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Out Of This World Active Wear

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you should be in the know that active wear inspired clothing is so in! I do admit that when this trend came out last Spring I was hesitant...but look at me now, I'm a huge sucker for it! Elevated jogger pants, elastic waistlines, varsity jackets, baseball caps and workout shoes just to name a few hot items from this trend. 
What I love most about this Active Wear movement is that you don't have to actually have to workout to wear it although I should start. Did you know it's only a week till February? Where does the time go? We'll no time to waist here! Take a look at some of my top items on my list, links included if you're loving them too!  Enjoy! 

Tropicana Leggings Trina Turk makes me wanna go to Brazil or to the coffee shop, whatever happens first! 

Evie Leggings Anthropologie such a cute outfit for running errands lol. Did you catch get my joke? 

Blush sweatpants Kings Of Cole I could just sleep i…


On my day off I tend to do anything that involves not staying home and sitting on the couch! There are cafes to try, places to be seen and cities to be explored So when I get a random day during the week by myself I do exactly that, EXPLORE!

  This week I spent both of my days off pretending to be a resident of Downtown Anaheim. I always rant & rave about it and most people don'y have a clue what I'm referring if you're one of those people welcome to my blog I hope you love it :) You can find yourself parking the car and having a mini day trip on the Center Street Promenade and here are a few of the places I visited this last week.

After walking by the trapeze place I was coming up on RARE! Here's a few pics of the place below. 

After stopping at RARE I walked on back to the Center Street Promenade to check out some other stores. There's quite a few I've frequented and some that I finally got a chance to go into and chat with. 


It's been a favorite pastime for years, thanks to my get up and go Mother. As a teen and young adult until now I have always loved going to the beach and it's conveniently located 25 mins away from me most of my life living in So-Cal. Yes I love the rush of the cold salty ocean water, but I think I might love even more the small towns that are lined up along PCH throughout California. I don't really have a favorite beach to go to but I'm going to talk about a store in Crystal Cove situated between Corona Del Mar & Laguna Beach. 
     If you drive from Newport beach south on PCH you'll find yourself on a narrow road filled with car and tourists walking through the streets looking for shelter from the hot sun. If you keep going past the Shake Shack on the right (which is great btw) you'll come across the Crystal Cove Promenade. Go inside park the car and walk on into Juxtaposition Home! You wont be disappointed my friends. This store is the best place t…


What is it exactly about a romper or jumpsuit that exudes Summer cool girl vibes?
 I love that its not just another pair of jean cut off shorts that every other damn person on INSTA was sporting last summer (thanks to Ascot&Hart). I don't wear size I DON'T EAT so I don't really look all that great in short shorts. So what do I do to keep cool and eclectic looking? 
Wear a romper or a jumpsuit of course! 
I think all that I'll be seen in (on my days off) all Spring and Summer! In no particular order I have a few of my favs that I saw online. If you like them too go ahead and click on the direct link. 


It seems that  no matter what I do I'm always attracted to the same interiors. I cant help but love fuchsia, gold, mirrors, eclectic collections, Persian rugs, and foliage all against a white background! I started collecting photos of some of my favorite spaces and noticed so many similarities its crazy. 


Another year gone but so much wisdom and blessings gained! 
If you know me well you know of my personal struggles I had faced and how far I have come. Its safe to say that persistence and hard work will get you places in life, as well as some tough love. Sometimes you have to take a step even if you cant see the stairs and just trust your gut feelings that it's happening for a reason. 

The best way to turn your dreams into reality is by writing a life list, like the one above! I created this list a while back and I have accomplished many of the tasks at hand. Whatever I didn't get to do I'm going to reassess and decide if I want it in my life and if so I'm adding it to my 2015 life list! By doing this I think I was able to look back at how many great blessings (in disguise) I was given!

Here is a photographic Memory book of my awesome year 2014 POR VIDA! What a crazy year of challenges & first times and big decisions!Everything happens for a reason and I'm so t…