Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thai Love You

For some reason I have become obsessed with Spicy Thai and I see no end to it. I have managed to get my hands on as many Thai infused products lately and I want more more more. Have you ever had a taste of something that all of a sudden you couldn't get enough of? 

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I bought these spicy thai chips on a whim hoping they would be just as good as they sounded. And yes they were great and I went to buy another bag and they are all sold out. Spicy, gingery perfect. 

Picked up this spicy Thai chicken salad the other day for a dinner between classes. This was such an indulgent salad with not too many calories compared to others. I bought another one this week.Yummy peanuty, spicy and just the right serving size. 

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Mmmm Thai Chicken Pizza is so wonderful. I usually get it from Schlotzky's Deli. Unexpected toppings for a pizza but together they make an aromatic mouth watering combo.

Thai Tea looks so rich and creamy but where can I get it besides in a can from the grocery store? 

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This is a dream come true: Thai Coconut Tapioca Pudding. Enough said.

Can someone tell me where the best Thai Restruant is in the Orange County area? 

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The Tote Trove said...

That pudding looks heavenly. I'm actually going out for my first-ever Thai lunch later this week. I was feeling a little scared about it, but your post has inspired me to keep an open mind :)