Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Secret Life Of Cats

It really amazes me how well these three get along.

They are the three stooges
Cat Edition:
Henry, Momo & Dezmo

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday lunch @ The Brownstone Cafe

This past Sunday my Mom and I partook in our ritualistic lunch at The Brownstone Cafe in Fullerton.
We love this place even though it is a bit pricey, slow and the only thing in my opinion worth getting is the tomato basil bisque.
The location is what you're paying for because it is always the same; calm, green, quiet and sunny(except for cloudy days).
Please pay a visit even if it is just for a cup of soup, I promise it will make your day!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Caution: Jacket testing

I might be the only other person besides Gwen Stefani who actually would wear this jacket in the presence of daylight. Does anyone know where this jacket is sold? I have looked online and the only thing that pops up is Gwen wearing it. I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be something from her L.A.M.B. line that she is testing out in the public before the runway. Do you like it? I love it!

Show me how much you love Deco Aurora

The Homie Awards 2009
If you are a Deco Aurora fan please nominate me as one of your favorite Home & Design blogs of 2009! The awards are being hosted by "Apartment Therapy".
The last day to vote it December 29Th!
Go to this link and vote:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cats & Christmas trees

I think there is something on the tree that is not ornament...can you see it?

Last year my two black cats Mo & Dez had their first Christmas and I'm convinced its their favorite Holiday. The minute we brought that tree home both of them jumped right in it and attacked the ornaments as if they were birds. My cats are partial outdoor ones so they must have thought, hey its a tree, lets jump all over it and eat the moving things on it. Have your cats ever done this before? It was so strange and funny to see them act like little hunters.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interior Design Books: Good for inspiration and Coffee tables

I have found some books that have caught my interest and compiled them together. I'm sure you have already heard of or own some of these books. Personally I cant get enough Interior Design and Lifestyle coffee table books. They are my favorite and every year for my Birthday and Christmas my Mom usually gets me one.
So lets get down to business and see what these books are all about!

1. The Well-Dressed Home: Fashionable Design Inspired by Your Personal Style,
Author Anette Tatum.
Received 5/5 stars on Amazon.com
Editorial Reviews:
~ The Well-Dressed Home will guide you in identifying your personal fashion style and then inspire you to use the same creative influences to design your home decor. Tatum reveals eleven of the most universal fashion styles, including romantic, couture, classic, casual, bohemian, retro, and modern, and encourages you to use the colors, fabrics, textures, and patterns characteristic of these aesthetics to decorate your home.
~From an Eco-bohemian chic loft in New York City to a home in the Hollywood Hills filled with vintage-romantic flea market finds, these enviable rooms will show you how to style your home to reflect your eye for fashion. Tatum understands style contradictions, too, and shows how to express them boldly and beautifully. By layering your inspirations, you can create a space that reflects your style and the styles of those with whom you share your home.


2.Amy Butler's Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle,

Author: Amy Butler

4.5/5 stars Amazon.com

Editorial Reviews:

~A complete lifestyle book, encompassing fashion, interiors, and gardens

~Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern brings the many aspects of its author’s vision into focus, from re-imagining the home as a retreat for relaxation and dreaming, to picturing the body as a canvas for creating one’s personal style, to looking to nature as a “sketchbook” for design ideas. Vibrantly illustrated, the book underscores design’s practical side, with information on budgeting money and time, a shopping resources list, and “how-to” projects in every chapter.


3. Candice Olson on Design: Inspiration and Ideas for Your Home

Author: Candice Olsen

4.5/5 stars Amazon.com

Editorial Review

~Candice’s fresh, honest approach to design shows readers how to create rooms that are beautiful and functional, perfectly geared to what they love and how they live.

~With her trademark humor and sense of fun, Candice shares design secrets, smart tips, and practical advice to help readers plan and execute successful room makeovers.



Author: Kelly Wearstler

5/5 stars Amazon.com

Editorial Review

~Kelly Wearstler is the ultimate trendsetter in interior design. Hue by Kelly Wearstler builds upon the success of her first monograph, Modern Glamour, and includes recent, unpublished projects, including her home in Beverly Hills, celebrity residential projects as well as some of her latest hotel projects. Hue celebrates the power of color in Kelly's work and the possibilities of color in interior design and decorating. A must-have for amateurs and professionals seeking design inspiration America's top interior designer.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Econofir Tree

Hello everyone,

I proudly present to you all my Econifer tree!

IN case you are wondering what an Econifer tree is here is the definition.
Econifer Tree: An economy friendly tree that you can use year after year opposed to spending $100+ on a real Conifer tree that you will throw out after Xmas!
My mini lime-green Econifer is celebrating it's 3rd Christmas with a kitschy neon theme. I even have my gifts wrapped to match it. There are initials of my family & pets on my tree as well as green lights, silver balls & baby snowman.

Boden Dream Wardrobe

Thanks to fellow blogger Dina of My Superfluities for sharing your love of Boden with me and everyone else. I finally took a tour of their website with my sister and we found many items that we thought were "so us"!
I have never really bought any clothing online or from a catalog because I already have enough issues trying clothes on in the fitting room. Maybe I will get over my anti-online/catalog ordering bandwagon and just go for it and order all of the following.
Just kidding I cannot really afford to shop right now, not even for Christmas presents, which is sad to me. Until Iam done paying for my debts I will just dream of these lovely additions to my gem toned dream wardrobe.
~Brass Button Cardigan~

~ Rainbow Coat~

~ Calypso Top~

~Silk Roses Top~

~Marching Band Coat~


So there you have it, my dreamy winter wardrobe, gem tones and all :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Make this cold go away as fast as the weekend

This weekend came and went just like the rain. And now Im sick :( hopefully my cold will follow the weather trend. I have a trip to San Francisco this coming weekend and do not want to be coughing,sneezing and you get the picture the whole time! So lets hope this goes away if I keep eating Top Ramen, hot green tea and eat cough drops as snacks.

Leigh and I had a chance to go out and act like real sisters that love each other!
And the leaves on the maple tree started to fall and they just looked so beautiful this weekend. I finally got to put up Xmas lights outside. Actually I put them up in the rain, maybe that's why I'm sick now? The house looks good, I don't feel great, its Monday lets get a coffee and get going.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its still raining

Here comes the rain again!
I miss you like the dessert misses rain!
Singing in the rain!
I loke London in the rain!
Riders of the storm!
Rain Drops keep falling on my head!

Gingerbread Houses Give Back!

Gingerbread Houses That Give Back

Hey everyone! I cant believe its the weekend already and what a wet and cold one it is in Socal. I wanted to share some photos from a recent event I went t this week with my Mom. On Monday we dressed in our semi-dressy holiday clothing and headed out in the rain to the East Lake Village Club House for a Gingerbread House Charity event. It was our first time at this fundraiser that has been going on for around 30 years or so. All we had to do was bring a toy per person to donate to toys for tots and we were then able to decorate a Gingerbread House for Special needs Children. There were even prizes for the top designed houses.
We were all given an hour to design our house and I thought it would be more than enough time to get everything done. I just started putting white frosting all over my house and it slowly became a hot beach house mess, all over my clothes, face and hands. I desperately tried to finish this house and make it have Adirondack chairs a surf board and a Xmas tree.

These are some photos of the many other Gingerbread houses that were Diva-lusciously decorated!
There were so many different styles I loved looking at them all. Made it finally feel like Xmas time being amongst all these candy coated homes. Mother and her friends from work had to cart all of the Gingerbread homes back to school to give to their students. I think there were at least 5 cars full. I got a photo with Stacie, the M.C. and judge of the contest that night. She was so funny and made my mom and I laugh out loud because of the raunchy jokes! Here Iam with my little house that I made :) There were even two marines there that participated through the whole event and brought so many toys back to donate to children.
We had a great time and need to be more prepared for next year when I make my next Gingerbread house! It was so cold that night that it actually snowed, JK I wish.
What feel good even have you taken part in this holiday season that made you happy?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Classical Music in Commercials

As of late I have been intrigued by commercials that start off with classicla music because it instantly gets my attention. Why do so many people not like this genre of music? It is one of my favorites because it is dreamy, relaxing, emotional and opens my imagination. Apparently alot of commercials have been feauring classical so I compiled a few to share. You may have seen a few of them already if not hope you enjoy the music and the marketing genius.

Aria is a resort and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The song "Winter ride" by Kostia was made especially for Aria. Everyone in this as looks to be envisioning something great that they want to share and the song takes you along for the ride.

American Express take charge commercial immediatley gets your attention with the bittersweet "prelude" from Bach's cello suite no. 1 while sad faces appear on everyday items. Towards the middle fo the ad the everyday items go from sad to happy go lucky along with the music.

This Kaiser Permanente features the song "Clair de lune" by Debussey and has a slight fairytale look to it and may have been influenced by the movie Twilight. There are trees growing in the middle of city skyscrapers and streets. It has suck a calm vibe of everything is going to be alright.

Wow this Reese's commercial gets the point across in 15 seconds with Gustav Holst's "Jupiter" from The Planets. The first time I saw this commercial I was hooked by the masculine and intense song that goes so well with the graphics.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ohhh LaLa What A Nice Day

Ohh lala what a nice day I had this Saturday.
-Starbucks run with Celly
-Soup @ Brownstone with my mother and sister
-constant cat comedy
-& the heater was on when I came home form work :)

Fun Plum Halter Top in Fullerton

Hey Fashionista friends I'm doing a post on what I wore this past Friday. I went to a Xmas party at Roadkill Boutique in down town Fullerton. I decided to wear this satiny halter top with a fun flower accent from The Limited. Purple and plum have been one of my fave colors to wear lately it feels like a good color for my complexion.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Comedic Relief Cats

If I had to choose an animal to be for a day I would definitely be a Cat, but only if I lived in my house. You see I love cats and cannot understand comments people make about how they do not like them. Apparently these people have not met my comedic relief cats that make my family laugh and smile constantly.

Looks like Henry fell asleep after reading up fashion.

Beak and Henry loook like conjoined twins here.

Dezmo loves being under stuff doesnt matter what it is.

Henry is in a trance watching the bubbles.

Momo is looking so intensely at that bubble.

Henry looks a bit worried, the bubble is coming toward him.

Henry and Momo have been best friends since they met and constantly try to smoosh into small beds.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy girl wants to say thanks!

It has a been a lonely few months for me since I have classes smack dab in the middle and go to work when everyone else is on their way home from work. DecoAurora is my one constant way of being creative and challenges me to think outside the blog! Haha get it? By the way for my final project in my Art Exhibit and Design class I curated and designed a show featuring some fellow bloggers! Thanks everyone for sharing stories, photos, videos and inspiring readers everyday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today I love

-I love these shoes!
-I love my cats, all 4 of them.
-I loved wearing my hair in braids today.
-I love the white lamp, but cannot find a shade for it.

Starbucks Giveaway- could be yours!

Hey Deco Aurora Fans
-It's Giveaway time!
-Anyone can win the $5 Starbucks card
& ohh soo cute Xmas ornament
-Just leave a comment saying you would like to win.
-I will name the lucky winner this week!-

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our favorite L.A. places: Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow

CREATIVE COUPLE: Jonathan Skow and Trina Turk. Courtesy of Trina Turk. 

Power Couple
Our favorite L.A. places: Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow.
By Emili Vesilind
Published on November 10, 2009

Designer Trina Turk is famous for her bold mid-century prints and empirically wearable designs. But in certain L.A. circles, she’s also known as one-half of a fashion power couple -- with her husband, photographer Jonathan Skow.

The pair, who met in apparel design school at the University of Washington in 1981 (Skow ended up switching majors to marketing before graduating), conceptualize and produce all the imagery that comes out of the company — with Skow art directing, styling and photographing every ad campaign and look book (no small task, considering Turk designs ten collections a year).

“He’s pretty involved in every aspect of the business, but he doesn’t really have a desk at the office,” Turk says. “His title is ‘director of inspiration,’” she adds with a laugh. “He even has business cards.” The couple – who were hitched by the justice of the peace in Las Vegas in 1985 – inhabit one of the most gorgeous modernist homes in L.A.: an airy architectural wonder in the Los Feliz hills designed by J. R. Davidson.

Their love of streamlined design from the era recently manifested into Trina Turk Residential – a home-design store concept that launched in Palm Springs and (only a few weeks ago) in Bal Harbour, Fla.

Another of the couple’s perrenial amours is their eclectic Eastside neighborhood – where Thai spas and organic eateries are tucked in between nail salons and quirky gift shops.

We chatted with Turk about where she and Skow — as a couple — love to hang, shop and grab a bite. The haunts and havens are, unsurprisingly, superbly stylish.

Home and Gifts:

OK Store and Gallery
We became acquainted with Larry [Schaffer], the owner of the store, through modernist activities – he lives in a Schindler house. His shop has such an interesting mixture of things. It’s very curated, and feels like someone’s personality, which I love. I bought a ‘60s modernist Danish ring when I was there – he used to collect the stuff and is starting to sell it.
8303 W. Third St., Los Angeles. 323-653-3501, http://www.okstore.la/.

Reform Gallery
Owner Gerard O’Brien … carries mid-century crafts and artisan-type objects, pottery, woodworking, furniture and textiles. He’ll have a throw that was hand-woven by Maria Kipp or a hand-carved, one-of-a-kind chair. We bought a couple of tapestries for the showroom by Romeo Reyna – these huge weavings, really beautiful stuff. It’s California Arts and Crafts, but not bad Arts and Crafts – sort of higher end. He also has sort of groovy, hippie-but-chic decorative objects.
601 N La Brea Ave., Los Angeles. 323-938-1515, 

Over the years, we’ve bought a lot of furniture from those guys. I just think they have a really clear and refined aesthetic that’s very appealing.
1618 Silver Lake Blvd., 323-660-1500, http://www.lawsonfenning.com/.


Local Restaurant 
Their whole mission is [to buy] and serve locally sourced, and we both read all those books by Michael Pollan, which got us thinking about, Where did this food come from? Should we really be eating raspberries in December?
2943 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. 323-662-4740. Local in Silver Lake. Photo courtesy of UrbanSpoon.com

We usually go here for breakfast. It’s super-low key, you can sit outside, you can roll in on Saturday morning without too much effort. And the food’s really fresh and tastes great. And it’s good people watching as far as what are people in Silver Lake are wearing.

3524 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. 323-664-0404.

The Trails CafĂ© 
If you drive up into Griffith Park about a half-mile, using that entrance that’s just off Los Feliz Blvd. after the Western Ave. bend, there’s a little thing that used to be a refreshment stand. They have these little miniature fruit pies that are so good ... I’ve only ever eaten the pie, but I think they have sandwiches, too. You feel like you’re sort of not in L.A. — like you’re at a campground. It’s really cute and odd. You feel like you’re in the woods.
2333 Fern Dell Dr., Los Angeles. 323-871-2102, 


Pilates Plus Silver Lake
I was doing Pilate's forever, but I wasn’t really going anywhere. This is this chain this guy started; it’s really much more difficult than regular Pilate's, but it’s based on traditional Pilate's. It’s more aggressive. It’s designed to change the shape of your body, and I think it’s really working. It’s not an easy little work out. It’s addictive, actually.
2630 Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake, 323-660-0300, 

The Raven 
We get Thai massages at the Raven on Rowena in Silver Lake. It’s very low-key and not fancy. I used to go to Burke Williams, until I discovered the Raven; then I realized that Burke Williams is useless. Some people I know have been and thought it was too intense. For someone expecting a bird’s-chirping massage experience, it’s not that. It’s simple, it’s reasonable and you feel fantastic.
2910 Rowena Ave., Los Angeles, 323-644-0240, 
http://www.theravenspa.com/. The Raven Thai spa. Courtesy of The Raven.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long lost twin

Has anyone ever told you "You look just like..." and you wonder to yourself...hmm do they really look like me?

I think I have a twin! I'm on the right and the girl on the left...I have never met but have fooled friends into thinking it was me. Do you see the similarities? Or am I looking too deep into the whole everyone has a twin saying.