Monday, March 1, 2010

Here today gone to Maui

Need a new read to pass the time till spring?

When Jane Shea’s boyfriend, Jimmy, invites her to spend a week at a swanky resort in Maui, she’s thrilled—of course—but nervous, too. She worries about missing their flight. She worries about losing her luggage. It never even occurs to her that she might misplace Jimmy.

But paradise has a way of attracting trouble, and Jane hasn’t even managed to learn the hula or paddle under a waterfall before Jimmy disappears. When the police suggest that Jimmy has drowned, Jane thinks things can’t get any worse—but her troubles have just begun. This is one vacation the guidebooks never prepared her for.

Natalie Quackenbush is all for telling the truth. It's just that sometimes when she is out with her friends, they tell people little lies. It's just a game, until one night Natalie finds herself inventing a life story for a cute stranger. Then, when she ends up on a date with Jonathan, a restaurant-supply-company owner, she discovers the downside to her little game. It turns out Jonathan really likes Natalie, but how can she tell him the truth about herself--that she is really a high-school teacher living with her parents in Scottsdale until she can pay off all her debts--without destroying any chance at a romantic relationship? Love is never easy, especially when a man thinks you are someone else. With its entertaining combination of a realistically flawed heroine, sharp writing, and tart humor, Getting Warmer is absolutely delightful. John Charles
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