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The Shape of Color-Art Gallery Assignment

Im excited that I can say Im done with my first project in my Art Gallery & Exhibit Design class. This assignment was enjoyable and hard all at once, I know that sounds strange but its true. I couldnt wait to get started on it when it was first assigned but when other classes were postponing tests right around the same time as this project I felt overwhelmed. I needed to get inspired because I knew this project wasnt goinf to be an easy one. I went to many art galleries and shows in my local area to open my eyes. There is no one way to have an art show. So before I go any further here is a glimpse into my mini model of my schools art gallery at 1/2" scale. The show is called "The Shape of Color" Curated by: Beth Solomon Marino Designed by: Mslay The gallery has white outer walls while the floating walls have color such as fuchsia, citron, orange and blue. The artwork is displayed by color not artist which was seen as a bold move but worth it. The color zones are : Pink …

be light

Take a moment to soak into on of these artsy creative videos and go have yourself a Happy Friday!

I'll be anything-Wolf Parade

My little Film-Naomi

2 weeks

Everyone is so excited and nostalgic about the first day of Fall September 22nd. I want to continue the good vibes by sharing this video that was made by a friend of a friend. "2 weeks" by Grizzly Bear, Video and Animation: Gabe Askew.

The Dark Side Of Her: a short story

It was that time of year to change my mind and make things cleartime to let the Sun set low and long and get ready for Nights to be slow and Strong

Time to get the bottle and wait a week to decide when would it best to debut a darker more dramatic new you

Her old hair was brittle and want out with the old and in with the newThe dye sank in and about an hour later she came through with a new hue

Romance is all in the Roses

It has been a long week and or month filled with lots of work, homework, romantic thoughts and not enough time with the ones I love.

Can I share?

My boyfriend said were going on vacation!

The last time we went on a vacation for just us was 4 years ago in San Francisco...I know. We have both been so preoccupied with our contrasting lifestyles but its not going to be like this forever (in regards to our psycho student lifestyles). I have a feeling that things are right where they are supposed to be and there is nothing that I would change. I'm so proud of M. he is having a great time doing what he loves while getting one step closer to being "The most interesting and well educated man in the world"!

So now that I have that out of my system I wanted to share with you my romantic inspirations I have had all week. Put on the classical music and sip on a raspberry white mocha and take a look at these lovely romantic accessories etc.

{Natalie Portman}I love the dress she wore t…

CAnnot wait

I have alot on my mind and I cannot wait to write about it. Walking down the same path gets boring, go a different way. See you on the other side!

Art Gallery and Exhibit Design Project

IN the coming weeks I will be working on a really fun project for my Art class: Art Gallery and Exhibit Design. My assignment is to make a to scale model of the schools art gallery and re-imagine the current layout. This is such a cool assignment and is really similar to my past Interior Design projects. Here are a few examples of the assignment done by past students. 1. Art Faculty Biennial Fall 2008
2. Still Life Now

3. Art Of WarAren't these models amazing? Almost everyone who has seen these thought they were pictures of the actual gallery.
I picked up my supplies and will be getting started tomorrow on this, I will share with you the final project.

Hold on

How can it be that I'm already starting my 5th week of Fall Semester, that just doesn't sound right its only the beginning of September. I'm telling you if I don't hold on tight to this semester the Santa Ana winds will blow it away. Not literally. But I really do feel like the first month came and went and that in most of my classes (3) I haven't really learned anything new because a few teachers have been absent or in my opinion not properly utilizing our limited class time. I'm thinking this is a sign that Ive retained alot of info from my previous GE classes and that's why I feel anxious to learn something new! Once again its the weekend and I'm working most of it but I will try to make the most of it. Grab a coat and be outside this weekend and enjoy life!

Thanks for...

Say it isn't so, another Summer has come and gone and yes I'm getting sentimental on you all. This Summer had many familiar faces, somewhat scary photos, early geology lecture class and many magical moments that make my life worth living.

    It all started off with the Summer Solstice party that ended in a night of swimming and dancing. Later on the months passed by like a page in a good book that you know will soon end, yet you keep reading so fast because it has captured your attention. 1,2,3 months go by and all of a sudden Fall session has started and August is not even half way through. You drag yourself to the newest set of classes feeling out of place in the hot Sun that has taken all your energy away. You belong at the beach, on an airplane anywhere but inside a classroom.

    Before you know it, its already labor day, and that my friends is when you can see smell and taste that Summer is almost out of fashion. The pumpkin spice latte is being sold at every coffee sh…

Too many fires, not enough Fall blazers.

Its blazing here in Southern California yet all I can think of is my new blazers for fall and whether to keep one, both or none. I took a few photos in the backyard and it was way too hot to be wearing anything more than skin. So I need your help in deciding on Jcrew Velvet Eden Blazer $130.00 H&M Dark Purple corduroy blazer $34.00

I really want a purple blazer and cannot decide. Please help!

Jcrew Aficionado event review

Just a few weeks ago I went to my first JcrewAficionado event at the Brea mall. I was really excited about this because it was the perfect opportunity to meet people and save money all at once. Sadly it wasn't all I had expected, nothing like the D.C. events which had lots more attendants and a lunch afterwards. However I was able to have a personal shopper to help me out in the fitting room her name starts with an M. and she has really long hair. She just happened to be wearing the same blazer that I was eyeing, the velvet eden blazer.
Maybe I will have to plan the next J.C.A. event so that I can tell more of my friends who had no idea what I was talking about. Its like a secret club kinda col, just wish it was more like the D.C. version.
So here we are in our matching Blazers! I'm contemplating wether or not to keep it, kinda expensive and I'm no rich girl.