Boutique 

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Weekend at Leighs

Gotta love it!

   I absolutely love spending time with my sister and her girlfriend. Their apartment is one of my weekend destinations for sure. On one of my recent weekend visits we went to lunch at Paninoteca Maggio in Santa Ana. Great place for a quick bite. Its quite small err intimate might I add. But definitely full of charm as you can see in the pic above :) Of course this was just the beginning of our weekend adventure that Saturday afternoon. So off we were to the Mexican market to load up on spirits and prep for a very, umm strange movie night. Have you ever seen Troll, Labrynth, Strange Sex or Human Centipede II? 
Lets just leave it at that...

You know whut I'm saying?

Say ello to my little friend! 

Strange statues at the market.
Bang Bang pinata time. 

What if god was one of us? 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet Me In Outerspace

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 How do you do it? 
Make me feel like I do? 
How Do you do it? 
Its better than I ever knew. 


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Walk On The Wild Side

Hands down, these are cutest rings.

    We have the loveliest lockets and rocking rings at Roadkill Ranch right now. Tigers, owls and bears oh my! A portion of the proceeds is donated to the endangered wildlife fund.This line is made in good ole Santa Ana, California and is a prefect gift for the wild lady in your life!

Come visit us soon at 
Roadkill Ranch & Boutique in Downtown Fullerton!
Sport these roaring tigers and hooting owls around your neck. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crows & Crowns

Love all of the elements of this window display.

    I wanted to share some pics of the window display I worked on this past October at Roadkill Ranch. I absolutely adore this part of my job so much. One day Julie and I were working at the store and we found a stamp that had a crow and a very majestic diamond  pattern around it. That's it! That will be one of our potential themes for the Fall Window display we thought to ourselves. 

   So we brought the idea to our creative meeting and a few weeks later our idea became something! Crows, crowns, glitter, gold, silver, creepy books, and bones. I totally love the vibe from this display. Great job Julie, Barb & Heidi. Im glad to be a part of the team. 


Shiny, golden, silver and black.

Crows, crowns & rib cages.

Spooky necklaces and sparkly bags.

Spikes, gold lame, and bullets.

Dressed to kill.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sugar Spun Carnival & Fashion Show

Loved this UNIF sweater from Lobby.

A few weeks ago a friend and I attended the Sugar Spun Carnival and Fashion Show at the Lab featuring designs from Lola Paige, Urban Outfitters, Lobby and other designers. We had a blast sitting in the front row VIP section of the runway. We really did have a great view of all of the fall fashions. I took pics so I could show you my fav looks from the show! Thanks to Autumn & Putri for inviting Roadkill Ranch to this awesome event! 

PS: When I checked in at the VIP area they asked me if I was related to Kelly Slater, my response "YES" they're response "Where is he?"...

Another great find from The Closet

Calling out raffle winners.

And the winner is...

Super witchy, bitchy with a side of Jefferey Cambell.

Cute, romantic, feminine. 

Beautiful Calves...that must be what that guy is thinking. 

If this isn't fierce then I don't know what is. 

80's new wave vibes.

Hobo hats, big hair, 70s love.

A lil mixy alot of not matchy. 

Long on the sides short in the back Jefferey Cambell all over. 

Lana Del Rey meets Taylor Swift. 

Photogs in the Charlie Palmer ladies room.

On our way home from the fashion show we made a pit stop at Charlie Palmer at South Coast Plaza to visit a friend. I had never been there before, thought it was a pretty nice looking place. Their lighting fixtures are nice to look at and their wine cellar is quite impressive as seen below. 


One of many gorgeous lighting fixtures. 

Wine for dayz. 
My beautiful model Lindsey and the awesome staircase!