Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saw Red

Love this coat!
    I wore this outfit on election day...rocking the republican red yo! I don't wanna get into politics on here so that's as much as I will say about that. But I will say that these lovely items are from Roadkill Ranch... including my lovely red top with the peter pan neck. And don't you just love this coat? Seriously so perfect for the cold rainy days this week :) 

These items could be yours for 20% off this Saturday at our holiday party! RSVP here!!!

The cutest red top.

Posing like a nerd. 

1 comment:

dinagideon said...

LOL. Rocking the republican red. ;) I rock the red, too, but like you I keep it on the DL. I would have pegged you for an ultraviolet, a strong mix of both parties.

I love your glasses, you look so pretty!