Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 Hours Of Flowers

Life has been rolling along like the wind and one week goes as fast as the next one begins. I started my Spring Semester a few weeks ago as well as my Internship @ The Road Less Traveled Store in Santa Ana, Ca. Keeping myself creatively busy and feeling like my life is on the right track. Isn't life funny in that way? Its a constant battle of the good the bad and the ugly. What I mean by this is that our lives have cycles. Very fitting that it is Spring and I feel like so many new and exciting things have blossomed for me personally and professionally. And in the theme of Spring I have become obsessed with my 1st big project as intern, the Spring window display. If you know me than you have heard me blabbing on and on about making paper flowers and how proud I'am of them. Take a look. 

It took me over eight hours to complete these babies. The picture in Martha Stewart Magazine made it look easy, guess again. There is more to it than cutting. I had to go through magazines and collect different colors and then use templates to make sure they were the right size. Then it was fold, fold and fold again and again. The most tedious part of it all was the placement of the flowers and gluing to the branches. That glue would not stick! But eight hours later I was so happy to be at least 1/4 done with the project. 

Here is a preview of the flowers I made in roygbv order. Next up on the to-do list is painting the fence. Cant wait to get started on it this week. 
I'm so lucky and grateful to be interning for Delilah and The Road Less Traveled

Dont forget to cast your vote, The Road Less Traveled has been nominated for best home goods via OC Hotlist.  

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doriselly said...

fabulous post !!!! Thank you so mach for showing how to make this ...I really appreciate it..Again Thanks !!!!