Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rachel Bilson-Fellow Jcrew Aficianado

Stars are just like us, they shop at Jcrew!
Actress Rachel Bilson was spotted at Jcrew at the grove in Los Angeles.
Have you eveer seen a celeb while shooping at Jcrew or any other retailer?


dinagideon said...

Hey! The best we get here in DC are politicians, and only the slightly less important ones. :) Michelle O. definitely must have things "sent" to her because her nearest stores are the ones we DC JCAs frequent, so I know she doesn't shop in the regular store. I think it is cool that Rachel Bilson just shops like a regular old normal person. If I was all famous, I would want to have that know, I am just a normal, regular, old person going shopping that happens to be VERY well known by like EVERYBODY! :)

Maggy said...

I say the same thing about if I was famous I would act normal. Im partially an introvert so I dont even know if I would ever wanna be famous.