Friday, September 11, 2015


- (saw this in In style thought I would try it)

1. Favorite Accessory? EVIL EYE BRACELET
2. What do you wear when you're down? PERFUME
3. When you're feeling pretty? A SMILE
4. When its raining? I FEEL LIKE A KID
5. What do you sleep in? SHORTS & A TANK
7. Handbag? A BLACK DR BAG
8. Jeans? WHBM
9. Worst fashion moment? EARLY 2000S
10. Moms style? PREPPY
11. Your California style? BUSINESS MEETS BOHO
12. Your travel style? PRINTS & COMFORT
13. Three places you'd rather be right now? DANCING, EATING, OUTSIDE
15. Favorite thing? WHEN I WAKE UP & FEELING AWESOME
16. Celebrity crush? AVAN JOGIA
17. Favorite color? GREEN
20. Your dream/goal? HAVING A HOME & PAYING OFF DEBT
21. Your dream last night? FLYING
22. Your fear? THROWING UP
23. Where do you want to be in 10 years? HAPPY, MARRIED, NEW EXPERIENCES, KIDS
24. On your wish list? A TRIP TO THE SPA
25. Your Tv? NETFLIX
26. Your computer? RYAN'S LG
28. Your mood? OPTOMISTIC
29. Last time you cried? LAST WEEK
30. Last time you laughed? YESTERDAY

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I felt the change, it's always the end of August and early September that I feel like Fall is creeping it's way in. It's in your coffee, your clothing stores and all over pinterest...we must face the inevitable, FALL IS COMING! The weather today was quite fitting, gloomy and a tad cooler, like a day at the beach in Spring. During my typical Coffee run I made a stop at TJ Maxx and was quite pleased with their BASIC BITCH selection :0 

See for yourself!

This DKNY wrap top was cozy and I loved the berry/wine color! It was a bit pricey for what it was so I passed it along its way. And don't mind my stupid look on my face, should have cropped it out LOL

This sexy top by Lily White is perfect to throw on under a sweater or Leather Jacket and under 9 bucks SCORE!

This jacket was amazing and under 20 bucks! The brand is called BCNU 

I really wanted a marled grey Sweater, this one by Poof was cute, but it kept rolling open and was itchy on the skin pass! 

This top from Kim & Cami was actually pretty cute and I wanted it, but passed it up...maybe next time. 

Hope this got you inspired to go shopping..hehe :) What do you think? Are you in on the nuetral/basics trend for fall? 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Palm Springs Summer Vacay

What better way to kick off the start of Summer than a trip to Palm Springs! It's only about an hour and a half drive from OC and it seems like a world away because of the lax desert vibes. If you're like me and think of Vegas and run the other way this is a place for you then ;) I mapped out my two and a half days to have a bit of everything to do since I knew we would want to live it up because we hardly get to go out the two of us! First off we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was super cool looking but seemed to have lots of hidden fees :/ price you pay to stay at a resort I guess...oh well...onto the fun stuff!!!

We set off to the desert in the morning and arrived at Morongo casino before 10 am! I've never actually been here before, but driven by the tall casino/hotel each and every time we pass into Palm Springs!. I found my fav slot machine (Sex and The City) and an Iced Latte and I was in the zone! After pressing buttons vicariously and not knowing what the hell I was doing, I realized I was hungry and I better find my other half and get along our way. 

We hopped back into the car and drove on over to Aladdin Cafe in Cathedral city and we were in love! Ry and I love Lebanese food & Kabobs so this was our little oasis in the desert! Family owned and it has a deli and market all in one, this is a place that I highly recommend for a simple bite of well made Mediterranean food! 

Here is a look at our Amazing platter from Aladdin cafe! 

After eating it was time to head to town and get situated into our Hotel room and get our drink on! I think it was about 110' that day, which explains the look on my face! LOL

First things first, a drink from Bongo Johnnys where we seem to always have a fun time! Last time we came together was on my birthday and the men here got us TURNT! They LOVE TO PARTY AND DRINK at this place! I got a Moscow Mule, I'm sure Ry got a beer, and all was well in our world.

After drinks we went to the courthouse and got married, GOTCHA! No I just happened to stumble upon this cute little chapel in downtown. 

In a drunken frenzy Ry decided to get a hot shave. Seems like when he has had a few his egotistical self turns up the noise and he suddenly cares about his looks and wants to be noticed by the world for his good looks. I said good for you, and me and decided to leave him at the barbers and explore. Thats how I ended up going on this flight of stairs with pretty Spanish tiles and a great view of the street below! 

My view from the rooftop, was hot as all hell btw!

And the final reveal of Rys new look! HOT PERSIAN NOT PERSIAN LOOK! Hehe thats an inside joke so you may not understand. Anyway he looked amazing :0 thanks to @je_zeus_the_barber 
(that's his instagram if you're in Palm Springs and need a hair cut/shave shout out to him!)

Even after all that we still had time to sit by the pool and drink our Adult beverages and melt into the night! 

During the week the Cabanas at the resort are non-reserved so I snatched one up and thank god I did or else I would have turned into a lobster!

We headed out that night to the Street fair which is every Thursday night in downtown. Here's how I looked, not sure why I wore that shoes, I thought I was gonna die of a heatstroke and day drinking! Oh the memories!~ 

Had dinner at La Terraza, mediocre Mexican food to say the least. Lat time I went here it was really good, this time eh. Maybe it was the Transvestite Acid rock Guitar player from the street fair that was competing with our attention for our meal! NO SERIOUSLY IT WAS BETTER THAN THE FOOD!

Ry and I could barely stay awake after eating so we went on over to the casino and spent our evening living the Air conditioned high life! SO NOT VEGAS LOL

Next morning it was up and at em! We had breakfast at the Kings Highway Diner inside the Ace hotel! Was really good we had a Moroccan Scramble...I'm actually looking at their menu now, trying to think of re-creating it myself! After breakfast it was off to the AERIAL TRAM! After walking around for a few hrs on the mountain top we HAD to have a beer! Lol what would we do without beer...

After having a light lunch of BLT and fries at Sherman's Deli we headed back to our hotel room where Ry stayed in the cave and I headed poolside! Dont ask, he doesn't do pools..I on the other hand love them...can you tell! I was in my happy place! 

Our final dinner of our trip was spent at Greek Islands where we were serenaded by a talented guitar player! We danced with the owner who thought Ry was Greek! Of course! 

All in all we had a great time getting away and treating ourselves to some R&R and spending time with one another! We shared most of our food we ate so we were able to try many things and not spend as much money! Till next time Palm Spring 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer Musings!

Yeah of course summers almost over and I'm just getting around to talking about it on here. This summer wasn't AMAZING or anything...but it was spent with family and friends so I cant complain. 

As usual it was gloomy in June, lots of clouds and walks to the coffee shop for their new cold brew coffee yum! I was counting down the days till mid June because I was going on my week long vacay from life/work/stress/life/stress/work you know... I'll be sharing more on that trip in a later post...

Basically I started my summer off by getting Loki a life vest! He's a boy but hot pink is just so much fun (and was the only one left in his size lol) he loves it as you can see. Many a day was spent by the pool or in it with a beer in hand and some relaxing world groove music in the background to tune out the sound of my anxious thoughts :0

Another favorite thing I did this summer was go for walks, weather on the trail or in the town I brought Loki with me and sometimes my crazy guy ;) some people said I looked like I lost weight, must be all the walking I do with the dog lately...however I feel like I gained it back from eating vicarious amounts of chips and sweet tea! Ooops! 

I tried on almost every piece from the Summer collection at work and fell in love! Summer is my fav time to buy clothes! Everything looks good on me :) I bought quite a few pieces from this collection. Im actually wearing the green shorts as I write this! So go check out WHBM for the end of Summer SALE! Alrighty ya'll I have to get back to doing my house chores before it gets any later! Can't wait to share more! 

Peace Out!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Funday in Downtown Anaheim

I'm pretty simple in some ways, I love coffee, looking at magical objects and eating flavorful food! One of my rare Sundays off I had nothing to do so I ventured off to Anaheim which is a town over and I brought the dog with me as my date because he loves to people watch with me.  

I went to center street promenade and decided it's time to try out Pour Vida, a latin fusion cafe. They had been doing construction all spring and I was drawn in by the decor and the fact that they sell TACOS! I've since been here a few more times, I've met the owner Jimmy and he is very nice and genuinely has a passion for his business! I say go try it!

There were people that came from all over to try this place and were loving it! I tried all of the tacos from the LAND and I loved the pineapple skirt steak! I was in love with the decor of the patio, the bench in the picture is handmade from cinder blocks and wood and the textile on that cushion is so cute!

Here's a little snippet of the menu, they have a ton of stuff to choose from, they serve alcohol & juices as well and they pair very well with the food! And don't forget happy hour specials!

After eating Loki and I went for a walk to the farmers market and he could not stand the heat any longer and just plopped down on the grass lol. End to a great Sunday!

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Little Birthday Fun


Another year tacked off my life as my birthday was a few months ago. I will say this has been a great year filled with lots of newness and an abundance of hard earned goodies. But I'm ready for more adventure and happiness from life experiences! I realized that the physical comforts do fulfill a purpose, but there is something greater in life than saying I have a full time Job and a new car, etc. I think this year I want to go back to the basics. I don't want to become a slave to my job because I have a car payment and bills to pay. I want to travel! I've been slowly urging to go somewhere far away off the grid and play tourist! This may sound weird to those of you who know me...but people change. So all in all, I guess the best gift I had this birthday was to spend it with people I love and to have a great introspect on what's becoming more important to me as time passes and I spend more of it locked away in a boutique vs outside and experiencing it! 

-A few of the places we went to on my Birthday-
Succulents by the sea.

The Anaheim Farmers Market (vendor succulents by the sea).

Afternoon Delights at Les Amis Lebanese Food.

Feeling inspired to decorate inside Les Amis.

Love mermaids, it was a sign. 

Dramatic painting action.

Posing with my mom & pup outside Les Amis.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015




The puppy needed a washing and I needed a new pair of jeans, what better idea than to take him to the groomers and myself to the GAP! Aha moment for this puppy mom! I dropped Loki off to our usual place All About Puppies! We really like this place and he always comes out happy and looking fabulous! I was told that Loki falls asleep while their trimming him :0 Anyhoo Mommy was off to the South Coast Plaza to get her shop on! Coffee in hand I was ready to go enjoy myself! Btw I wish I still had these sunglasses...where did they go? This is why I can't have nice things, they go missing LOL! 

I arrived to South Coast Plaza and started trying on the jeans at GAP. I also tried on these really cute tops, but I think they make me look bigger or like I'm pregnant, and so I said NO...but I love this boxier style of tops...ahhhh oh well! 

I ended up leaving with these white jeans! I love them, but they're tight as a...I don't know what...but they make my butt look great! The only disadvantage is I cant wear them to work :( and this Summer was so hot I didn't even get to wear them more than a few times. Maybe this fall I will pair them with something! 

Just when I was getting used to trying on clothes and finding things I loved, I got a call from the groomers! Loki was ready to go! NOOO! But I had to finish up my try on session and drive back to get this crazy pup! Look how happy he was to see me! 

Since Loki looked so adorable I just had to take a picture with the Easter Bunny at Brea Mall! The kids were all loving it, the photo staff not so much, but they let me do it anyway lol! The joys this little guy brings in our lives is crazy! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Out Of This World Active Wear

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you should be in the know that active wear inspired clothing is so in! I do admit that when this trend came out last Spring I was hesitant...but look at me now, I'm a huge sucker for it! Elevated jogger pants, elastic waistlines, varsity jackets, baseball caps and workout shoes just to name a few hot items from this trend. 

What I love most about this Active Wear movement is that you don't have to actually have to workout to wear it although I should start. Did you know it's only a week till February? Where does the time go? We'll no time to waist here! Take a look at some of my top items on my list, links included if you're loving them too!

Silk drapey Jogger Pant from WHBM I want them!

Tropicana Leggings Trina Turk makes me wanna go to Brazil or to the coffee shop, whatever happens first! 

Evie Leggings Anthropologie such a cute outfit for running errands lol. Did you catch get my joke? 

Blush sweatpants Kings Of Cole I could just sleep in these? Right? NO need to workout! 

Logo Baseball Cap GAP

There you have it, it's a start to either dressing up to workout or just getting a coffee and a target run! You be the decider of your destiny. 

Check back as may be adding more to this list of active wear!