Sunday, November 15, 2009


It all started with a Suzani printed scarf that I bought I'm completely obsessed! The Suzani print is an antique decorative textile that originated in Central Asia.
~In Persian Suzan means needle.
~In Iran Suzankari means needlework.

~Can I please have these boots?
I know they are a bit loud, but I love them.~

~The black background of this pillow makes the turquoise stand out~

~These pillows look familiar...I think my mom bought one.~

~Ohh this ottoman could find a place in my dream home.~

~The Bokja chair is expensive, but beautiful.~

~Saw this dress at Old Navy, has anyone tried it?~

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SukJin Lee said...

Wow those boots are wonderfull! I know where you can buy them! There is a shop in Carmel, named Artemis in the Doud Arcade. They import these boots directly from Turkey!
Telephone 831-622 9242