Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Shape of Color-Art Gallery Assignment

Im excited that I can say Im done with my first project in my Art Gallery & Exhibit Design class. This assignment was enjoyable and hard all at once, I know that sounds strange but its true. I couldnt wait to get started on it when it was first assigned but when other classes were postponing tests right around the same time as this project I felt overwhelmed. I needed to get inspired because I knew this project wasnt goinf to be an easy one. I went to many art galleries and shows in my local area to open my eyes. There is no one way to have an art show.
So before I go any further here is a glimpse into my mini model of my schools art gallery at 1/2" scale.
The show is called "The Shape of Color"
Curated by: Beth Solomon Marino
Designed by: Mslay
The gallery has white outer walls while the floating walls have color such as fuchsia, citron, orange and blue. The artwork is displayed by color not artist which was seen as a bold move but worth it. The color zones are :
  • Pink red purple
  • orange yellow
  • green blue
  • yellow brown black

There are intimate as well as open spaces throughout the gallery and a different perspective from every angle. I added track lighting to the ceiling to create a more dramatic effect. Please feel free to share comments I would love to know what you think!

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