Friday, March 19, 2010

Gazpacho Girl

My little sister took advantage of the hot weather and some vegetables and made a gazpacho soup for a pool party. I caught a few shots of her prepping and the finish product. I don't know the recipe, sorry. If you look online there are so many different ways to prepare this cold soup.
She used tomato, cu cucumber, garlic, hot sauce, salt and many other items I'm sure.
Didnt seem to take to long to prep the gazpacho, maybe 15 minutes.
Before I knew it, it was all done and the kitchen smelled like a cafe. Wish I could have tried some and gone to the pool too.

Have you ever made gazpacho?


Slastena said...

I did. It is my FAVORITE soup of all and in summer I always make a bunch. Thanks for the recipe- I always eager to try new recipes.

Maggy said...

It sure is good!