Thursday, September 17, 2009

Romance is all in the Roses

It has been a long week and or month filled with lots of work, homework, romantic thoughts and not enough time with the ones I love.

Can I share?

My boyfriend said were going on vacation!

The last time we went on a vacation for just us was 4 years ago in San Francisco...I know. We have both been so preoccupied with our contrasting lifestyles but its not going to be like this forever (in regards to our psycho student lifestyles). I have a feeling that things are right where they are supposed to be and there is nothing that I would change. I'm so proud of M. he is having a great time doing what he loves while getting one step closer to being "The most interesting and well educated man in the world"!

So now that I have that out of my system I wanted to share with you my romantic inspirations I have had all week. Put on the classical music and sip on a raspberry white mocha and take a look at these lovely romantic accessories etc.

{Natalie Portman}

I love the dress she wore to the premiere of one of her new movies "Love and other pursuits". I don't know if I could get away with wearing this, however it works on you petite people.

{Rose Cupcakes}

The Cupcake Shoppe has created these really lovely looking rose cupcakes, they really look real! I wonder how they taste?

{Rosette Pillow}

Pier One has me set on this new throw pillow, however I wouldn't want to throw i and mess up the petals. Does it smell as good as it looks?

{ Bouquet Bag}

This Santi bag reminds me of the tissue paper roses I made as a kid but with a grown up flair.

{Elle Magazine}

Not sure what this ad is trying to sell? All I care about are the flowers in that Bright Lavender.


I remember seeing Leighton Meester in this dress a few months ago and wanted it! It reminds me of a bridal shower game where you make the dress out of toilet paper but more sophisticated.

{Fendi Clutch}

Oh and look here is the Fendi clutch that resembles many things to me besides roses...I will let you use your imagination, I still think its cute though.

{Jcrew Dress}

Ahh this dress is in white as well and is on my list of wedding dress dreams!

{Valentino Rosette Tote}

Rich colors and textures and owners!

Hope you were inspired by the romantic roses, I dare you to say "I love you" to someone today.


Debra said...

Roses do exude romance, don't they? Such lovely images here. I'm off to take a peek at more of your nice blog. Have a great weekend.

Michael St. James said...

LOVE the ad in Elle Magazine and the Fendi clutch is! Lovely blog!

Mslay said...

Debra, thanks for checking out my blog Iam a fan of your blog as well!

Mslay said...

Michael St. James, Thanks for checking out DecoAurora and yes the Fendi Clutch is really cool!