Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's Crafty

One of the greatest things about blogging is discovering one of a kind creative designers. When I came across The Tote Trove I was immediately in love with the Kitchy totes and necklaces. They remind me of my childhood and whats best? All designs are handmade & designed by Tracy herself. Get to know this more about Tracy and what inspires her designs. 

Tell us about yourself, what colors make you happy.

In my free time, I love crafting (of course!), writing, blogging, shopping, going to the movies, reading, and spending time with my boyfriend and family. I went to The College of New Jersey and have a BA in English (as a result of all that reading, I guess). All colors make me happy! But my favorite is blue, particularly turquoise and sky blue. Yellow and red come in second and third; I guess I'm a primary colors kind of girl.

What was your muse behind making your own jewelry and totes?
I've always been drawn to accessories that are eye-catching, colorful, and playful; as a kid, I spent a good chunk of my allowance in Claire's Boutique. I also loved to draw and paint and took lots of art lessons. But when I started high school I sort of abandoned making things, and it wasn't until years later when my boyfriend gave me one of his hand carved duck decoys to paint that I started again. I went all out, using crazy colors and rhinestones,all the while thinking, hey, why don't I do this anymore?After that I started making accessories and haven't stopped since.

What are your favorite materials to work with? 

For the totes, I love Jacquard acrylic fabric paint. For the jewelry, I'll use almost anything that can be strung up or glued, but lately I've been really into felt, ribbon, chunky pendants, and rhinestones.

What are your best selling item's?

This is a hard one, because it seems to change all the time. When I was still doing craft fairs, my tiny totes were probably the best sellers. On Etsy it's more of a mixed bag; I've sold everything from barrettes to large totes. But I'd have to say that overall I've been the most successful with my necklaces. I recently sold five from my new Fabulous Felt line to one customer, which was a nice surprise.

Describe your jewelry& totes in 3 words?

Fun, colorful, and kitschy

Any tips for new crafter's?

Just keep on making/wearing whatever you like. If running an online handmade accessories shop and blog have taught me anything, it's that there's a market out there for you :)

Tote Trove Etsy Store

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