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Musical Escape

Let the whimsical melodies of Little Dragon mixed with vintage films release your mind. Its the weekend and not all of us have the luxury of having it off. At least a musical escape can help you unwind for just a moment. 

Best of TV this week

Proof that you need'nt cable tv to find watch-worthy shows! Oh and did I mention I dont have tivo...yeah. Almond-Crusted Chicken With Sweet Potato
Almond-Crusted Chicken With Sweet Potato & Asparagus-Dr Oz Show
Nutritional Homemade Cocktails-At Home With Lisa Quinn
DIY Coat Racks-Steven & Chris
Almond-Crusted Chicken With Sweet Potato & Asparagus-Dr Oz Show
DIY Cocktails-NBC
Spring Trends-Mirror Mirror

Road Less Traveled & Belly Sprout Calendars!

Road Less Traveled & Belly Sprout workshop calendars are here and they look sooo good thanks to designer/artist Eloisa and program specialist Leigh. 
Follow us on @rltstore & @bellysprouteco for updates and info on our shops! Also you can follow me at Deco_Aurora.  

My Fav blogs of the moment #1

The Honeybee
The Honeybee-Healthy lifestyle & fashion The Petty Brewgeois- Beer Culture Project Small Blog-Urban Homesteading Belly Sprout Studio-Family Yoga Official Shenae Grimes-Fashion My Trips To The Moon-Fashion Neccesary & Proper-Preppy Lifestyle Roadkillgirl-Fashion Teenage Bedroom-Interior Decor

5 for spring: Calypso St Barth

The following are 5 items from my Spring 2012 Calypso St Barth's wish list. Dream on. 1.100% cotton Wanda Lace Tank
2. 60% cotton, 40% polyester Shoshanna handknit sweater
3. 100% cotton Sekani Marcel silkscreen tank
4. bead, leather, 14ct gold Turquoise Antwerp Earrings
5. 100% silk Bohemian Scarf

Style Tip

Style Tip: Wearing Dodgers attire the day after they are sold to Magic Johnson is like #trending but in real life.

That Spring You Do

Though being a 7 year old Elle magazine issue, this photo shoot featuring Natalie Portman surprisingly evokes the look of Spring 2012! She can do no wrong, Natalie, that is. Rocking neon, pastels, subtle tribal prints, knits, dewy skin and almost ombre hair she looks so "of the moment".  See more of what I'm talking about below, and thank me later:) 

photo source.

Style Tip

Style Tip:  Wearing a huge ass bag will make your huge ass appear smaller.

OC weekly & KCRW Happy hr @ Memphis

I've had a great night, but tonight wasn't it..I'm kidding! Of course I had a GREAT time at the KCRW OC Weekly happy hr at Memphis at the Santora in Santa Ana. It was my third time attending the awesemness event hosted by Gustavo Arrelano and Evan Klieman, both great hosts! 

This time around was a bit different from the other happy hours, how so you ask? Well, upon arrival you were given 5 free drink tickets while supplies lasted. And with those drink tickets you were able to try a sample size of OC's top 5 bar tenders concoctions!!!! Ohhhh YEAHH you read that right. 
Broadway By Amar Santanas Gabrielle Dion and Cantina Lounge's Ricky Yarnall 
The bartenders were super nice and friendly while serving up some really unique cocktails including flavors such as anise, ginger, beet and root beer, absinthe and more. You can even see the recipes for the drinks served that evening on OC weekly's blog
About to try our drinks: Leigh, Myself and Katrina sampling out sig…

style tip

style tip: Surrounding yourself with robots makes you both smart and beautiful!

DIY Chalk Board Wall

Hey everyone, If you have been to the road less traveled store than you have surely seen our massive chalkboard wall near our craft/workshop area. This was one of the first DIY projects we took on when we moved into the new space at GCAC. Our chalkboard has been the perfect place for our monthly workshops to be displayed and it always looks awesome thanks to Leigh Slater, our chalk artists and program coordinator. 
Leigh recently re-did our chalkboard for April so I sat down and talked with her about her inspirations and some tips for making your chalk pop off the board. But first let me tell you how we created our chalk board. Its easy and doesn't cost very much money to create on your own. 
DIY chalk board supply list: scale painters tape measuring tape  paint brushes chalk paint   (we used rust-oleum specialty chalk paint)
5 easy steps for making a chalk board wall: 1. The first thing we did was figure how tall and wide we wanted our chalk board to be. It is really up to you how big or s…

style tip

style tip: Just because you have 20/20 vision doesn't mean you cant wear glasses.

Oh my goth

The 90's is alive in more than just Portland! If you know what I mean, than you know what I mean. And if you dont, then Im sorry cause I aint gonna spalaaaain myself! So yeah, the 90s are back cause every twenty or so years, clothing from those twenty or so years ago tend to come back into fashion. 
I find myself wanting floral print overalls, plaid dresses, combat boots and of course a leather jacket. So when my sisters birthday rolled along last month we decided to go outside of the norm and make a pit stop at the local Goth club. This my friends seems to be a bit of a frightful event for some. But let me assure you that its more than ok to show up to the goth club and have a good time. No questions asked. 
My sister and I gathered a few friends and we got into character. So take a look below at the lovely pics and make an appearance at Necropolis in Downtown Santa Ana! Dont worry the crowd doesn't bite :)  Long live the goths!

style tip

style tip: Matching your lip color to your accessories creates a streamlined look :)

KCRW & OC WEEKLY Present Happy Hour @ Memphis!! Tonight!

Skip Taco Tuesday and head on over to Memphis at the Santora for a special happy hour brought to you by KCRW and OCWeekly! 

Evan Klieman, host of KCRW's Good Food will be hosting this special event along with OC Weekly. This is their third installment of the O.C. happy hour mash-up. I have been to all so far and thought each has had a little something special to bring to the table, and I'm not just talking about the drinks!  They have great giveaways, local celeb sightings and foods! O.C.s best bartenders will be on hand to give samples of their signature cocktails! So grab a friend and stop on by, the event is free but the food will cost you but not more than $5 a pop. 
Special menu for the evening: 
Mini beef Chicago dogs, pickled fennel relish $4 
Barbecued mushrooms, black kale, polenta $4 
Bison meatballs, sofrito, pine nuts, fried spinach $5 
Buttermilk fried chicken wings, maple-bacon gravy  $5 
The 'Cobra' slider, fried chicken, cheddar, bacon & ranch  $5
While you&…