Thursday, September 29, 2016

Vegas Dress Shopping at Charlotte Russe

Earlier this month I went on a trip to Vegas which was amazing to say the least, but I was so concerned about what to wear I was going a little cookoo! I hadn't been to Las Vegas since I was 15 or so and I had no idea what to expect really. I just knew that people that usually go are drinking a lot and wearing close to nothing to the clubs! I was at my wits end trying to find a dress for our crazy Night club outing and I ended up walking into Charlotte Russe and thought what the heck so I tried on a few dresses. Can you guess which one I went home with??
Nuetral, sexy style.

Fun, bright and flirty.

Outerspace meets club girl.

Greek goddess.
SO which one was your have? And which one do you think I picked?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Flea Market Finds

Hi guys! Its been a while since I last did a blog post, right? Well everything is going good for me, just been really busy working fulltime and doing my side business which is my online shop as well as flea marketing. I'm really happy that I got back into this because a few years ago I started and somehow just it feels really awesome to have my hobby that brings me some extra cash as well as a sense of creative freedom! Thank you for everyone who has ever bought something from me, supported my flea markets, like my pics on instagram or has been a follower of this blog, it's all very special to me, so thank you.
I'm super excited to announce I will be at the Mercantile flea market Saturday Oct 1st!
 I had taken a couple months off to start collecting again and I have an amazing little spread for ya'll!
One of my favorite things to do once I collect merchandise to sell is have a little photo shoot to bring it all together and tell a story. The most recent round up of treasures seems to have a theme...lots of wicker, bold colors like fuchsia as well as textures and prints!  
A lot of people ask where I find my items that I sell! Well, I find my items all over the place from thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, consignment, and from my own collection of vintage apparel and d├ęcor. If I don't love it, I don't want it in my collection...I've become more picky over what I take into my collection as its a representation of me.
So now that you know a little about my process of how I pick items and have fun photographing them and selling them, take a look at what I have to bring to the next Mercantile Flea Market on Saturday October 1st!
Here is a little spread of what I will have for sale at the market, also most items are listen on my online shop for sale as well. Doggy not included!

Vintage hand made Apron

Vintage Tribal Backpack

Vintage Straw Bag

Vintage Camel Cardigan

Retro Cherokee Tote

Wicker wine rack

Vintage embroidered tunic

Daisy crop top

Vintage VS crop top

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day Off Indulgences

 I believe I deserve nice things and so do you! You work hard, spend 40 hrs a week on your feet and another 7 driving dealing with whatever life throws at indulge once in a while! 
You're worth it! 


I think that my love language is a mix of 3 different styles: words of affirmation, gifts & of course time. Since I'm a Taurus I love to indulge, I think that is why I struggle with some things in my life including my fluctuating weight as well as spending too much money on coffee! With that said, I have lost quite a bit of weight, and I don't get coffee every day. The picture above is a collection of nice things I gave to myself as a gift...I had a crazy week at work so it was well deserved! 

This rose water chocolate from Mothers Market was crispy, tart and great for a sweet tooth! 

I picked up this cute little Gardenia scented mason jar candle from Celias Reloved! Find her on INstagram @Celiasreloved

I headed over to Trader Joes for some Vino...yum! 

Oh and of course fresh flowers! 

And once again, another Gardenia product! This body wash from Mothers Market is great for sensitive skin! 


I have family in town so it was chore day so before I could do anything fun I had to finish my cleaning and then it was off to have fun! 
My forst pit stop was The Aussie Bean in Old Town Orange! How could I not take a pic of this cute latte! 

Stopping in one of the many vintage stores! 

So much vintage, so little time! 

I found so many amazing dresses! 

This bag was soo cool! Beaded perfection! 

Vintage platforms with embroidery, sigh! 

Not every day off is filled up with this much fun stuff, this just happened to be an extra amazing week! Whats your favorite thing to do on a day off? Any great places in Orange County? Thrift stores? Coffee shops? DO TELL! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mercantile Market May 7th

 Some of you may, or may not know that I have taken up a hobby of selling at Flea Markets! I have done two so far this year at the Mercantile Market in Downtown Fullerton, they're super fun and rewarding. I put lots of thought into what I'm doing because this is after all an expression of myself. There is a ton of behind the scenes work that goes into planning for these shows, I have to go hunting for pieces I know my customers will love and I try my best to listen to what you want and find it!

I also have an online store where I sell mostly apparel for baby, kids & adult so please check it out!

Here is my booth at the Mercantile Market this past May! This time around I brought my vintage clothing collection as well as second hand kids wear! Such a hit, if you love unique bright and fun clothing I have it! 

We sell succulents in vintage mugs and the're going for amazing prices! They make great gifts! Also so many people wanted to buy my display, its not for sale, but if you like it I found it at Ikea! 

Here is another view of our booth, chock full of vintage, bright colors and great deals! 

Don't forget you can find us on instagram @shopdecoaurora we're having a contest! check it out now!!!

The best feeling I get from doing these Flea Markets is seeing my customers happy when they find a new treasure! This little girl Natalie stole my heart, she was so excited after her mom got her this elephant romper and jacket! She came back a few moments later and had changed into it to show me her new look!

Check out the Next Mercantile Market Saturday June 2nd!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Birthday Girl

 Where does the time go? 
The days are long and the years are short, it's so true! 
How many times have you thought to yourself, this year will be different, I will be different? I believe this year to be different than last, and the years before. Why you may ask? I've grown to love myself more and more  and I have started to make room for myself to grow into the person I want to be now! I even went and saw a psychic and a tarot card reader, both told me almost the same thing! Having a psychic tell me things about myself that made me feel so open and vulnerable really got me thinking. I have some big goals in my life I want to accomplish and I know that I have a higher calling. I could go on forever talking about this stuff but this post is supposed to be about my Birthday celebrations so I'll save that for another time! 

Me and my lovely ladies Karen and Nilu hanging out in Belmont Shore after having a delicious lunch at Open Sesame! 

When Nilu is around a photoshoot is bound to happen! 

Posing silly with Nilu! 

We flagged down a biker to take this photo of all three of us! 

Karen and I always laughing lol! 

On a separate occasion the ladies took Karen and I out for our Birthdays since we're only 2 weeks apart! 

Birthday Fun at D'vine in Fullerton!

Posing with my boy at D'vine 

All my birthday loot! Thank you everyone!!! 

So once again, thank you everyone for your Birthday wishes, gifts and time spent with me! You all are very loved and made this Taurus feel very special that week! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

A few things I do that make me feel like me

I start work in two hours so that means I have just enough time to start writing a blog post. 
Its been an inspiring week and I feel like there are signs from all over the universe guiding me into the right direction. I have had some meaningful time spent alone as well as with other people. I'm trying to have "more fun" and not worry so much about the little things. A few weeks ago I saw a psychic and she told me a ton of things, it was super strange to feel so vulnerable and unsure if what she was saying was true or not. 

The things she said that made me think...
Ill be a mother, not now but in a few years. That I will be a successful Business woman, because I have vision and drive. That I have a dark spirit following me, That I want to be happy but that I only will be if I let whatever happened to me in my past go free.

As you can see it was pretty intense, full of tears and I was scared, but I knew that she was right because for a long time I had been unhappy and it wasn't until a few years ago that I have really started to find myself as a creative person.

A few things that make me feel like me...

collecting items to sell at my flea market booth & online store
playing with my puppy walking him and just his presence
smelling new perfume scents & trying lotions ahhh
savoring an iced cold beverage of coffee or a sparkling drink
watching children play and smile makes me happy
dancing and singing to amazing music
wearing colorful flowy clothing and accessories
warm weather, sunshine and greenery

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mercantile Flea Market May 7th

Hi Ya'll! 
It's Spring and you know what that means? Its time to put your floppy hats on and a sundress and head out to the flea market! I hope you've all filed your taxes and are ready to come shop at my booth at the Mercantile Flea Market coming up on Saturday May 7th! 

Mercantile Flea Market 
115 south harbor Blvd
Fullerton CA 92832

I sold here a couple months ago and it was a amazing experience personally. I love what I do and I have put alot of thought into what I sell and how I merchandise my collection of antiques and vintage/second hand clothing. I hope that you will be able to make it to this coming up Flea Market in Downtown Fullerton! 

Things I will be selling this time:

*brass candlesticks 
*vintage/secondhand clothing
*antique platters/bowls
*charm necklaces
*willow blue plates
*vintage glassware

Below are some shots of the March Flea Market which I was so happy to be a part of! 

Lots of Amazing candlesticks with intricate Details and at great prices!

Copper Kettles were very popular, and the yarn tote has a new home!

Succulents were on fire! And all of the pink plates & tea kettle sold fast!

Selfie stick time!

Miniature dollhouse baskets! 

Jewelry was a huge hit especially brooches!

My mother and I enjoying the day!