Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I just met you...and this is crazy...

The title of this blog post pretty much sums up the weekend I experienced back in June. Imagine getting a text message from a cousin who lives on the opposite side of the country you have met only once before when you were both 4 yrs old? And now lets say the text also says I'm in town, and I want to meet you! Yes this is what happened to me! And I'm so grateful that it did. Its not everyday that your world is aligned for these types of events to fall right into place. 

I met my cousin and her friend in San Diego and we had an awesome time dancing, and hanging out getting to know one another! I even spent the night and got to sight see the next day. I feel kinda lame saying this but I have never really hung out in downtown San Diego and I live in OC. Can I just say that that town is capital CRAZY at night! 

Below are some more pics from the day! 

Thanks to my cousin and her friend for being such great hosts and letting me have fun with you that weekend! Was great to see you both! Lets not let another 20 years go by!

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