Friday, February 13, 2009

So charming

Charm bracelets will always be around because they are so versatile and personal to whomever is wearing them. You can get them pre-made or custom make your own. That's the beauty of a charm bracelet, it holds a little symbol on your wrist that reminds you of that one time...whether it be a birthday,wedding, graduation or a new baby. you name it and there is a charm to go with it.
Juicy COuture- beach charm bracelet price unknown.
Missoni Aqua Solid Perfume Charm Bracelet $50.00

Tory Burch Charm bracelet-&295.00

bright lights, big city charm bracelet-Kate Spade-$275.00


Cafe Fashionista said...

I too am in love with Kate Spade's Bright Lights, Big City Charm Bracelet. It reminds me so much of the one Behnaz Sarafpour released for Target's GO International Collection a few years ago.

Mslay said...

Ohh I will have to take a look at Targets versions. Thanks for telling me.