Friday, March 11, 2016

Forever 21 Fit Finds

It's crazy what happens when you lose actually want to go shopping and of all places forever 21.


Because the clothes actually fit me now. Maybe they have changed their designers or it could be my hips are smaller but I was loving these looks I tried on!

I loved this workout top because it has a loose fit and has an open back for those crazy intricate sports bras that are so in right now! I actually picked out a small! I already work I to the gym this week and it was perfect. 

This hoodie made me think of the 90s and that's why I love it. Plus it's soft, can't wait to wear this one out!

This top was one of my favs, I wore it the other day to go walk Loki at the park with my friend! It has a mesh opening over the shoulders so it's great when the weather is sunny but not too hot or cold. 

Yeah it seems like all I was buying was sportswear, but I found this cute tank dress that's kinda sporty but sexy at the same time! 

Love what I found this time at forever 21 woohoo

OK guys! Hope you have a great weekend, I'm heading off to work now and hopefully my coffee kicks in soon! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Village at La Floresta Walking Tour

Hi y'all it's been a few weeks since the opening of the new shopping center in Brea "Village at La Floresta" and I've finally had some time to share my experience and photos that I took that day!

As some of you may know, this new shopping center has been in the works for a few years now and is part of a whole new community of new custom homes and even a retirement home as well as a swimming club all under the umbrella of La Floresta, a master planned community.

One of the big draws for this new community is the fact that they had a whole foods as part of their shopping centers new tenants, and us crazy people in North oc have been having to go out to Tustin to get our fix of pre-peeled oranges and lemon infused water, I do people really buy that crap anyway? Wenever I go it's usually to buy something fun from the beauty section or the salad bar!!! Yum!!!

When I went out to see the new location a few weeks ago I went in on the opening day! Crazy I tell you, the parking lot was jammed and there was a massive amount of women in neon printed leggings and men that dress to good to be straight! Before I even made it into whole foods I was distracted by this beautiful
 Store called plum pretty sugar! Everything was perfectly curated like a Pinterest page you just wanted to Instagram the hell out of it all!

I took a moment to speak with Ashley their store manager and their sales associate Chelsea. Both gals were friendly, knowledgeable and had this to say about the store "it's their first brick and mortar location and the company has been established 9 years online, and through retailers such as Nordies & Anthro". I had to ask if the name Plum Pretty Sugar had any secret meaning and they said no real meaning behind it but that  that owner and creative director Charlotte Hill wanted her company and store to have a whimsical feeling. The store definitely has a special feel to you're floating on clouds filled with luxurious loungewear, accessories and you can't forget about candles and sprays to set the mood. Thanks for chatting with me, you'll see me again soon!

After I was done drooling over all of the beautiful goodies I just spoke about it was time to go check out the whole foods. I was walking towards the front door and there was a DJ outside playing familiar  music... The best way to describe it is that it was rap song but the smooth jazz version, if that makes any sense to you. Like 50 cent lolipop but this tropical not x rated version. I sat outside for a moment snapchatting the songs...they were that good.

A few moments into my awkward snapchatting I had to get up and ask the DJ what he was playing so I could play it at home. He told me it's a YouTube channel called "hidden Beach unwrapped" you'll love it if you like 90s and early 2k rap and hip hop.

OK so many detours on my way to whole foods I wasn't sure if I was ever going to make it into the store ever. But alas I made my way in, and there were hundreds of people oggling over kale and organic chicken... Just kidding. It was a great vibe lots of happy people working and shopping in the store that day. I loved the beauty section, always smells amazing. For lunch I went to the salad bar and found my way to the outside patio which was great, people chatting ad drinking wine from bottles, kids playing and the fountain all drowned out the sounds of imperial highway and it was definitely somewhere I would like to go spend more time blogging or hanging out to get a drink etc.

By now I was ready to head out...but since I'm a dog/cat/animal lover...I stopped by Krisers natural pet and got Loki some puptato chips and he loves them!

Before I stopped to my car I saw one more boutique, Blue Eyed Girl which caught my eye. I have this thing where I can't help myself but stop into boutiques that are inspiring and owned by women that are passionate about what they do. I had the pleasure of meeting CO owner\buyer Dawn Mcnight, although she was super busy she took a moment to introduce herself to me which was so great because it really set the tone of how her stores and staff are...everyone was in great spirits and chatty and passionate about their role and the company they work for. While I was there I also got to speaking with the managers and I asked them to tell me about the store. Here's what they had to say "Blue Eyed Girl has been around for 11 years and their first location was in San Juan Capistrano and they now have 5 locations in orange county".

Isn't it great that these small businesses are thriving? I had to know what their favorite items were in the store " the Vince leather jacket & the green faithful brand sweater in the window " I now want that jacket too thanks for sharing ladies! When I asked them what their favorite part about working for Blue Eyed Girl the answer was "owner Dawn gives the team power to grow within the company and that the key to their success is communication". How awesome does this place sound to work at? Of course before I left I had to pick up one of my fav candles from Barr co. Thanks ladies for your time and awesome energy!

Well that concludes my walking tour of the Village at La Floresta, hope yo enjoyed and please go support these local small businesses and tell them I sent you!
BTW this blog post was brought to you by my tablet which is making it take forever and a day to blog...and possibly causing me neck pain. But hey I love writing and sharing my adventures with you all! Cheers, till next time.