Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fullerton College Dia de los Muertos Celebration 2010

Thursday October 28th
The annual Fullerton College Dia de los Muertos event will be held on the quad.
The annual event is hosted by the Ethnic Studies Department, Child Development & Education Studies Department, the Cadena/Transfer Center and the Associated Students.
The event is free and open to the community.
Free parking for this event will be offered in the student parking lots.

El Carnaval de las Calaveras

El Carnaval de las Calaveras

Fullerton College Art gallery

Fullerton College and the Fullerton College Art Gallery are proud to present their annual Dia de los Muertos art exhibition, which celebrates the rich arts and culture of the holiday. while reclaiming a meaningful cultural

tradition that is so much a part of a larger segment of the Southern California community. From October 14 through November 11, the gallery will be exhibiting the artworks of seven artists with different styles of celebrating the Day of the Dead.

Here is are some photos I took of from last year featuring the artist "Robert Palacio's" it was a great show with a big turnout.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Homemade Vintage Cuban Poster's for sale

I have noticed that many readers look at my homemade vintage Cuban poster post that I did a few years ago for my birthday. Hmm I wonder, are there alot of us Americans that would love to go to Cuba?
One of my friends is going to Cuba the day after Halloween, so so jealous!
I'm dedicating this post to his trip.

Also I was wondering, would anyone be interested in purchasing a print of my version of the Cuban posters? If so leave a comment or email me.
My versions are on the left hand side.

Title: Escape to Cuba
Artist: Kerne Erickson

Title: Havana, Cuba
Artist: Donna Stackhouse

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Fall Hairstyles

Fall is all about plaids, fur, corduroy, leather, tights, boots and your hair.
I have been trying to grow my hair out again since I went crazy and pulled a Britney last winter. Well I didnt shave my head, I cut my hair pretty short. Now my dilemma is I have to wear it up at work ughh, can never win.

However, when Im not at work I want to take full advantage of looking cute because I have cute clothes and if I take a bit more time doing my hair and makeup I feel more confident and have a better day.

So without further ado I present some fantastic fall hairstyles to try this season.
Im a big Natalie Portman fan, and Im a fan of her shiny headband that shows off her beautiful face. Just curl your hair, put it in a high, loose bun and slip on a headband, easy.

Next is the ass kicking Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has always been to me, a rebellious edgy girl that has a really feminine side to her. I like her best with blonde hair and it looks great straightened with a middle part. Im sure alot of girls can pull of this look just as well.

The super cute Rachel Bilson, her hair looks like she washed it and let it just air dry into the beachy waves. Her hair looks so cool two toned, I have tried this look and it works.

The Gleeful Lea Michelle looks chic and her hair super shiny. I love those bangs, but they dont work with my face, my features are not intense enough and I feel hidden, but Im sure that someone else would look awesome with those bangs.

I dream of having Halle Barry's pixie cut. If you're thin and have a wonderful bone structure this would look really good on you, like it did on me when I was 19.

Gwen Gwen Gwen, Im so glad she is letting her hair go past her shoulders. I really like her hair this length, I think my goal is to get it this long. It works well with waves and straight hair.

Last on the list is Angelina Jolie, her hair is so long now and dark. Great combo for her! I think it really balances out her dramatic facial features and when she looks almost normal here.

What do you do with your hair during Fall?
Do you dye it darker?
Grow it out?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Halloween Costume 2010

black swan

Im begining to realize the best part of Halloween for me is the never ending hunt for the perfect DIY costume! This year Im dressing up as The Black Swan from the new Natalie Portman film coming out this December. Pretty much everything I bought was on clearance, from a thrift store or the 99 cent store.
Fore example:
The very first item I bought was the feather tube dress on clearance from Forever 21 for $19.00
Second I went to the 99cent store and bought a Tiara and black gloves with silver claws glued on for $2.00
Third I bought pleather pink bow tie booties from JC penny for $4.95
Fourth went to Buffalo exchange and picked up a feather boa as well as feather lashes for $13.00
Fifth I bought white leggings and makeup from Target for $6.99

Pretty much everything I bought can be used again for other outfits and costumes as well.

What are you dressing up as this year?