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Simply Inspiring Flea Market Merchandising!

Hi everyone!

    Oh wow, its been that long since my last post? My oh my, where has the time gone? I'm glad to be back, and I promise not to wait 10 months to post another blog :)

Now onto this latest and greatest topic I want to talk about...
This weekend I will be attending/having a booth at the Mercantile Market in Fullerton Ca. and I have been scouring pinterest for some inspo. I have done this flea market before and I can't wait to get my creative juices flowing and set up my booth. 
Having my own business has been a dream of mine and going to the flea markets makes it all that much more real and fulfilling. I have an online store, however it does not give me the same fulfillment as human interaction, customer service and creativity of merchandising my products that create a one of a kind experience. 
Here are some booths I found online while on my quest: 





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Some days are just meant for wondering, don't you think so too? I don't have the luxury of dropping my full time job and traveling the world so instead I randomly go on what you might call day trips, er more like a couple hour trips to get my mind and body away from the norm of daily life. To me one of the most fun things is to find something new even if its a shop I found on Instagram  that is a 25 min drive away. I think it all goes back to our animal instincts of Hunter & Gatherer. 

I have been following this store Local Fixture on Instagram for quite some time. All of their pictures are so cute and the products they carry are some of my favorite brands! They have a great online presence and I was so pleased when I walked into the store to see that it is just as inviting to curious minds and the ambiance is inviting! Their entry table features Frasier Fir candles that smell like Christmas! 

If you love Voluspa candles they have every scent and their reasonably priced. …


Hi Ya'll its Friday so I have another fab roundup for you to get inspired for the holiday gifting season and maybe you'll find a favorite new inspirational Instagram account to follow as well! I love to support local business and passion projects because as you all know I have one myself. So grab a cup of coffee and get cozy because you dont want to miss these awesome IG accounts! 

For some reason I always seem to find things on the ground and I happened to find a business card for Lovely Charmed Finds in the parking lot of my mall. Her business cards feature a beautifully colorful feather and I instantly picked it up because feathers are a sign of guardian angels. Lovely charmed finds has car charms and keychains as well as ornaments and they can be custom designed. 

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Hey Ya'll 
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Flea Market Styling and Photo Shoot Inspirations

One of my favorite things to do once I source my items is to have a photo shoot! Photo shoots are a great way for me to practice styling my treasures for my next flea market and to showcase my items online. I sometimes notice a theme with my latest collection, sometimes its a color, print or texture. Lately I have lots of wicker, yellow turquoise and fuchsia. Bright colors make me happy and I'm drawn to them when I'm sourcing new pieces for my collection. 
Below is a glimpse into my growing collection of vintage and great second hand pieces I have recently discovered and listed on my online store. Take a look and feel inspired to decorate colorfully. 

Vegas Dress Shopping at Charlotte Russe

Earlier this month I went on a trip to Vegas which was amazing to say the least, but I was so concerned about what to wear I was going a little cookoo! I hadn't been to Las Vegas since I was 15 or so and I had no idea what to expect really. I just knew that people that usually go are drinking a lot and wearing close to nothing to the clubs! I was at my wits end trying to find a dress for our crazy Night club outing and I ended up walking into Charlotte Russe and thought what the heck so I tried on a few dresses. Can you guess which one I went home with?? Nuetral, sexy style.
Fun, bright and flirty.
Outerspace meets club girl.
Greek goddess. SO which one was your have? And which one do you think I picked?