Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Thousand and Busy

2011 was one of the fastest years, Im sure it's because I was busy most of it. I had classes Spring, Summer and Fall along with a great internship. All this along with my other job left little time to play. But I managed to get in alot of fun events into my free time. Im in the midst of prepping for my new year of classes and work schedules, hoping it as just as great if not more successful & fulfilling as 2011 has been! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mexico City, One Color At A Time

My fav cooking show is "Mexico One Plate At A Time" with host Rick Bayless. As you might guess it takes place mostly in Mexico, and partially his home in Chicago Illinois. I have a fond fascination with Mexico but have never really been past the border for more than an hr. So this tv show is my guilty pleasure-always funny and makes me feel like I'm there tasting the food and taking in the scenery. 

The latest destination was in Mexico City where they tried Chicheron aka fried cheese and fish enchiladas. NomNomNom. 

I looked up a few places in Mexico City and just fell head over heels for the colors schemes used for everyday items decor, marketplaces, I decided to share what I found. 
fuchsia, citron, lime, aqua, orange, red the list goes on. 

image via
Street Market in Mexico City

image via 
Container City, Mexico City

image via
Roadside fruit stand. 

image via

muy muy elegante - mexican embroidery teardrop earrings - reserved for cutty
image via
Jennifer Morris Mexico City earrings

image via 
Otomi embroidery. 

image via
Nautilus Water house Mexico City. 

image via
Vintage Mexico City Olympics poster. 

image via
Mexico City knit bus.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tumbleweed Snow Man?

It's kinda hard to make a snow man when you live in Sunny Orange County California. Instead you make due with Mother Natures other resources, such as tumbleweeds! Tumbleweeds? Really, yes really.

What do you think of our Tumbleweed Snowman?

Pretty cool.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights in Brea CA

Do you live in Orange County?
Do you like Christmas?
Do you like lights?
Do you have kids?
Do you need some Christmas Cheer?


Last night I went on my yearly Christmas light drive and it was Spectacular! The amount of lights is unbelievable and the cards and people too (haha). You can either drive or walk through this huge Christmas light filled neighborhood in Brea, CA off of Starflower and Birch street. 

Go to my Christmas is So-Cal Blog post to find more info and see lots of cool photos from this neighborhood. Not to be missed. This year there is a construction sign guiding traffic its that outta control! 

Some guy let me into hit house last year and it was NUTS! 

A Very Road Less Traveled Christmas

If you know me in real life you have probably heard me endlessly talking about my job at the Road Less Traveled. Its less of a job and more of a unique learning experience for me since owner Delilah Snell let me under her wing last February. Lots of people ask me "What is Road Less Traveled exactly?". 

Well to sum it up in a few words The Road Less Traveled is a small shop located in Santa Ana, CA featuring eco-friendly-locally made-DIY- homesteading products for you and your household as well as canning, sewing, blogging workshops. 

We have handpicked  everything we sell at our shop from local crafters, american small businesses, fair traded goods, antiques, eco-friendly & recycled products. 

Please take a moment to look at what our shop has to offer you this Holiday season as well as all year round! 
My Grandmothers vintage Christmas tree holding handmade ornaments. I especially love the Mr Bojangles cat Ornament. Proceeds go toward his medical expenses. On the table you see we have the cutest recipe dice, DIY Pickle Kits form Backyard in a Jar as well as handmade cheese plates. 

Cute Christmas decor made from Xmas lights and Mason Jars. 

 Robes perfect for a cool morning or evening by the fireplace. And did I mention these robes were featured in Sunset Magazine? 

 100% organic cotton towels would be just right for your guest bathroom during Christmas time. The colors are inspired nature, can you tell? 

This is just one of many pots and plates we have on display at the shop. Perfect for your holiday dinners. 

We offer gift baskets too this holiday season! We have 3 different kinds to choose from. 

One of a kind jewelry designs by Charnae. Im so glad she has her work on display at the shop, her designs are simply beautiful. Dont you think. 

I love love this line. I own 2 of the lip balms and we sold out of half of them already...they're just that good. 

Backyard In a Jar jams and Jellys are in full force this season! Try Cran-Cava! 

All sorts of kits galore: All 3 have been featured in Sunset Magazine! Come get em while we got em. 

Just a few of Random Nicoles fun pins hanging out on the branch display I made. We also have DIY headbands and necklaces too from her line! 

Make sure to stop by the shop this week. We will be open on Christmas Eve! 

For more info go to our Facebook Page and like us! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Keeping It Real

Sometimes make believe will just have to do so I just get lost in a daydream when I cant really be where I want to be. I wonder if this is healthy to have strange fantasies and lust for places you have never been or celebrity crushes.... This is certainly not an all day occurance and I know I'm not the only one who gets lost in  a daydream. I suppose it is the unknown that draws us in and makes our imagination run wild. 
Some things things are better untouched. 

But there is always deep down that feeling of what if, why not...unsettling questions and late anxiety filled nights. Is this what growing up feels like? I big what if? All week I have seen so many things saying" why not", "change", "Whats stopping you"...Looks like I have some self studying to do these next few weeks, better yet the next few years. Oh yeah and Oprahs new show "Life Class" or whatever...sounds like a great idea, but we aint all Billionairess;s. Trick needs to donate her money along with all of the other wealthy ass peeps to the less fortunate and help them. I know Im going to watch her new show where she goes all around the country talking to rich over paid celebs rather than hard working underpaid lower middle class folks like she had before. Sad I know, but America loves drama, celebs, and fast food. 

So yeah back to the fantasies to get me through the day, week and the rest of my life (2012 is coming). 

This bed is amazing, I saw it in person in Palm Springs. I want to desperately go back soon. Every time I go there I instantly feel relaxed and like myself. 

Since I will probably never step foot in Brazil I will look at it from afar. SO  jealous of the chick at the end of this video. One day.

For some reason I have a major crush on Vincent Gallo ever since I watched Brown Bunny and that movie SUCKED no pun intended. So Im hoping Buffalo 66 is better. Honestly Im not interested in the acting I just want Vincent Gallo being a creepy hot guy. So what...?

Have you anything you desperately want or fantasize about? 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Patchwork Festival Culver City

Back in November my mother and I volunteered at the Patchwork Festival in Culver City, California. This was the first time the festival was held in location and it was a very successful show. I was able to take lots of photos of my favorite vendors that I wanted to share with you all. So if you're still looking for holiday gifts you're sure to find great ideas in this post! 

Join me on a trip to Patchwork Culver City Ya'll!

Apparel Analysis Client Assessment

Client Analysis 

Part 1: Client Assessment 

     My client is my sister; Leigh a 23 year old female form Southern California. Leigh’s body is an hourglass shape that can also come off as a pear shape depending on her weight. Her body measurements are 33” chest, 26” waist and a 35” hip with a cross shoulder measurement of 17”. Her head is 8” and her height is a total of 64” also known as 5’3”. In order for her body to be perfectly proportioned she must be at least 16” per proportion. From feet to knee she is 18” knee t hip 12” knee to chest 17” and chest to head 17”. So her shortest part of her body is her knee to hip area coming in 4 inches shorter than they should be. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Congregation Ale House, Long Beach

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I ventured to his old stomping grounds A.K.A. Long Beach to meet up with his scholarly friends. Whenever we go to Long Beach its a big deal and its not like it's far, it's just a different place than Orange County. Long Beach is a rougher grittier area of Southern California.

 I have only been to Long Beach a hand full of times and it has always been very much a city lifestyle, fast paced, utilitarian , hipstered out, thugged get it. This is only my personal opinion based on my own experiences, but I still love it because of the diverseness and the people that I personally know that live there are awesome! And did I mention that Patchwork is held there bi-annually? 

This most recent stint in Long Beach consisted of a night at the Congregation Ale House. I had never been, but everyone else is from the groups is familiar with the place. I loved the Gothic interior design details and decor, the theme, and the beer selection at the Congregation Ale House. I decided to be crazy camera lady and shoot up the place: no persons were harmed in doing so because the flash was off (haha). 


 Huge iron chandeliers were the main light source with at least 5 within the space.

 The bar featured a Lancet Arch stained glass window with the Congregation Ale House's Logo. It looks cool with the silhouette of the taps in front of it. 

 Distressed wood bar tables.

 Gargoyles were seen throughout the space, as well as chalk boards with Olde English script. 

 This was my favorite gargoyle it made me think of St. Margaret who defeated the Dragon. All of you Olde English folks know what Im talking about. 

 More Gothic architectural details with an arched wall. 

 The Beautiful and smart  people of Long Beach! 

 Catching up over a Chimay triple white! 

 A view walking up from the street. 

 The promenade across the street.

 The Bank. 

 Freezing my ass off because I forgot a change of clothes. But I looked cute so who cares. 

That's what she said....

Look at all of the Greek revival architectural details on the side of the building. 

Go check out the Congregation Ale house might I suggest that you order a Chimay white.