Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Hey Guys! 

It's Maggy your friendly manifesting, em-path, Jill of all trades, doer of all master of none checking in to see how your summer is going! 

I'm happy to report that it's officially Summer weather here in So-Cal as it's currently HOT AF and I'm resorting to wearing my vintage MuMu's to work. Speaking of work..I recently started a new career in marketing where I can wear such things and haven't look back. That being said, it's been lots of growing pains and second guessing that has come from a new beginning. Those that know me know this isn't my first drastic career change. I think it's just my nature that if I feel like Im growing sideways I feel claustrophobic and have to make a change. I like many things and have had the opportunity to work in different fields from retail, merchandising, sales,  marketing, customer service and food handling and they all have made me who I'am today. 

If you're going through endless thoughts and wanting a change maybe it's time to re-evaluate your life and make some moves. We only have this one life so make it what you want it to be or someone else will. 

Oh and one last thing...make time for yourself in the coming days (June 27th-28th) to connect with yourself over the full moon. This can come in different forms. What I like to do is close the door and play music while journaling and sometimes singing. Everyone's version of connecting with their self and their higher self is a personal experience and can be very enlightening. I hope it brings you peace and clarity. 

XO -Maggy

Here is a playlist of some of the songs I use while meditating and reaching higher levels of self. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

1 pair of mom shorts 4 ways!

Hey everyone! Hope that you're having awesome Valentine's Day and that you have something fabulous planned. The other day I was doing an Instagram story on how to style a pair of vintage denim shorts for Valentines Day and I thought I would share on here with you all. Some of you may not be able to wear these looks with shorts because yo're not having 80 degree weather like us Californians, so if that's the case wear jeans and a jacket and you're all set! 

These high waisted Vintage Forenza denim shorts are TDF and are avaiable now on my etsy shop. Oh and now thru Sunday 2/18 get an extra 50% off on apparel by using code VDAY50 

Look Numero Uno: Sexy Preppy 
shorts Here
sweater similar Here
scarf similar Here

Look Numero Dos: Flowy Floral Bohoemian
shorts Here
top Here
necklace Here

Look Numero Tres: Southern Charm 
Shorts Here
Dress Similar Here 
Necklace Here 

Look Number Cuatro: Global Grunge 
Shorts Here
Top Here
Necklace similar Here 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

4 ways to reset on Sunday

Having worked in retail for many years I’ve come to know Sunday’s as an official start of the week and a good place to start your intentions and reset your mindset to prepare for the coming days. Another thing that I’ve learned from working in retail is there is no such things as weekends and or the Monday blues. Not everyone works a Monday thru Friday 9-5 schedule so I could never relate to any of the self help guides that had nothing to do with my situation or how I lived my life at the time. With that being said I do think that there are certain feelings we associate with certain days no matter where we work or what we do for a living and Sunday is one of those special days. Why, you might ask? Just go outside and see and feel the energy in the air. Something about is a natural Ebb and flow of something being sept out and something new washing  ashore. So to help you transition into your new week I wanted to give you a few of my go to Sunday rituals and also a special oracle card guidance reading for the week ahead!

1. Treat yourself
Weather it’s an iced coffee in the morning or a sweet treat in the afternoon it feels great to get up and get out and give yourself something to look forward to even something simple as this can make your inner child happy.

2. Go outside
We spend way too much time indoors working, binge watching Netflix and being a hermit so this Sunday I challenge you to spend at least 30 mins outdoors. You can go to a local park, walk your dog or sit in your yard in a chair reading a magazine. It’s especially important during the winter months that we get some sun to help block out seasonal depression disorder (it’s a real thing) luckily is California’s get 85’ weather in January!

3. Go to the bookstore
When was the last time you read a book or even a magazine? Have you been watching all of those movie versions of them? I’m currently reading “The light that was dark” a great spiritual read that one of my customers gave me a few months ago. Go spend some time browsing the book store and see what you find.

4. Hit the road
Go solo or take someone who likes the same music as you and isn’t awkward and go for a drive. Here in Orange County there are so many great spots to hit the road. Cooks corner, Santiago canyon, carbon canyon, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano. It’s so exhilarating to drive on the road with music blasting and makes you feel like you’re flying. Oh and if you have a motorcycle it’s even better.

A lil Goddess Oracle Reading for the week 
I’ve done a simple 3 card spread to give some intuitive guidance for the week ahead. I hope you enjoy and take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish this week and see if the cards speak to you.

1. Idea:  at this time there is an ending and a beginning going on and the old must be fully released in order for the new to manifest itself into your life at this time.

2. Challenge: there is a golden opportunity being set in front of you and doors are open leading you to it so what is stopping you from walking through them? You are facing this challenge head on and being given clues as to when to jump ship and go do your thing.

3. advantage: strength is within you and with this you will realize you are way stronger than you thought yourself to be. Your life is starting to shift in miraculous ways and that new opportunity will attract new relationships and abundance into your world.

Oh and I had a random card pick out while I was shuffling the deck so one last message to you all this week. Expect a miracle because your prayers have been heard and are being answered.

Have a great week everyone 
xo, Maggy

Thursday, January 11, 2018

An OC gals guide to Santa Fe, NM

Hey guys!
Hope you’re having an amazing New Year so far and that you are enjoying the fruits. Of life! Over the holidays I went on a trip (my first time) to Santa Fe, NM and it was such a super great trip despite being sick part of it with the “spiritual up leveling cold from hell”! I made it through the new year on my death bed and miraculously was healed by the land of enchantment and able to sight see and enjoy my glorious trip to the South West!

Basically me after my trip! 

I know quite a few of you who will be traveling here this month and I wanted to gather my thoughts on my fav places to see and eat, unfortunately my iPhone tanked and I lost all my photos from the trip except for a few I posted on fb. So if you’re still reading this keep reading and enjoy and I hope that if you get a chance to see this beautiful city in the middle of no where that you pay a visit to my top places and don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

Why I visited Santa Fe, NM:

The view of Uncle Charlies backyard. 

One of the walls inside Marjo's art studio. 

Besides it being a top tourist attraction town in the southwest, I have family who lives here, and why I waited till now to visit? Well let’s just say that I’ve traveled more this year than I have in the past 10 years. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but hey I’ve got the travel bug and I’m starting here in the US before building my tolerance to go outside the country. Anyway enough about that, and more about my family! My uncle has lived here a few years and his girlfriend about 20 I believe.  Both of them are retired and skilled artists. My uncle makes birdhouses and the best collages as gifts and Marjo is a felt artist as well as creates collages too and had a store in the Plaza at one point. Visiting with them was great and seeing where they live and how they live in this quiet but thriving and up and coming town was such a fun experience. 

If you’re reading this I love you and can’t wait to visit again real soon!

Where to go and what to do:

A perfect place for a afternoon nap. 

This small hippie artists village is about 20 mins from Santa Fe and worth a visit. The small windy roads at  filled with brightly colored cottages containing crystal shops, artisan clothing, sculpture artists, painters and a mining museum.  There is an ice cream shop that has such unique flavors like green Chile vanilla bean! Oh and there is a Photo booth museum where you can select from over 30 different silly photo cutouts for a $2 donation! If you’re in the area check it out and keep this once ghost town thriving!

Having a beer inside the bar at Meow Wolf with my sister. 

One of the reasons that Santa Fe is booming in tourism right now is because of this crazy art exhibit! Honestly I thought I knew what it was but until you go and experience it for yourself you really have no idea! What I can tell you is if you like stranger things, interactive mystery solving and artwork and music you’ll love this place! I spent over 2 hrs with my sister exploring the exhibit and becoming enthralled with the story and experience! Insider tip: they have a bar and I got a beer before heading in. If you’re going on a holiday weekend expect to be more busy but still worth the $20 tickets! 

A view of the Christmas lights in the Plaza. 

If you’re like me and you love to get lost in a city and find new things around each corner you’ll love this charming place. The plaza is a huge square surrounded by streets and alleys filled with art galleries, clothing stores, jewelry shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, cathedrals, churches, street vendors and people watching! While I was here I spent about 2 hrs exploring and talking with vendors and if I could I would have spent more time here. We came here almost every day to eat, shop and walk around. Insider tips: park at the La Fonda Hotel it’s walking  distance to everything. Also while you’re here visit the Georgia O’keefe museum and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis there is a park nearby and the cathedral is beautiful and peaceful break from the bustle of traveling. And of course to eat check out the where to eat section.

Also known as the magic mile it’s definitely worth a visit and it’s down the street from the plaza but recommend driving to it. To best describe it would be like Laguna Beach artsy canyon on crack! So many beautiful homes, world renowned galleries and cafes line this windy road. I even saw a Persian Cafe called Milad Bistro and I would so go there on my next visit. I honestly didn't have enough time to properly visit this historic section of Santa Fe so I did a drive thru and from what I saw it has alot of culture and charm. 


We had breakfast here which was highly recommended by my uncles GF and now highly recommended from me. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this cafe and its decor. Kind of a more modern concept, you pay at the counter and its delivered to your table. And its cash only so be sure to have some on you. They serve breakfast and lunch. My whole family got the fried egg sandwich! 

We stopped by the palace on Wednesday night to have dinner and to see the Santa Fe Crooners! Kinda felt like we were at a talent show but a step up. The atmosphere was vintage cocktail bar and the food was good. I got a Moscow mule and a green chile chicken enchilada casserole which would have been even better with more cheese. If you like oldies type music come here for the live music and stay for the drinks. I even got to sing a song that I requested! After we left we walked to the plaza and they were filming a Christmas movie called none other than "Christmas in Santa Fe...very original. 

Of all the places we ate this was hands down our favorite. Its inside of the Governers Inn off of the Plaza and one of the only places that stays open later. The first night we went at about 9:30 and I got the green chile chicken chowder its amazing go try for yourself! We were having so much fun that night and they played 80s dramatic music so we were singing along to take on me...the next night we went again earlier and it was very busy but still a great vibe. We ordered a round of drinks, the chowder and this time tried the green chili burger which was so good! We even got a round of shots from the bar tender who recognized us from the night before! 

Where to Shop: 

We stumbled into this really great consignment shop next door to counter culture full of amazing vintage and second hand. The owner and I spoke briefly about her shop and turns out she is an OC native as well. Small world. My sister brought back a pair of combat boots from the shop and I was full of inspiration looking at her collection and how she merchandised her shop. 

Strange name but really fun thrift shop which we found so many cool thingies, if I had a trailer I would bring back the furniture I found in this shop. The owner was singing 90s alternative rock on a karaoke machine so we joined in. Hes also a California Native! Signs to move here and start a new life?? Stop here for fun finds and free entertainment. 

Where We Stayed: 

During our whole trip we stayed at the El Ray Inn which is 2 miles from the Plaza and 20 mins from Madrid. By the time we booked our rooms our original choice of hotel was sold out so we decided to go here despite the funky reviews we took our chances. When we arrived our room wasn't ready and we waited almost an hr after check in to get inside. Once we got in our room we were surprised at how spacious it was and the charming decor, and light fixtures and vintage bathroom. Our stay at this hotel was overall good, but I can tell its going through some construction and every time we would go into the lobby the people working there were like zombies and the morning coffee was always out. Im sure that these things can be fixed and that it was a holiday weekend and things can be a little more out of wack. But other than this I recommend it for its quietness, cleanliness and price. 

What I bought:
Artisan earrings and Christmas crafts to remind me of my trip during the holidays.

I bought a few items for myself including the colorful artisan crafts and earrings above but mainly was looking for goodies for my etsy shop. I found a few fun bold and lively patterned tops, a dress and a woven bag all which are listed in my etsy shop. 

Vintage Mexican Macrame Bucket Bag found here.

90s Vintage women's button up found here

Vintage 90s women's button up found here

Vintage Indian Dress found here.

Until next time... Santa Fe!

Start spreading the news.
I'm leaving today.
I wanna be a part of it New Mexico.
I wanna wake up in a city that's full of art.
 And find I'm Queen of the Plaza, top of the Mountain.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Simply Inspiring Flea Market Merchandising!

Hi everyone!

    Oh wow, its been that long since my last post? My oh my, where has the time gone? I'm glad to be back, and I promise not to wait 10 months to post another blog :)

Now onto this latest and greatest topic I want to talk about...


This weekend I will be attending/having a booth at the Mercantile Market in Fullerton Ca. and I have been scouring pinterest for some inspo. I have done this flea market before and I can't wait to get my creative juices flowing and set up my booth. 

Having my own business has been a dream of mine and going to the flea markets makes it all that much more real and fulfilling. I have an online store, however it does not give me the same fulfillment as human interaction, customer service and creativity of merchandising my products that create a one of a kind experience. 

Here are some booths I found online while on my quest: 


my flea market booth: vintage, handmade, boho splendor!  Silverlake, Los Angeles.

Our set up at the Sunday flea market at Space 15 Twenty! x

Children's Section at RVA After | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Vintage By Design shop in Occidental,  Visual Merchandising and display ideas.

Image may contain: indoor

Ok everyone thats just a small preview of all the amazing things I saw online while searching google and pinterest! Time to get to organizing and preparing for my own booth this weekend!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wandering Uptown Whittier

Some days are just meant for wondering, don't you think so too? I don't have the luxury of dropping my full time job and traveling the world so instead I randomly go on what you might call day trips, er more like a couple hour trips to get my mind and body away from the norm of daily life. To me one of the most fun things is to find something new even if its a shop I found on Instagram  that is a 25 min drive away. I think it all goes back to our animal instincts of Hunter & Gatherer. 

I have been following this store Local Fixture on Instagram for quite some time. All of their pictures are so cute and the products they carry are some of my favorite brands! They have a great online presence and I was so pleased when I walked into the store to see that it is just as inviting to curious minds and the ambiance is inviting! Their entry table features Frasier Fir candles that smell like Christmas! 

If you love Voluspa candles they have every scent and their reasonably priced. My favorites are sake lemon flower and Santiago huckleberry but honestly I could smell all of them and be in heaven. 

The center of the store features children and baby clothing, accessories, books and toys. You will be saying that's cute like a million times. Trust me, I did! 

One thing I really liked about this store is there is a built in coffee shop! They serve Stumptown roasters which is always a smooth coffee in my opinion. Anthony was my Barista, he was so knowledgeable and friendly and he made me a killer latte! 

Oh look, there's my latte! Check out Local Fixture for the cute gifts and goodies and stay for the coffee! 

I walked by this window front and was attracted to the simplicity of it so I of course had to go in and look at Haute Mess.

Haute Mess is two boutiques in one and features a boho luxe side as well as a more casual everyday side. Love the space how light and airy it feels. 

The colors in this rug are like a tequila sunset. I need this rug in my life! 

Here is the more casual side of Haute Mess featuring baseball caps, bomber jackets and basics. 

This concludes my wandering of uptown Whittier! I hope you enjoyed, and please go support local small businesses and tell them I sent you! 

Btw I saw this Psychic Hut on the way home and thought it was the cutest thing ever! I want to live in it!