Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inside look: Anthro South Coast

Those reeds must have cost a fortune to buy, but knowing anthro they made them.  

     Come on now, you know you go all goo goo gaga over the displays at Anthro, right? The newest O.C. store recently opened in South Coast Plaza and I decided to take a stroll (drive) on over. While the store layout was a bit strange, and the "newness" of it was a bit odd I do have to say they had some awesome displays. I took out my camera and pretended to be a press photographer at their party that night :) Enjoy the shots that I took below. 

WHat do you think this is? A bone marrow? No its a geode! 

The lighting in this picture along with those plush blankets and pillows...heaven.

Oh you know, just some lovely merchandising to make you want it ALL! 

Wish I would have bought one of those white sundresses, so cute. 

I failed at taking a photo of this ladies cardigan. It was so wonderful it had a vintage seaside city painting. 
Have you been to Anthro South Coast? What did you think? 

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