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Fashion Faultiness

Let me explain...for the past few months I have been going through a bit of a style rut. My sister says I look like a chola and 90's...really? I don't think so.Just because I like red lipstick and leopard print...haha anyway.  I think my schedule is making me not care how I look because I go to class in the morning and and work till 12:30 at night. I just get up and stare at the closet and wonder what the hell am I going to wear today? It's always the same thing: striped shirt, jeans flats. Or, workout pants, walking shoes and a tank. And then at night it's all black for work. The one day that I actually care about what I wear is when I go to work at Road Less Traveled because it's an inspiring environment and I can express myself.
So, I have come up with a plan to get motivated to show off my wardrobe: 
Don't wear workout clothes unless you're working out!
Dress up for date night or girls night out.
Make a point to take more photos of outfits I like and either…

Come Fly with Me

Who's packing their bags and getting ready to fly away with the ladies of Pan Am! I'm excited that one of the new fall tv show's that I want to see is airing on a night when I have no school or work :) And even better the show is based on true events because one of  the producers herself was a Stuartist for Pan Am.  Did you know that some of the women hired were spies? Neither did I. Looks like everyone including my fav fashion designer is on the Pan AM bandwagon. Designer Trina Turk, known for her iconic 60's inspired fashion named her Fall 2011 line "Come fly with me". Something makes me wonder if she knew about the Pan AM show well in advanced? Well Trina are you friends with the producers? Some of Trina's pieces are named directly after the new Pan Am show, for instance the "Pan Am Coat". 
To see some of Trina Turk's fall line and vintage Pan Am posters that make you want to fly for hrs keep reading. 

On her: Pan Am Coat

On her: Red Baron Ca…

Window shopping by the beach with mom

Back in August I went on a little outing to the beach with my mom, Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar to be exact. I live relatively close to the beach in comparison to some of you that live in say, Iowa? So yeah I live like 25 mins away...but never seem to get down there because the traffic is always horri-bad and I have work or school everyday. But on one fateful afternoon my mom and I managed to make it down to the beach on my first day of vacation! We stopped by so many places including Anthropologie, Tommy Bahama, Bristol Farms and Bliss Home Design. I took alot of photos on the way, mostly for inspiration and to show you. So take a look at what I found. 

ANTHROPOLOGIE: FASHION ISLAND, NEWPORT BEACH CA I came here in hopes of an out of this world window display but was a bit underwhelmed when I saw what they had in the window. Super simple and low key, not that it looked bad just not what I had expected.   Super simple window displays.

 Up close shot of the installation.
 Love the scarf an…

Kitchen Redesign: Coffee, Comfort, Cooking, Color and Canning!

I recently worked on an A.D.A. kitchen design remodel and thought I would share with you my designs and materials boards. 
My clients are a couple in their 60's originally form Argentina but have lived in California since the late 1960's. They have two grown children and 4 grandchildren. 
Recently one of the clients (husband) hurt himself  doing one of his usual D.I.Y. stints. So he is recovering from injuries in a wheel chair for a few months. 
My clients Mr. & Mrs Losada, have decided that they would like to live in their current house for a while and would like to do some upgrades so that it is easier on them in the future. They live in Floral Park, an historical Santa Ana Neighborhood in California. Their home is a farm house style with a tri level layout. 
Below is a before and after of the floor plan of the kitchen. 
The 5 C's: things they love Coffee, Comfort, Cooking, Color and Canning! 
Silvia & Mario's Kitchen Requirements List:  double sink, six burner …