Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Funday in Downtown Anaheim

I'm pretty simple in some ways, I love coffee, looking at magical objects and eating flavorful food! One of my rare Sundays off I had nothing to do so I ventured off to Anaheim which is a town over and I brought the dog with me as my date because he loves to people watch with me.  

I went to center street promenade and decided it's time to try out Pour Vida, a latin fusion cafe. They had been doing construction all spring and I was drawn in by the decor and the fact that they sell TACOS! I've since been here a few more times, I've met the owner Jimmy and he is very nice and genuinely has a passion for his business! I say go try it!

There were people that came from all over to try this place and were loving it! I tried all of the tacos from the LAND and I loved the pineapple skirt steak! I was in love with the decor of the patio, the bench in the picture is handmade from cinder blocks and wood and the textile on that cushion is so cute!

Here's a little snippet of the menu, they have a ton of stuff to choose from, they serve alcohol & juices as well and they pair very well with the food! And don't forget happy hour specials!

After eating Loki and I went for a walk to the farmers market and he could not stand the heat any longer and just plopped down on the grass lol. End to a great Sunday!

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Little Birthday Fun


Another year tacked off my life as my birthday was a few months ago. I will say this has been a great year filled with lots of newness and an abundance of hard earned goodies. But I'm ready for more adventure and happiness from life experiences! I realized that the physical comforts do fulfill a purpose, but there is something greater in life than saying I have a full time Job and a new car, etc. I think this year I want to go back to the basics. I don't want to become a slave to my job because I have a car payment and bills to pay. I want to travel! I've been slowly urging to go somewhere far away off the grid and play tourist! This may sound weird to those of you who know me...but people change. So all in all, I guess the best gift I had this birthday was to spend it with people I love and to have a great introspect on what's becoming more important to me as time passes and I spend more of it locked away in a boutique vs outside and experiencing it! 

-A few of the places we went to on my Birthday-
Succulents by the sea.

The Anaheim Farmers Market (vendor succulents by the sea).

Afternoon Delights at Les Amis Lebanese Food.

Feeling inspired to decorate inside Les Amis.

Love mermaids, it was a sign. 

Dramatic painting action.

Posing with my mom & pup outside Les Amis.