Friday, July 27, 2012

Late July

Its late July, Summers peak has come and gone. Its time for the dog days of summer. The heat the sun, the cold beers, nights at the fair. Time to pull out those summer bucket lists and plan your last month and a half of summer 2012. So what will it be?

I have already done alot with my summer this year. For once in a few years im not taking classes right now, that alone is making me feel like summer is way longer. And I actually hate to admit it but I miss taking classes.

I have spent many a night dancing, I like being social. I think one of my callings in life was to be a Latin dancer, besides professional blogger :)

 The last few days I have spent preparing for workshops Im hosting at road less traveled (which I work at) and working at my other job which I dont mention on here, but if you notice me say hi! Im not shy :) Im working on getting a new job by this fall. Perfecting my resume and looking for that damn math class to finally graduate (school is trying to make me become a life student I swear).

The latest craze between my friends and I is tennis, we started a league. We love meeting up at the court and have a ton of fun while working out. I even found a good as new racket and bag at good will for 5 bucks!

Next month I  really want/need to take a two day trip to get away. Im thinking Palm Springs, my second home. Love the heat and vintage style of that city! Im sure there are many other things to ad to my list of to-do. But for now I gtg to work, yawn.

So what will you be doing the rest of summer?

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vogue-sky said...

Beautiful photo - and count me in!