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Charnae Collections: Charmingly Unique Jewelry

Though she may have blonde hair and love paddle boarding, Charnae Wright is not your typical Laguna Beach girl. She is a globe trotting artisan with a true talent. When it comes to her one of a kind handmade Jewelry she is a natural. Charnae Collection pieces are eye catching and sure to have you anxiously awaiting your own custom design. To see what makes Charnae so charmingly unique I asked her a few questions about her inspirations and what makes her designs truly her own. 

Tell us about yourself.

I love color! Most of my pieces are made to make a statement and be a big part of your outfit, rather than just an addition, or added touch at the end of dressing. I usually center my clothing around my jewelry ;)

I graduated from UCSB and loved college. If I could, I would have a ton of degrees! I love learning and am a firm believer in jumping out of your comfort zone once in awhile and embracing that which is different or foreign. I am fascinated by people, different cultures and what moves people to live the lives they lead. Everyone has a unique story and I think the jewelry you wear should too. It should reflect you as a unique person, your style and the life you choose to lead.
My inspiration for my collections are usually derived from my love of nature and my love of exploring the globe! The colors and vibrancy of Barcelona, the spiciness of a Thai cooking class, or my adventures paddle boarding on the big blue. These things, and much much more, inspire me and motivate me to create. 

 My hope is that each piece is different from the others and that everyone can find something they love for any part of their life. Life is full of wonderful different experiences and adventure...and the jewelry you wear should reflect that. 

For me, creativity is everything. I guess you could say I live and breath art and creating. I even wake up in the middle of the night with design ideas. I'm creating in my dreams ;) ha! Keeping a pen and paper by my bed has been proven very useful.
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What colors make you happy? 

My eyes are usually attracted to yellow, coral and turquoise because I find them radiant and full of life. 
I have always designed ever since I was little- from creating barbie clothes or furniture out of whatever recycled things I could get my hands on, to creating my own custom prom dress, or using offbeat things at garage sales for home decor- I loved the art of it all! 

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What is your muse behind making your own jewelry?

The muse in creating my own jewelry is that I wanted to create things that didn't look mass produced or worn by a million other people. I wanted something that fit me more than any other person, something that was unique to Charnae.

 For me, style is not about what others are wearing, or what brands/trends are popular, it's about loving what you put on because it so fits you as a person, fits your story and fits your inspiration. The one- of- a kind- you. That is my passion for creating jewelry and
designing. If you love it, then that's all that should matter..

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What is your best selling design?  

I have always loved quotes. In my bedroom as a teenager, I had everyone marker their favorite quote on my door and it became the art piece of my room. I loved seeing what quote tickled everyone's fancy ;) and what moved them. So needless to say, when I made my quote/lyric necklaces they became my most popular selling item. They are great gifts because they are personal, inspiring, funny, eclectic- whatever you wish. And I love the look of the copper and brass. 

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Describe your jewelry.

Someone once asked to describe my style and I was slightly stuck ;). I couldn't seem to think of a few words to describe my style. It is always evolving and encompassing the different life experiences and adventures that inspire me. Needless to say, I came to terms that I don't have one set style. My style depends on the collection, the piece, the outfit and also the person I am creating the jewelry for. My creations range from bold vibrant and earthy, to delicate and sophisticated. 

What are your favorite materials to work with?

My favorite items to work with are anything that mother nature created! Geodes, quartz and gemstones always fascinate me. I have gone mining a couple times and loved it! Ever since I can remember I've loved the beauty of rocks, stones and crystals. I find it so amazing that mother nature creates these breath taking items. 

 I also love turquoise, pearls, copper and anything colorful! I mostly use sterling silver and gold filled so the pieces are of lasting quality and something people can wear throughout their life.

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"The best accessory is a passion for life"- Charnae Wright

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